July 21, 2011

It's About Time We Break Our Silence

It's been a long time since we've been here. I haven't even checked any aspect of this site in months, potentially this calendar year.

Regardless, the year of 2011 is nearing it's end, and both Jesus and I have been long since graduated (for over a year now). Both of us still thrive, but in different, un-costumed roles and for that we are thankful. However, we'll always remember our time as "Hot Dog and Jesus" and we'll always remain fans.

So much to the point I whipped out the weiner outfit on two separate, basketball-related occasions, which brings me to the point I've even typed as many words as I've typed - BU men's basketball reigns supreme as the champions of the America East for the first time since the Dark Lord:

Sidenote: Dennis Wolff is now the head coach of the women's basketball team at Virginia Tech. Somebody show me any other coach who made the transition from men's basketball to woman's, as a player or a coach. It's an uphill battle, Dennis. Who will win a National Championship as a coach first - Dennis or Matt? God, I'll never get tired of talking about the Wolffs. Live long, and prosper.

Back to present day BU basketball - they're champions. And even though I wasn't a student at the time, I still got the experience of a student. I had seen more games than I would say probably 90% of the arena at that America East Championship. I'd suffered just about as much as anyone as a diehard of this program, so I really put it all on the line to see this team win.

I went to Hartford, put on the costume, and screamed. In Boston, I got my courtside seat, put on the costume, and continued to scream. I never would've expected the game to go down the way it did. To not lead once other than at the very end of the game - what a slap in the face way to win a Championship. Suck it, Mick Foley!

The highlight of the game for me was personally realizing the game clock was still going on a dead ball. Somehow I was the only one to notice this and started screaming non-understandable things. This somehow got Chambers attention enough to look up and see precious seconds vanishing. Of course the clock was reset, those seconds were needed, and BU won "it" all.

As expected I rushed the court. That wasn't a highlight. I would've rather preferred to be sprinting side-by-side with my buddies who I had seen the shittiest of shitty BU games with. Alas, it was with a bunch of strangers who couldn't even tell you where one of the transfers had come from.

But that's college basketball, and that's the power of a decent team. Don't get me wrong, as weird and awkward as it was running with a bunch of people I had never remembered even seeing before, it's part of winning a Championship, and I'd rather have that then getting defeated in Burlington, VT. To be fair though, rushing the field after the women's lacrosse team won it all and the men's soccer team won oh so many years back, was far more rewarding. Mostly because on one occasion it was just Jesus and I making the run. Ah, glory days.

Anyways, so BU won, but it doesn't feel like it does it? Why? Because THE COACH LEFT.

The way that's said is unfair. He didn't "leave," well, I guess he did, but he can't be blamed for it, which he has been in the last months.

Patrick Chambers got presented with an opportunity he had to take. As soon as the rumors started that he was a frontrunner for the head coaching job at Penn State I knew he was gone. He is from PA, he had a crystal-clear opportunity to go back home and coach in a Big Ten school, and if he stays at BU, when's the next time he could even consider a bump-up in talent and play?

This will hopefully remain a lasting image of the 2010-11 BU basketball season, and Chambers' two. Both John and him will continue to have success, and that's kind of what the BU basketball progam is designed to do - entertain (some of) the masses and produce talent that can springboard to the next level. I love a few things, and one of them will always be BU basketball. No matter who the coach is, no matter what place they finish in, no matter how coked out the Terrier looks.

It's BU basketball. On your feet.

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