September 11, 2010

Is it the end or just the beginning?

It's the end. Or actually, it's already ended. In May. Hell, it probably ended in December to be honest.

What I'm talking about is the duo of Hot Dog and Jesus. The pair of us fell apart to an extent when Jesus graduated early and for a semester it was more or less just "Hot Dog."

Then I graduated and Jesus graduated officially in May bringing an end to four years of student fandom.

Now I'll still follow BU athletics closely as I'm sure Jesus will, but our unmatched love of BU sports as students is no more. It becomes a little more difficult when neither of us are attending the school anymore.

It was an unbelievable ride. I never ever expected Hot Dog and Jesus to become what it became. We came into the school as two high school friends who enjoyed sports. We left best friends who carved oyers ut a niche for ourselves at a school of tens of thousands.

If we're remembered or we're forgotten in BU athletic history, it doesn't much matter to us. We had four unique years and I wouldn't have traded any of it for anything.

What now for us two?

Jesus is off to Italy to work and live for at least a year. I'm still in Boston and will be for at least the next year working for a local television station.

See kids, even dressing up ridiculously and spending thousands of dollars on sporting events for four years can somehow pay off and get you a job.

Will we post here anymore? I'm sure occasionally when we feel like talking about BU sports. I can't guarantee a number of posts or a certain frequency, but once basketball season starts you'll probably hear more from us, or at least me.

So, until next time, GO TERRIERS.