June 7, 2010

Screenshots from the web

Here's a series of screenshots, BU athletic related, that I've accumulated through the last couple months. Here they are in all their shining glory:

First off, let's all congratulate men's basketball coach Pat Chambers on the birth of his second child on June 7, 2010! A busy life gets busier, but there's no doubt Chambers can handle it all. Now moving onto awful men's basketball coaches, Kevin Broadus everybody:

Seems like someone has been having fun with Broadus' wikipedia. The various times I've checked it out there's been some major, possibly fake alterations to it, namely at the bottom of the above screenshot:

Broadus is also the biggest joke of a coach that ever coached a game. There will be a parade through the state of New York when he finally disappears.

For whatever reason, I'm doubting that this is the work of his editors on his website, KevinBroadus.com. By the way, he's gone crazy and is suing lots of people, for I don't know what. Ghosts maybe?

Now some Facebook fanboy-work:

To be fair, I did too. Next:

Did no one learn anything from Brian McGuirk? Moving on, I found this gem of a photo from an early season women's basketball game, featuring Brochure kid's life goal being achieved by women's basketball coach Kelly Greenberg:

If you're in need of nostaligia here's a shot of the BU basketball fan contingency from the men's first round game against Hartford this past year. The game was a blowout and the last for the UHA head coach, and HD&J pal, Dan Leibovitz. He didn't get fired or anything, but decided to return closer to home and join the UPenn staff:

I play Streak for the Cash on ESPN because it seems like a possible way to make money. I also racked up one of the longest losing streaks in the month of May. And I believe I accomplished an L11 in just five days!:

Finally, this is one of the greatest hockey related pictures I've laid eyes on:


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