June 25, 2010

Hope is just a set-up for failure!!!!!!!

THE HOCKEY SCHEDULE. Is anyone else excited!? No? Oh.

How 'bout it. I'd certainly refer you immediately to Nov. 3rd's meeting with the Swedish U-20 team as the highlight of the year. Dave Warsofsky knows a little something about beating this team, which is great, because I think he's our only hope at winning...this entire year.

I hope we'll see this at least once?

So what if we lost any talent to the NHL. The loss of last year's captain and 1st round pick Kevin Shattenkirk was clearly nullified by the loss of MVP (most valuable product (of the system)) Colby Cohen. We good. We good.

Other highlights:
The season opens against The University Of Toronto Varsity Blues. The who? Really?

Silly Canadian public schools. They'll never learn. I kinda wish that clip went on for at least...11 minutes.

Hockey in Missouri? The IceBreaker resumes for BU with Holy Cross, Notre Dame, and a guaranteed game against Wisconsin, 2006 national champs.

Hockey in Hoffman Estates, IL on New Year's? The Shillelagh Tournament? What the hell?
'The tournament is named after the shillelagh, a wooden club typically made from blackthorn or oak with a large knob on the end that is associated with Ireland and Irish folklore.'

Cool. I'll pretend I care come January.


The season-ending series, a H/H against Northeastern, should provide a lovely way for BU to back into Home-Ice at the hockey east tournament, 2009 New York Jets style. YAYz!

I'm not bitter about last season. Who said anything about that?

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