June 7, 2010

At least someone's employed

Not to say that HD&J aren't, but someone from the BU athletic community is already ballsdeep in basketball. That someone is Carlos Strong, playing down in Puerto Rico:

He looked damn STRONG in that jersey, if I may say so myself. He also put up some solid statistics for a bench player.

Los played his last game as a Terrier on March 24. He was in PR on March 28 to play for Atleticos De San German, appearing in 16 of the team's 29 regular season games. While he wasn't a starter, he was finding consistent time - 13.9 minutes per game.

Come playoff time he was seeing 12 minutes per game, including a 13 point performance in just 16 minutes. None of that was really enough against the Quebradillas Pirates who swept the series against San German, ending on May 29. Qubradillas seems to be the Lakers of the Puerto Rican basketball league - kicking ass and taking names, working their way to a 23-6 record and through the semifinals right now.

Regardless, Los played at a professional level and I'm sure won't be the last Terrier from this past year's team to do so. I'm no basketball scout, but I'm sure Carlos will play somewhere professionally next year. I think he can do better than a U.S. Commonwealth, but only time will tell.

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