May 7, 2010

Let's be serious

This team, these 13-15 players who were drinking less than 48 hours before the biggest game of the season, owe us the fans an apology, because seemingly we all cared a lot more than they did.

We were the ones investing money in the program, attending games and showing support in the darker times of the season. We stuck by and made a commitment to this group of guys and what were they doing? They were cheating us and (essentially) getting paid to do it.

There is definitely a sense of entitlement that the hockey players carry and by all means after winning a National Championship I can sympathize. But this kind of takes it to a different level. I mean, I am going to hold a real grudge as long as this group of players is donning the scarlet and white. Until an entire new set of players comes through it'll be hard to give the same support I gave once in my life. Hockey doesn't seem to have been the primary priority for players who were brought to this school to focus intently on one thing and one thing alone. Let's compare high school transcripts and we'll see if you could've made it without're here for hockey, start acting like you give a s&*t.

If I'm Parker I'm coming down harder than ever on this team. They lack discipline, and clearly they lack leadership from a captain, because whichever captain was drinking on St. Paddy's day wasn't leading by example. If I was the coach I'd be making these guys be at BC at 5 am running the steps in front of Conte, running inside the football stadium, running that big-ass set of stairs next to Conte for hours while holding up that 2010 banner that the Eagles got. Every morning. Screw just Saturday and Sundays, this team needs motivation and to understand why they are at Boston University.

I look back and think about the 2008-09 team, the golden example of team mentality. I think about the leaders, Gilroy and McCarthy, and realize there's not going to be captains like them in the foreseeable future. We were all blessed to watch them play. Unfortunately, this is the situation now and every day the reputation of the BU hockey team gets worse and worse as we find out more about what they were doing throughout the season.

Throw the book at them Parker. It's unbelievable. Players given so much take it all for granted. I feel cheated by them. I invested too much money in this program to get a return like this and there are many others who have put many more dollars in and have been for years.

We're all owed an apology.