April 13, 2010

Wait a minute, BC won? Who knew?

First and foremost, congrats to the Eagles. Three straight national championships in Boston builds this city and region's reputations to unmatched respect levels.

BC won their fourth national championship (BU has five), but really, other than college hockeyheads and BC students and alumni, did anyone really care?

I'm not trying to take away something from the Eagles accomplishment, but it's kind of programmed into my mind to do just that. Unfortunately, I must admit, there shouldn't be a question that BC is indeed the crown jewel of college hockey over the last decade. The championship this season only reinforces that, and the fact they trailed in only 55 seconds in the final 13 games shows how hot they were playing as they usually do in March and April.

That said, let's be realistic - this BC championship sucked compared to BU's in two ways:

1. Our Championship was much better. I'd argue that all our games in the season were much better, but in terms of the drama - ours can't be beat. The ending was unforgettable and made BU's 'ship so much more significant. It was a moment that reappeared on top sports countdowns of the year ad nausea, deceivingly so.

2. BU was the best team all season. BC was the best team for the last month. That's really all that matters when it comes to winning championships (Duke can agree), but BU's team last year will go down as one of the greatest the school has ever produced. I'm not as familiar of BC's history, but I don't think the same can be said of this year's champs.

BCs championships sandwich BU's lone victory of the decade. Years from now hockey fans won't remember a 12-1 margin of victory in the Frozen Four or a 4-1 demolition of Notre Dame in 2008. People will always remember the most absurdly unreal two minutes of hockey of the decade. It's important, as a BU fan, you remember that to deal with the very sigh-worthy reality of BC's championship.

This season sucked on multiple levels for Terrier fans, but look at the positives. We Terriers will always have last year, and 2008-09 still leaves me breathless and speechless, an entire year later, even after BC are the new champions.

But give it up for the Eagles. Or at least give it up for HDJ's favorite Superfan:

That's gotta put a smile on your face, no matter who you cheer for.


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A favored alum said...

That is not a Super Fan - that is a SUPER SIZED FAN.