April 6, 2010

K-Mac: What can't she do??

You heard it here first (or read it here, I guess), that K-Mac truly is a jack-of-all-trades. We already knew what she means to the basketball team and athletic community, but this, this my friends takes it well over the top:

K-Mac is a walk-on for women's basketball. She's now a walk-on for the softball team. I'm going to have to put some hours in, but I'm going to find out if she is indeed the first two-sport-walk-on athlete in the history of BU. Things were strange in the 50s so it's possible that someone has stepped in these territories before.

How did this happen you ask?

Well, despite being nasty and having April Setterlund on the roster, the softball team is hurting. They are injured in all sorts of ways, resulting in a limited (1 player) bench. This does not work in close softball games where you need every body you can get for subbing/running purposes. Most people at BU know of K-Mac's agility and speed (she is a ginger - unusually fast leg movements), so softball coach Shawn Rychcik sent the mandatory email to coach Kelly Greenberg, asking for permission to use the coveted K-Mac. I really think this was more the work of current (injured) softballer, Melanie Delgado who lobbied for both K-Mac and Kat Briggs to join the squad. Then right after meeting with coach Kat remembered she's having surgery in a week and a half. IF ONLY!!

Through luck or the graces of God coach Greenberg agreed and K-Mac worked out with the team today for the first time. Your ass better be at all the remaining softball games for that chance that K-Mac may get in and may steal a base. My god, a BU athlete with a 3-point field goal and a stolen base in a season, what's next Zach Cohen scoring an AHL goal??



Anonymous said...

Already up on the roster at goterriers.com. Listed as a Utilty player. Interesting enough, she didn't play softball in high school. This could be good

Matt said...

In response to the title.
K-Mac can't have a soul. She's a ginger.

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