March 21, 2010

That was a week alright

Boy, oh boy was that a week. It didn't really start until Wednesday either! Some smiles but more heartbreak. Here's a review in case you were watching March Madness/not paying any attention to a school called Boston University:

Men's basketball

Their season actually isn't over. In fact, the Terriers are the only remaining team playing basketball from the America East conference. Conference champions Stony Brook hosted the Illini of Illinois in a bizarre twist of fate in an NIT game. The Seawolves (not a real animal) were the eight seed but ended up playing at home because Cirque De Soleil was at Assembly Hall in Illinois.

Vermont got showcased by Syracuse in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

And that leaves BU. BU absolutely dominated the Beavers of Oregon State in Oregon State on St. Paddy's Day. I won some money off knowing that BU was a better team than, in all honesty, the mediocre Beavers.

The effort is still there from BU, and as OSU head coach Craig Robinson said we looked hungry, and that's undeniable based on the complete team effort BU put up.

People throw around the term "jumping for joy" often. I've never really embraced that term because to me there hasn't been anything that has made me just get up and jump around.

That all changed on Wednesday night when the BU radio play by play guy, Doug Brown said as BU was in commanding control with little time left, that the Terriers would host the next round game.

On that I stood up and literally jumped up and down screaming "yes," by my lonesome. My downstairs neighbors despised me, but they could SUCK IT.

Even better, the game is going to be at the Roof - holy s! Morehead State is good. They're big and they're black and they beat Murray State this year. The Eagles handled Colorado State pretty easily behind 23 points and 15 rebounds from their center, Kenneth Faried. On the year the big guy is putting up 16 points and 13 boards a game. I hope Pelage and O'Brien are ready to get grinded up on pretty hard.

Win or lose on Monday, the Terriers won their first post season game in decades. 20 wins, a postseason win in Oregon of all states - that's nothing to be ashamed of as a team under a first year head coach. I don't care if it is the CBI - it's postseason ball and as a fan, I couldn't be happier.

Women's basketball

With both Vermont and Hartford making the big dance the BU women got the auto-bid to the WNIT. They drew Providence, one of the many teams to get ruined by UConn this season. That big game experience might have been enough, coupled with a huge height advantage, and the sprained ankle of Alex Young. BU didn't have enough as the Lady Friars(?) advanced with a six-point win.

Off the court there were, in my opinion, two interesting things that happened.

First, PC brought I think it was ten cheerleaders/dance teamers and the Friar. The Friar didn't move and the cheerleaders were, for lack of a better term, pugfugly. Anyone else find it strange that the PC women's basketball team would bring a spirit squad for a WNIT game? No? No biggie. The Friar was absolutely dominate the following night at the Garden during the mascot game.

The second occurrence that is worthy of mention is how my career stats in Case gym will look:

1 loose ball recovery, 0/1, 0/1 three-point FGs, one near technical foul.

It's always been a sick dream of mine to have the ball bounce out of bounds to me at Case gym, me then recover it and chuck it up at the closest basket, burying a swish to the surprise and applause of the hundred-so people in the gym, the officials counting the three, and then having a parade down Commonwealth Avenue in my honor for being the first fan to score a three-pointer in however long it's been since the last.

Well, that didn't totally go to plan, but I almost made it into the record books for something else.

Sure enough, with about five minutes to go in the half the ball bounced out of bounds and went right to me. It didn't even go too far to the point I would have to run and get it.

Well, with the ball in my hands there was no thinking. I caught, turned, squared and chucked up the 50-footer. Unfortunately the costume is truly detrimental to any arm mobility I have, resulting in the shot hitting the side of the backboard and nearly hitting the uncoordinated dance teamers (uncoordinated in the sense they can't catch).

The shorthaired female referee, who had actually joked around with us earlier in the game, got the ball back, turned to me and said the next time that I did that it would be a technical foul on BU.

Jokes on you, that opportunity wouldn't happen ever again for me! I wouldn't ever do it in a BU game in fear that either Pelage or Orlando Vandross would beat me without mercy while, in my own head at least, calling me a "troublemaker."

Anyway,s I guess I could've been t-ed up because of my antics, but let's be serious, every fan deserves at least one attempt on net from the stands.

That is a moment in BU athletics I won't ever forget.

Men's hockey

The final men's hockey game of the season is one that epitomized the team's year if you ask me.

The Terriers came out flat and got dominated in the first. Showed some signs of life, but overall still looked awful in the second. Then in the third they proceeded to give all of us some false hope, drawing within one goal before blowing a breakaway that within seconds leads to multiple goals for the opposition, having the season quickly end with little doubt of what will happen in the future.

Up and down with more downs, but if anything, I'm being greedy, selfish, and a little bratty based on what I got to experience last season with the team.

Someone on the USCHO message board who seems to be a source within or extremely close to the team said this:
Bonino supposed to play with the big club down the stretch.....

This team felt entitled.... from the way the freshmen treated people around campus , to the leadership playing to leave..... they had a good year, out and about in Boston, and it showed on the ice.... I my opinion.

The name on the back of the jersey seemed to be more important then the name on the front.... That is the difference between BU and BC this year, not talent or coaching....

We may have a few guys play in the show from this team, but they did not finish their careers here as they should have...

The fans put themselves behind these guys, with visions of a repeat, all americans, and even talk of another hobey during the pre-season, the guys did not do their part....

We can go back and forth all day on this team, but for the seniors and the early departures this year fell short and it did not have to be that way.
Damn, does that guy know what's going on.

Anyways, Bonino's gone, I'm guessing both Shatty and Colby are gone, and what's left is a question mark - how good or bad will the team be next year? I couldn't even say. I lean more towards not that great, based on what I saw this season from what will be the retuning players and based on what BC has in their freshman class. Regardless, it certainly was a different experience as a BU hockey fan this season than last. I am sure glad I wasn't a freshman this year though. I don't feel great about anyone returning minus Vinny, Warso, Kieran, and a hopefully, healthy Trivino.

And by the way, Brett Bennett gets some NCAA tournament action with Wisconsin - good for him!!!

Anyways, my biggest disappointment about being at the semifinal game against Maine - the student body is too removed from the legend of 2006, Shake That Bear (NSFW). No Shake That (Black) Bear chant worked in the slightest.

Women's Lacrosse

Then to top everything all off the lax team lost in double-overtime to Notre Dame. The Lax Dads were PISSED about the officiating, so I am too!! Rabble-rabble!

No one in attendance understood the azzbackwardz lax OT rules, which start as non-sudden death, but then turn into sudden death - you see I still don't get it, but regardless, OTs were more holding the ball than anything else.

Unfortunately, BU was on the wrong end of it. At least it was a sunny day.

Who cares about hockey, this is totally a basketball school!!!1! Which is why the Roof will be packed for that CBI game against Morehead State. Let's do this!

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