March 31, 2010

UPDATE: John Holland: Out?

It's not April 1st, and according to Facebook:


Is this for real???????


UPDATE: Been hearing grumblings this was a (botched) April Fool's Day joke. SOMEONE GET JOHN A CALENDAR!


He got me good. Not cool to play April Fool's Day jokes on days that aren't April 1st though, Johnny. John's follow up this morning:

nobody has a problem when john wall says henot coming back, why is there a problem when john Holland says it. if i wanna leave it my decision. Its never to earlyto make money doing what you love, its also never to early to say APRIL FOOLS....LMAOOO this was epic....sooo funny. So many people got caught. Coaches, players, family....HA...I love it...this might be one of the funniest ones i've done so far. I love facebook.
Yeah, well I hate Facebook. Every since the effectiveness of the poke feature disappeared Facebook's nothing but lies.

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Anonymous said...

not real.