March 23, 2010

The Corey Lowe Situation

You won't find any information on what happened to Corey in any newspaper or anywhere on the internet for that matter. You actually probably won't ever know the truth about what did or did not happen to make Corey not appear in the game, let alone Case Gym in last night's CBI game.

I have to be honest with you, I do not know what happened. I have heard everything that is possible, but none I can take as truth.

I will share to you all I've heard, but before you read further you need to consider something:

The timing of all this could not have been any worse. Why? Because in the last three weeks anyone who has followed BU basketball has seen a Corey Lowe that you would've loved to have for four full years, playing the way he was playing. He was leaving unmatched effort out on the floor. He was coming off the bench? I can promise you that he was playing through some sort of injury and he did it without wincing. He was the most reliable player in the closing weeks of the season, and without a doubt, the most enjoyable player to watch down the stretch.

He was the face of BU basketball for the last four years. He is the greatest player to come through the school in a very long time and unfortunately he might be remembered for this confusing departure rather than for what he should be remembered as - the greatest 3-point shooter to wear a Terrier uniform.

Please consider that. Please remember that. Corey played four years here and he made more 3-pointers than I have in my life shooting around freely. His exit from the team is a mystery and that's what I believe it will be. We won't ever know to what extent or what exactly happened, so don't remember Corey for that. Remember him for the player he was, the shot he had, and the emotion he left on that court in his waning days as a Terrier.

Now, on to what I heard.

I found out Monday afternoon that Corey wasn't going to be playing and the first thing I heard was that he quit the team to focus on his professional ambitions.

Now, I heard from more and more people different versions of this, most including some mention of injury - Corey didn't want to get hurt in fear of jeopardizing any future career.

Then this evolved into "Corey has been hurt and didn't want to hurt himself further because of his future."

Here's what Chambers said in his post game press conference: "He [Corey] met with me after Oregon State and he wants to move on to the next chapter in his life and sometimes that happens and we love Corey. He'll always be part of this family."

So, I left the gym that night with an impression that Corey had quit.

Then I got an email today from someone saying that Corey was indeed hurt, wanted to sit the Morehead game out to heal, and hoped to sit on the end of the bench. This emailer says Chambers didn't want that and threw him off the team.

I thought about it all a little more deeply and none of any of this makes much sense. I don't think Chambers is one to turn his back on the player he apparently met with most this season and I don't think Corey would just turn his back on his teammates and friends and give up on a season regardless of what might be going on professionally.

But I repeat - I don't know what happened. I won't ever know for sure. The only two people who truly know are Corey and Coach. Until we get more concrete details, it will remain a mystery.

So, with all that in mind - remember Corey not for what may or may not have happened during the week of March 21, 2010. Remember him for the incredible career he had at BU. That's how I'll remember him and no matter what happened this week, it doesn't change how I feel about Corey as a person or a player. If you ask me, someday down the line #13 deserves to be hanging in Case Gym.

Finally, this shouldn't be a distraction or take away from where the Terriers are. In Virginia. To play in the Final Four of a postseason tournament. With or without the face of BU basketball, that's quite an accomplishment.


Anonymous said...

I dont' find Chambers description clear at all.
There is more to this story. BU fans - a small, but loyal band they are - deserve to know more.

Honey and Vinegar Sports Blog said...
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Honey and Vinegar Sports Blog said...

Great write-up and agree completely. There's certainly more to this story, but I just hope that BU basketball's relatively small standing in the grand scheme of things doesn't prevent us from knowing the truth.

Until we know it all, let's save the judgment on Corey. He seems like a good guy and while part of us wants to be brash and call him a traitor or whatever, we just can't because we don't know the whole story.

Cooper said...

I whole-heartedly agree. It's all skepticism at this point, and even if more is unveiled, I'm gonna remember Corey for his fearless range. But Terrier fans can be sure of one thing; Los wasn't having any problem finding the bottom of the net with some "Lowe-range" 3 balls against Moorehead State. This team has got plenty of leaders that are willing to step up, which is why I think everyone's anticipation is more focused on tomorrow nights game, rather than the revelation of speculation.

Jim Castignoli said...

It's a perplexing situation. I remember going to the Morehead State game and thinking where is Corey Lowe?

There is a Boston Herald article that confirms he is going to Europe. The only thing I can think of is that Corey Lowe was not anticipating playing this many games and got anxious and already hired an agent, thus making him inelgible to play or dress as a student athlete in an NCAA game. I would like to think Corey Lowe wanted to start in the Morehead State game or at least sit on the bench but Chambers found out about Corey's agent and courteously told him to stay away for the next few games to avoid any NCAA recruiting sanctions.

Does that theory make sense? I'll give both Chambers and Corey the benefit of the doubt.

bookmaking said...

I don't know why the mystery behind her. I hope that everything can be solved and she can play again