March 1, 2010

UPDATE: Binghamton, why won't you stop?

I'm working HARD to try to organize the "fan" bus to and from Hartford for the basketball tournament this upcoming weekend.

Everything was falling into place with both BU teams playing at 2:15 on Friday then Saturday, which would easily allow time to get back for the hockey game Friday night and let me see multiple conference tournament games on Saturday.

Then Pete Thamel, famed NY Times writer who lets the world know all the unreal actions of Binghamton, made it known that BING WITHDREW FROM THE TOURNAMENT.

How you gonna do that? How you gonna play the whole year, lock up the five seed, let BU play you in the first round (very favorable for the Terriers) and let BU fans schedules allign like the universe will on 12/21/12, then withdraw??!

Ugh. The team cites "possible distractions." Why play the entire season then?

Now BU will play Hartford, and I'm guessing during the night session. My dream day of AEC basketball falling apart thanks to the State University of Binghamton. I want to yell/blame so many people right now. I'll put this one on Malik Alvin (pictured above with life savings). IT ALL COMES BACK TO STEALING CONDOMS, MALIK!!

UPDATE: The schedule still has BU at 2:15 at Hartford, so that's okay for me and such. But still, you embarrass this conference Binghamton.

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