March 6, 2010

Update: The AE's doing something right

Yesterday while at the women's first round game against UMBC in Hartford. Aside from the runaround that BU put on the 'Trievers there as a noticable fixture at the Chase center that as getting everyone hot and bothered.

With more now:

The America East made a solid hire in picking up former Miss Maine and Maine guard Ashley Underwood as their in-game host for the America East game's they're streaming on the internet. Ashley approached me at halftime for an interview during the second half. Needless to say between looking at the camera placed right in front of the UMBC dance team, and Miss Underwood, it was the hottest moment of my life.

You may be failing on so many other levels Commissioner Nero, but you made a damn good hire in Ashley Underwood.

Besides that Hartford was looking pretty good overall yesterday. The Fan Fest is pretty well put together featuring lobster rolls, a beer area, and Rock Band. I've yet to get around to the Pop Shot, but that, along with sampling the beers of Hartford is on the agenda this afternoon. En route right now. It's a tense atmosphere on the bus, that can only be remedied with either sleep or The Hangover. Or for some of us, Lionel Hutz lines:


ball_of_rubber said...

I thought you said that the UMBC dance team wasn't that good looking.

The Hot Dog said...

Something about them that really intrigued me this year.