February 24, 2010

Ten things (Mostly about Binghamton!)

I’ve been in a terrible mood recently, even at my precious, prized BU sports. Facing a death in the family will do that I suppose, and it’s tough to focus on America East basketball, Hockey East hockey, or any sport really.

If you ask me, sports are the most amazing thing ever and the best tool for escapism in anyone’s life. Unfortunately, I was consumed by grief over the last week or two and that’s a shame because this grief came at the worst time – Binghamton vs. BU at Agganis.

The game was an absolute blowout (42 points) and completely worthy of a write up. I’m sad that I had to put it off until nearly a week later, but here it is! This is Binghamton – year after year every game they’ve come to play at BU (minus last year on a Binghamton team of actual convicts) becomes my favorite game of the season. Here’s ten things happening around BU why this year’s Bing game was so superb again (despite my pitiful mood – hell, I was even shoeing away little children. I never do that, CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE):

1. Tyler Morris is a floor general – this guy. THIS GUY. It seems like this guy was waiting for Wolff to leave ever since the moment DW called a timeout in the release of T-Mo’s buzzer beater (that he made) against UMass my freshman year. Because of that timely timeout the basket didn’t count and BU went on to lose the game on their in bound attempt with 3 seconds left. Huzzah, Dennis Wolff (future coach of Binghamton, I’m calling it early).

Anyways, T-Mo is a new player under Chambers. In my opinion, he’s Chambers on the court. He’s clearly the captain and leader of the team and his hustle and extreme determination, even after suffering a broken hand, has inspired the team and me. He is intense, energetic, and rarely makes a poor decision. Highest basketball IQ on the team, and fully embracing the Chambers mantra of “attitude.” He’s appreciative of the fan support and I haven’t seen a hungrier player in a BU basketball uniform since I’ve watched the team.

With him at point I have more confidence in the team than I have the last four years.

2. Carlos Strong – thank God he’s been healthy for the full season, because he’s begun to fully show his potential in the body he has. He does it all and is proving to be the most amazing 3rd round fantasy America East basketball player in the game’s history.

He shows up every game and does it all – rebounding, assisting, scoring, throwing down powerful dunks, and most of all defense. If a player named Marqus Blakely wasn’t in the league Los would be high on the list of candidates for Defense Player of the Year. That being said, if Matt Wolff can (and did) make the America East All-Defensive team, there isn’t a reason Los shouldn’t. Steals, blocks, tight d, he does it all. He even intimidates me on the court between the size of his shiny muscles, his tats, and his constant scowl that gives off the attitude that nothing that the team or he does is good enough. Gotta love that.

3. Karma Binghamton, karma – we all get what we deserve. And at Binghamton, the basketball program is fully feeling that. Too bad it’s a bunch of guys uninvolved in the crime and corruption that are suffering. That said, Kevin Broadus, you’re an asshat. From the moment “the report” came out the team’s play definitely hasn’t been the same. The 42-point blowout at the hands of the Terriers is more evident of that than anything.

The Bing bench had two, count ‘em, two suits at this game. This compared to the ten plus on BU’s bench. Quite a scene. Also quite a scene when assistant coach, Don Anderson, who was fingered in “the report,” was still there, clocking in at a mighty 300 pounds. Where’d all the assistants go? Well, they were named in the report, and only recently Marc Hsu, who gave Malik Alvin money to pay community service fines, was dismissed from the team. Oy!

Marc Macon, interim head coach and the only coach not mentioned in “the report,” took the last 8 minutes off. He didn’t move from the bench nor did he take questions from the media after the game, but can you blame him after that type of blow out.

4. I failed to mention on February 12 that it was Tunday! So, happy belated Tunday! That said, Tunde always runs train on Binghamton (Seven minutes, four points, one rebound, one assist. That's efficiency). Tunde did score against Bing this year, but unfortunately he committed his FIRST career turnover as well. Such a sad Tunday it was this year.

5. Schulze got in for four minutes – a career high!!!!1! Needless to it was just as awesome as the stat line he put up: one assist, one rebound. BOOM.

6. Sam Perkins thinks he can get Kristen Jeter of Stony Brook’s phone number. What do you think? I set odds at 15-1 because of his jungle fever and desire to dress to attempt to impress. Often times without success. Certain people are trying to give 1,000,000 to 1 odds. (Updated picture of Perkins. And an internal error caused the poll to have to come down and go back up. You be the judge!!1!)

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7. I have to miss senior night (day). I hate it so much and wish I could change it, but glory can be restored in Hartford. Just win two games in two days. That's all it takes. Then one more...

8. Hockey! (what’s that?) – ever seen in on TV. I didn’t think so! Anyways, Corey “send me nudies” Trivino is out of the season in hockey with a broken leg. The team split with Providence this past weekend, and I hear the Sasquatch thing worked right away on Saturday. Who knows what can/will/could happen the rest of the season. I don’t even want to take a guess.

9. Thoughts and prayers are with BU women’s hockey player Holly Lorms. Unfortunate circumstances like this should bring the school and athletic community together. Think about her as she makes a recovery from a terrible occurrence this past weekend. In brighter news, you can cheer the Ice Ladies (?) on Sunday versus BC in the Hockey East Quarterfinals at 3 p.m.

10. I’d like to apologize to the children of the world/at Agganis at the Bing game. Awful mood resulted in awful (to none) interactions with the youth. THE CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE. Like Tom Morrow, NEVER FORGET.

The end of February/beginning of March is arguably the best, and most intense, time of the year for BU sports. Time to shine athletes. All eyes are on you.

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