February 14, 2010


After a miserable two days earlier in the week the BU athletic community made up for it all on Friday and Saturday.

I literally predicted that there would be a total of five goals between Maine and BU over the course of two games this weekend. How wrong I was! My prediction proved futile by the second period of game one.

Friday was incredible. I say that because Agganis was so empty and for me at least, the empty hockey games are 10 times more fun than sold out crowds. Granted, I love that BU-BC atmosphere, but I think I prefer that Maine-BU, game one of back-to-back home games, following a Beanpot loss a lot more.

I had room to spread out, my goal celebrations weren't interfering with anyone, I could yell whatever I wanted, and the "ole" on penalty kills works for longer than 20 seconds.

Factor in seven BU goals and it became quite a night.

However, the highlight didn't happen on the ice. It came in the stands, to the dancing stylings of one Mr. Huntoon, also known as Brochure kid.

He had the crowd in the palm of his hands as he did whatever dance move that came to his head. He had camera time for at least 30 seconds in Agganis and received a wave of text messages from friends saying he was also on TV.

Of course, he was a shoe-in for the dance for an iPod, which wasn't much of a contest at all.

There's something about portly, bearded gentleman dancing that makes people incredibly happy inside.

The happiness continued into Saturday. BU women's hockey battled Northeastern in a game with A LOT of hits, which are of course illegal. BU ended up winning in a shootout, and I'm really appalled that men's Hockey East play doesn't implement the shootout. Someone wins and the crowd goes crazy for it. Lots of posts hit in the shootout, but it was BU who got the only puck past the goalie.

It was nice to see them win, considering they set an NCAA record in hockey for ties (11).

I was chosen (out of the seven students at the game) to participate in the intermission shoot off. I had to do the same thing I did freshman year.

This time I failed. Didn't hit it in three attempts, with the closest being my final shot. I was disappointed, but I was still given the prize, because BU is that loving and caring? Who knew!? $15 Itunes gift card - well worth it, hard earned.

After the game ended I went upstairs to watch the BU basketball team take on Hartford. This was the first time that the team played in Case since January 12. I came to the conclusion BU doesn't have any home court, or home court advantage. This is especially true when the attendance was recorded as 714. It seemed a lot more full than that at the Roof, but I guess that's the illusion of Case Gym. I'm sure having a hockey game later helped attendance, with people saying, "let's go see the basketball team, we have time before hockey."

The game was easily the worst I've seen the entire season. Awful shooting by both teams - 27% for BU and 32% for Hartford. Only two double digit scorers for BU, and not a whole lot that would make a casual fan come back.

Other than the final 24 seconds.

Chambers does things his own way. That much I've learned and I do like it. Down one with 24 ticks left on the clock Tyler Morris held the ball until there was about 10 seconds remaining. Ballsy move? You bet. Rather than trying to score quickly and giving themselves a chance to foul and get the ball back again in case of a miss, Chambers picked to go for glory.

He picked the right shooter - the only one who was scoring at all - Jake O'Brien. Tyler penetrated, dished it backwards to JOB, who nailed the three.

Then BU was saved by the officiating crew as Morgan Sabia got charged with a moving screen. Debatable call for sure, but like most calls in the America East that go BU's way, unjustly, I'll take it.

Los Strong converted one of two free throws, putting BU up three with 1.6 to go. Then the unsung hero of the game - the one who won't get any credit from anyone but this blog right here - Valdas Sirutis blocked the inbound, taking an entire second off of the clock. Game over - BU was two for two on the day.

The other thing Chambers did that makes me like his unusual style - the day after the Vermont loss for practice there wasn't any suicides or running. The team went bowling instead. How awesome is that!??!

Word came in that the women's team came back from a first half deficit to defeat Albany, so the very rare and illusive undefeated BU sports day was on the line at the men's hockey game.

And they didn't disappoint! Niether did my favorite BU alumni, Al. At the women's game I got a call from him offering me some club room tickets. I DON'T TURN DOWN FREE FOOD, and I was there with some other Loyal Crewers.

The loyal crew dancing to receiving food

We ate like kings to capacity and to the point where it was a struggle to move. The club room is amazing and unfortunately I didn't get to enjoy the glory of it until this year. One day, if I make enough money, I'm definitely buying season tickets there. It's totally worth the price.

The game was equally fun. A little more crowded than the previous night, but still fun. I guess Agganis felt bad about having BU miss the B.O.G.O. the night before (hold Maine to 2 goals or less - fail), so they basically gave the crowd a free one (if BU gets 20 shots - HA). On top of that BU won again.

Big hits in the game, intense play, and confidence on the ice earned BU 2 points and tied for fourth. BU could, might, maybe have home ice. Who would've thought that based on the 2009 portion of the season!?

On top of that in the final 23 seconds the crowd got to see a Colby Cohen fight and an Eric Gryba goal. I noticed a common celebration that Gryba and Vinny did this weekend:

Make your own judgements, but that's either throwing your diamonds in the sky or the international sign for a va-jay-jay. Either way, it's working.

What a day. I was exhausted by the end of it all, but one really can't complain when he/she saw nothing but victories.

The perfect day:

Men's hockey: 7-4
Women's hockey: 2-1
Women's basketball: 69-65
Men's basketball: 58-55
Men's hockey: 5-2

Until Wednesday - the biggest, bestest, and most amazing matchup of the basketball season.



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