February 2, 2010

NU fans remain NU fans following Beanpot loss

In all four years I've gone to the Beanpot I've seen BU defeat NU. I was so not worried when NU tied the game last night, because I knew there was no way that BU would lose a game to NU, especially in front of more than 10,000 people. I know BU steps up for the big games (now 8-0-1 in crowds of 10,000 plus).

The last time Northeastern beat BU in the Beanpot? 1988. The last time the Huskies won the tournament.

So, no, I wasn't concerned at all when the score became tied in the third. I was more worried about having to stay for overtime.

Alas, BU won and the win feels great. The Beanpot really means nothing, but it reminds everyone that BU can show up for Monday games in February on a yearly basis.

NU is like the a step-brother that your dad beats. You want to care for them, but then you remember that they're your stepbrother so you have no real reason to defend them. Thus, you end up beating them with your father as an act of father-son bonding.

Watching Northeastern try and fail year after year is terribly rewarding. No matter how bad the weather is in Boston in February I at least have that to look forward to.

Hey, there's always next year. That sounds a lot like the BU basketball moto during Dennis Wolff's tenure!


Jesus said...

when you say 8-0-1 do you mean over the last 2 years? I can't figure out any other scenario where that could also be the record.

06-07 - 2-1-0
07-08 - 2-2-0
08-09 - 6-0-0
09-10 - 2-0-1
12-3-1, 8-3 (Garden), 6-1 (Beanpot), 4-0 vs. the Huskies

Last loss vs. UVM in May of 2008, very impressive. If we can manage to get a bye into the frozen four, we got a shot at a repeat!

Anonymous said...

I'd say bu fans remain bu fans, but there weren't enough of them at the Garden to warrant a mentioning. You know you're bandwagon jumpers when you can't sell your Beanpot allotment as defending champs. Weak showing Fanboy Nation...very weak. You're one section away from being the Superfrauds.

The Hot Dog said...

Jesus - I saw it in the Freep!

And I don't disagree. This season's team has sucked and the student section really hasn't been much better.