February 2, 2010

Last week, not at BU

Last week was a huge week off in home BU athletics. It’s nice when a week like this comes about because it gives me a chance to see athletic events at schools that a. aren’t mine b. I hate c. I can’t get to often.

I did just this last week. I have the fortunate, or unfortunate depending on how you look at it, to get to any Boston College basketball game. Seriously, that team and everything that surrounds it reminds me of the New York Mets. Conte Forum seems like it’s the equivalent to Citi Field, and the players seem to underperform more often than they get the job done.

Of course I can be so harsh on BC cause I don’t go there and I don’t care. They’re basketball team is essentially in the same position as BU – they have to win their conference to get in to the tournament. That’s not to say that BC will be in the NIT or CBI or something like that. I wish I could say the same for, but I can’t.

So when BC is playing in the Collegeinsider.com tournament and BU has been done for two weeks, just remember an eagle is just a big, strong bird that eats fish.

Anyways, I got to Conte Forum last Tuesday for the Eagles game against Clemson. Only because it seems like the Tigers were jetlagged, and without their point guard, BC won. Oh, they tried to pull off their patented second half collapse, but it wasn’t enough this time.

I am always fascinated when I go to unfamiliar basketball games the tradition/taunts/anything the student section does. BC just disappointed me:

And of course they just have to have a yellow and maroon man (front row)?

“Reggie’s Veggies.” I’m all for whoring oneself out for media exposure, but this is just shameful. Hot dog and Jesus doesn’t make sense and that’s on purpose. We like to f--- with people’s heads. Reggie’s veggies refers to Reggie Jackson, who doesn’t know how to wear a headband properly:

And I still don’t know the significance, other than it “veggies” rhymes with “Reggie.” But even then it’s not that cool. One of these d00ds led the “We Are?” “B-C,” which is just a blatant rip-off from, as far as I know, Penn State.

Regardless, these kids probably only go to basketball games. Actually, I know they only go to basketball games in costume, so I first off can’t relate to them, and don’t have any sympathy for them. Go to 50 plus games in that costume then I’ll allow you to possibly Facebook message me.

Another thing I noticed last Tuesday was the signs BC was giving out. With the proper shadowing it looks like it says “Eat Lemson.” That’s funny! Right?

Wednesday night I had an interesting experience. I WENT TO NORTHEASTERN. I should note that all these events I went to were by myself, sans Jesus.

So I’ve made some good relations with people on the AEC message board. One of which, with a guy by the name of NU Hoops Fan, the relationship was good enough to have him invite me to an NU basketball game.

I said sure, thinking I would get to sit back and enjoy a casual CAA game. However, as the date approached I was told that I should wear my hot dog costume and sit in the NU student section. They were expecting me and would greet me with open arms.

If you were me, would you be skeptical?

I was. I didn’t know if NU was trying to pull a fast one on me (haha, NU pulling a fast one) or if they genuinely wanted me to give their team some support.

Now, NU was riding an 11-game winning streak, and was easily the hottest team in their conference. Listen, when BU isn’t playing NU I have nothing against that school. In basketball I have no reason to have anything against them – they’re not even in the same conference. Furthermore, whenever I can make friends with legitimate basketball fans in Boston I try to. On top of all that, I know a lot more reasonable people who I would hang out with from Northeastern than I do from BC.

Okay, all that said, I weighed the options and decided I would allow myself to attend the NU-Drexel game, sport the costume, and sit in enemy territory.

I was told to meet the student leader of the N-Zone, as the student section calls themselves. His name is Darren, and he couldn’t be nicer. Other than the cheap shot (but not really) he took at me on his blog. I feel like he wanted to offend me, but is too nice of a guy to go all the way. I had more fun reading the one comment the post had. And BU-NU the new UNC-Duke? See, NU still thinks that BU's #1 rival is them! Saddening!

Anyways, Darren was real nice toe me. And very open to me standing next to him in the N-Zone. Now, on top the costume I brought with me my “UMass-Roxbury” sign with a slight altercation. I had a sheet to add to it that said, “Rox!” so the full sign would read, “UMass Roxbury Rox!” I thought this was a good way at showing that I’m not a true NU fan, but was there for support. I thought it would get some cheap laughs here and there and it would be wonderful! We’ll get back to that.

When NU changed up Matthews, I guess they changed where the students sit too. Kids were all around the edge of the court, and it really is an awesome set up. I was literally at half court and stepped onto the court multiple times. It creates a more hostile environment and with enough people, looks pretty good. It helps when the team is riding 11 wins.

Anyways, NU came out flat and played that way for basically the entirety of the game, leading to a loss. At halftime, after not really being talked to by anyone the entire first half, I went to the bathroom. Upon returning I was told I had to clear the area I was standing. There weren’t seats where I was, just the entrance way to and from the locker room. I obliged, and moved to the third row of the students where I sat down.

I left my stuff/bag where it was. As I was relaxing during the intermission I saw a student take my UMass Roxbury sign and throw it out. Okay, no big deal. That’s understandable. It was a simple fix too, I just took it out when no one was looking.

I then whipped out my computer to watch BU take on Maine since the game was on channelsurfing.net. As the second half was about to start an NU student from the front row got my attention with a simple, “hey, hot dog.” It was then, “you fucking suck, you’re a f---ing fa—ot. We’re going to kick your ass at the Beanpot Monday.”

All I could and did say was, “hey, come on! I’m here supporting you.” That support kind of stopped after this interaction. It was on to watch the BU game.

I wasn’t actually cheering for NU in the first half. Like I wasn’t doing any chants or cheers with the students. Like, I tried to bring myself to do it, but I legitimately couldn’t. I guess going to BU for four years will do that to a person.

Anyways, game over, NU losses, and I roll out. Done and done, right?

Later that night I sent a message to the guy who gave me the ticket, thanking him and apologizing for not bringing the Huskies more luck. Three days later I was put in my place with his response.

I had offended and caused a huge mess for NU Hoop Fan for bringing my “UMass Roxbury” sign. Who knew that sign would cause so much damage!

It turns out NUHF got me the ticket through coaches/administrators because he’s kind of a big shot. He was the one who hooked up me sitting with the students, so everyone was blaming him for my actions.

I didn’t want that to happen at all. Attack and blame me. I’m deserving and can take it. I’m not saying that NUHF can’t take it, but he doesn’t deserve it at all. He doesn’t control me, he was just trying to be nice, which he was.

Now, I apologized, which I’m good at doing at this point in my life, and have begun taking the necessary steps to give the apology to those who need it (administrators/coaches/Darren).

Unfortunately, nothing like a “hot dog, hot dog, hot dog you suck” chant like I hoped came from it at the Beanpot from the Husky fans, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Fortunately for me NUHF is forgiving enough to move on, as long as I provide him with a full meal on Thursday at Agganis. He’ll be the one (hopefully) with the Dennis Wolff Fan Club sign.

On Saturday I ventured to Chestnut Hill U. for the second time in the week for the BC-FSU game. Now, this is the game I wanted to see – a full on BC collapse. BU was ahead most of the game, but Al Skinner’s coaching combined with Reggie Jackson’s ability to turn the ball over at the most opportune times resulted in an FSU victory to a stunned and silent Conte Forum. I’m going on Saturday for Duke and expect similar results. Only this time Conte will be ass-packed – one of the two games this season that that will happen. The other being the other big-name ACC team in the conference (UNC).

Before I forget, FSU was GIGANTIC. I'd bet any amount of money that collectively, FSU has the biggest junk in teh NCAA. That's a fact.

One thing that did interest me on Saturday was the BC bathrooms. I think I'm like 10/10 in all my visits to Conte, no matter what time of day it is, in finding used/empty nips or other alcohol containers. This time it was something new:

Pocket shots. What on earth have I been missing out on in the last year and three months?

So that was last week. I did see part of the BU women’s game, but had to join the hot dog family in Newton. The women won, but didn’t do it in a fashion I’m so used to – home blowouts.

Tomorrow at 7 pm they’ll have another shot at home against Binghamton – they’re third to last game of the season ☹. Then on Thursday BU gives out camo-shirts for the game vs. UNH in Agganis.

I’m sure people will be doing the same thing they did for the jerseys – show up, take the shirt, then leave. If you ask why they do that they’ll say, “hey, what’s basketball.” I’m calling communism on that!


Tall-boy said...


I wish you wouldn't apologize to anyone - NUHF, coaches, administrators, "Darren"... WTF does he expect by bringing the biggest BU fan to the game? He got... a BU fan.

I wish this had resulted in an all-out war at Beanpot

Thanks for bringing them bad luck for a loss, and repping us nicely

Anonymous said...

Gotta admit, Darren may be a nice guy, but he sounded like a total douche in that blog post

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