February 19, 2010

K-Mac = Perfect. Perfect = K-Mac DERRRR

I've taken no (zero) math courses at BU, but I know that much.

First off, happy birthday to our favorite ginger (the only one we actually like) Krystyn McIntyre. Somehow the days have flown by fast enough that the 2-time Hot Dog and Jesus Award winner celebrates her 21st year on this earth. Here’s hoping to at least 21 more!

Second, you can actually give K-Mac a birthday present. Wouldn’t you like to do that?

One of the greatest mysteries in life is how (not why) K-Mac was nominated as an America East fan favorite player. She leads the candidates in a number of stats (least minutes, least points, least assists, least rebounds, least turnovers!). Anyway, I shouldn’t need to tell you that a win for K-Mac in this contest is a win for America.

All you have to do is click this link. Then you just need to provide a name (real or fake), email address (real or fake) and then choose the little bubble next to K-Mac’s name. You can vote as many times as long as you provide a different email address each time. There is still time to vote, and if she makes it to the next round, you better believe we’ll be pushing to vote in masses. We have until Thursday at noon! VOTE DAMMIT!!

VOTE NOW! It’s your way of giving K-Mac a 21st birthday present/alcoholic drink.

SIDENOTE: K-Mac easily had more Facebook "happy birthdays" than I have ever seen on anyone's FB in this history of FB. Very deserving, but MORE DESERVING TO BE THE AEC FAN CHOICE.

What the hell, when did this happen?

Also, in case you don't know/forgot, K-Mac's theme song:

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Anonymous said...

sHE'S THE BEST!!!!!!