February 25, 2010

Care about this weekend

Cause it's a super big one when it comes to BU sports. Both basketball teams have locked up their seeds in the conference tournament (men = 4/women = 3), but their opponents remain in the air. However, with the hockey team being stuck in Vermont for the weekend, come spend the weekend with basketball (and women's hockey):

First the men's team holds their senior day for the best nine seniors EVAR (Schulze included) on Saturday 2:15:

Then the women's basketball team on Sunday at 2:00:

To top it all off the women's hockey team has quarterfinal action against Boston College at 3:00 (they suck!). Did you know the women's team set an NCAA hockey record with their 11 ties? You won't see one on Sunday though.

Besides the sports, you can treat this weekend like the Athletics giveaway events:

First, if you go to the women's hockey game you are automatically entered into a raffle for a 42 inch plasma HDTV (that you could then probably sell on Craigslist for like $500) and four (4) men's Hockey East semifinal/final tickets. zOmG!

From the Athletic Department:
"The raffle is exclusive for just BU students. Each student will receive one raffle ticket and free admission when they show their BU ID at the door. We're also giving away BU Ice Hockey long-sleeve t-shirts to the first 100 fans."

Bam. The women's game is at 2 that day, but luckily it's literally right upstairs, so you don't even need to leave the building.

I know some students will be going to the women's basketball game at 2pm first, but it'd be great if they stopped by the women's hockey game after. Let me know if you need any other details.

Oh yeah, and at the women's game, they'll be giving out the camo-shirt and the BU jersey. Last chance is calling!!

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