February 2, 2010

The Beanpot is getting too predictable!

It’s another BU-BC final. Isn’t that getting boring? Not if you’re a BU or BC fan, but I digress.

I touched on last night’s game a little, but wanted to add more.

First off Colby Cohen is becoming the new Tom Morrow/my favorite player to cheer for. Somehow, he’s a deadly assassin with the puck on his stick. Who saw that coming?? That’s fine by me and even fun to just yell, “shoot it, shoot it, shoot it,” whenever he has it. Just like every Flyer fan I’ve ever encountered at games during a PP.

Anyways, he scored last night, and continues to dominate the year 2010. He’s the teams leading goal scorer. What the hell?

Then there’s Gryba. Found out last week he shaved his own head!! BEAST!!!!!1! The legend and lore of Gryba grows as his muscles do.

If you’re as big a Gryba fan as I am you can show your support with this year’s hockey shirt:

Hit up the Facebook page for the info.

Finally, the student section. It really is a lot of fun to be a BU fan or an NU fan (I’m sure, not necessarily for the hockey) when the two teams play. The spirited fun/yelling between the student sections is awesome, especially when there are literally three guards standing the entire game between the sections.

I saw very few, if any, fights or confrontations between BU and NU students last night. I have no idea who was louder down below, because you literally can’t hear any noise difference in the section. One commenter says that it was NU, and I’m can't say I disagree – BU’s fans have been steadily going down this season and for what I think was the first year ever, BU had to advertise that they had leftover Beanpot tickets. I mean, hell four guys showed up with Busch Lite’s in the BU section and drank!!

So there must have been a shortage of tix if they were there. For NU, winning the Beanpot for the first time in over 20 years would cause mass riots/looting/orgies all up and down Huntington, so of course they’re loud and really up for their game.

To me, and I hope most others, it’s all in good fun and it ends up being both funny and enjoyable. I guess it’s tough for me to hate NU because my school is the one coming off the most successful season in the history of college hockey and are playing for its 30th Beanpot title. For NU nothing has been accomplished since 1988. Not one title! I was literally pooping my pants and peeing myself the last time Northeastern won something, so it’s tough for me to care about a "Sasquatch, Sasquatch, Sasquatch, you suck" chant, or attempts to steal the Dog Pound's literature.

Iona brought it way harder! All they used was alcohol!!1!!


Jesus said...

i like this one better:


Anonymous said...

BU fans complaining about stealing literature? Good hypocrisy. How about you give the "BC Sucks" chant back to Cornell?

Anonymous said...

BU has won more National Championships than Northeastern has won Beanpots. If that doesn't give them over at Huntington Ave. a little perspective on their place in the college hockey universe, nothing will.
And their "Get off the ice" chant on penalties is worse than lame.

Anonymous said...

Let's face facts: Northeastern are BU wannabes in every respect.
They either couldn't get into BU, or couldn't afford BU, so they ended up there. Northeastern has come a long way since being a blue collar co-op school, but it is forever playing catch up.
And beating them in the Beanpot is like shooting fish in a barrel for everyone but Harvard.

Little Mike said...

Predictable indeed. That is exactly why they call the tournament the BU Invitational

Anonymous said...

As an NU fan I gotta say I don't like bu fans, but at least I respect the real bu fans (not the half of you that leave games early/don't show up when you lose). We've had the experience of seeing Merrimack fans show up to their home games for the first time. Not sure if you have seen them too but those have to be the worst fans I have ever seen/heard/smelled. Looking forward to the home and home against you guys again.

The Hot Dog said...

Appreciate the kind words.

You NU fans aren't bad in the slightest.

Haven't seen Merimack fans yet. Didn't know they existed, but the March home-home is a good way for me to go out as a student.

Also, I don't like the BU fans you speak of either.