February 25, 2010


Boston Univeristy's greatest ginger (yeah, I said it Boomer Ewing) is in the finals of the America East fan vote. Aly Hinton of BU is too, and so are the evil Canadian spawns of Satan on Vermont. We can't let them win. Aly or K-MAC MUST WIN.

Vote HERE. Vote often.

Goddammit, we're gonna win something this year.

Care about this weekend

Cause it's a super big one when it comes to BU sports. Both basketball teams have locked up their seeds in the conference tournament (men = 4/women = 3), but their opponents remain in the air. However, with the hockey team being stuck in Vermont for the weekend, come spend the weekend with basketball (and women's hockey):

First the men's team holds their senior day for the best nine seniors EVAR (Schulze included) on Saturday 2:15:

Then the women's basketball team on Sunday at 2:00:

To top it all off the women's hockey team has quarterfinal action against Boston College at 3:00 (they suck!). Did you know the women's team set an NCAA hockey record with their 11 ties? You won't see one on Sunday though.

Besides the sports, you can treat this weekend like the Athletics giveaway events:

First, if you go to the women's hockey game you are automatically entered into a raffle for a 42 inch plasma HDTV (that you could then probably sell on Craigslist for like $500) and four (4) men's Hockey East semifinal/final tickets. zOmG!

From the Athletic Department:
"The raffle is exclusive for just BU students. Each student will receive one raffle ticket and free admission when they show their BU ID at the door. We're also giving away BU Ice Hockey long-sleeve t-shirts to the first 100 fans."

Bam. The women's game is at 2 that day, but luckily it's literally right upstairs, so you don't even need to leave the building.

I know some students will be going to the women's basketball game at 2pm first, but it'd be great if they stopped by the women's hockey game after. Let me know if you need any other details.

Oh yeah, and at the women's game, they'll be giving out the camo-shirt and the BU jersey. Last chance is calling!!

HDJ: Changing lives one week at a time: Hotlete of the week

We're all about revolutionizing Boston University athletic blogging her at the Hot Dog and Jesus blog. It's a shame it took us so long to come up with this idea, because I have no doubt that our Friday readership will skyrocket with this one.

We present to you the "Hotlete of the week."

Each week we'll give you a glimpse at some of that hotness that the BU athletic community has to offer. You're welcome.

First up, Courtney from the track and field team.

Click to enlarge all images!!1!

We fell in love with CG at the first ever Terrier Takeout when she entered to a boarderline Moulin Rouge dance:

Oh yeahhhhhhhh.

We have no intentions to offend, but rather celebrate the extremely good looking athletic body of BU.

February 24, 2010


My immediate reaction.

Huzzah! The only team GUARANTEED (Yeah, I said it) to win the America East. Just give us the title now, you’d save yourself and many other teams a lot of time.

Here’s the schedule:

2/24 @ UMass - 4 pm
3/13 vs. Brown - 4 pm
3/4 vs. William and Mary - 1 pm
3/10 @ Duke - 4 pm
3/13 @ Vanderbilt - 2 pm
3/17 - @ Harvard - 4 pm
3/20 - vs. Notre Dame - 12 pm
3/24 - vs. Yale - 4 pm
3/27 - @ Binghamton - 12 pm
3/31 - @ Dartmouth - 4 pm
4/3 - vs. Syracuse - 1 pm
4/7 - vs. UNH - 4 pm
4/14 - vs. BC - 6 pm
4/17 - vs. SBU - 1 pm
4/24 - vs. UVM - 1 pm
5/1 - @ Albany - 4 pm
5/6 - Semifinals
5/8 - Finals

If you didn’t know, these girls are HOT.

Even with cold February lacrosse shafts in their hands they still look good.

See you March 3rd against Brown. I can't wait to pregame with the Lax dads. I hear they go hard:

Ten things (Mostly about Binghamton!)

I’ve been in a terrible mood recently, even at my precious, prized BU sports. Facing a death in the family will do that I suppose, and it’s tough to focus on America East basketball, Hockey East hockey, or any sport really.

If you ask me, sports are the most amazing thing ever and the best tool for escapism in anyone’s life. Unfortunately, I was consumed by grief over the last week or two and that’s a shame because this grief came at the worst time – Binghamton vs. BU at Agganis.

The game was an absolute blowout (42 points) and completely worthy of a write up. I’m sad that I had to put it off until nearly a week later, but here it is! This is Binghamton – year after year every game they’ve come to play at BU (minus last year on a Binghamton team of actual convicts) becomes my favorite game of the season. Here’s ten things happening around BU why this year’s Bing game was so superb again (despite my pitiful mood – hell, I was even shoeing away little children. I never do that, CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE):

1. Tyler Morris is a floor general – this guy. THIS GUY. It seems like this guy was waiting for Wolff to leave ever since the moment DW called a timeout in the release of T-Mo’s buzzer beater (that he made) against UMass my freshman year. Because of that timely timeout the basket didn’t count and BU went on to lose the game on their in bound attempt with 3 seconds left. Huzzah, Dennis Wolff (future coach of Binghamton, I’m calling it early).

Anyways, T-Mo is a new player under Chambers. In my opinion, he’s Chambers on the court. He’s clearly the captain and leader of the team and his hustle and extreme determination, even after suffering a broken hand, has inspired the team and me. He is intense, energetic, and rarely makes a poor decision. Highest basketball IQ on the team, and fully embracing the Chambers mantra of “attitude.” He’s appreciative of the fan support and I haven’t seen a hungrier player in a BU basketball uniform since I’ve watched the team.

With him at point I have more confidence in the team than I have the last four years.

2. Carlos Strong – thank God he’s been healthy for the full season, because he’s begun to fully show his potential in the body he has. He does it all and is proving to be the most amazing 3rd round fantasy America East basketball player in the game’s history.

He shows up every game and does it all – rebounding, assisting, scoring, throwing down powerful dunks, and most of all defense. If a player named Marqus Blakely wasn’t in the league Los would be high on the list of candidates for Defense Player of the Year. That being said, if Matt Wolff can (and did) make the America East All-Defensive team, there isn’t a reason Los shouldn’t. Steals, blocks, tight d, he does it all. He even intimidates me on the court between the size of his shiny muscles, his tats, and his constant scowl that gives off the attitude that nothing that the team or he does is good enough. Gotta love that.

3. Karma Binghamton, karma – we all get what we deserve. And at Binghamton, the basketball program is fully feeling that. Too bad it’s a bunch of guys uninvolved in the crime and corruption that are suffering. That said, Kevin Broadus, you’re an asshat. From the moment “the report” came out the team’s play definitely hasn’t been the same. The 42-point blowout at the hands of the Terriers is more evident of that than anything.

The Bing bench had two, count ‘em, two suits at this game. This compared to the ten plus on BU’s bench. Quite a scene. Also quite a scene when assistant coach, Don Anderson, who was fingered in “the report,” was still there, clocking in at a mighty 300 pounds. Where’d all the assistants go? Well, they were named in the report, and only recently Marc Hsu, who gave Malik Alvin money to pay community service fines, was dismissed from the team. Oy!

Marc Macon, interim head coach and the only coach not mentioned in “the report,” took the last 8 minutes off. He didn’t move from the bench nor did he take questions from the media after the game, but can you blame him after that type of blow out.

4. I failed to mention on February 12 that it was Tunday! So, happy belated Tunday! That said, Tunde always runs train on Binghamton (Seven minutes, four points, one rebound, one assist. That's efficiency). Tunde did score against Bing this year, but unfortunately he committed his FIRST career turnover as well. Such a sad Tunday it was this year.

5. Schulze got in for four minutes – a career high!!!!1! Needless to it was just as awesome as the stat line he put up: one assist, one rebound. BOOM.

6. Sam Perkins thinks he can get Kristen Jeter of Stony Brook’s phone number. What do you think? I set odds at 15-1 because of his jungle fever and desire to dress to attempt to impress. Often times without success. Certain people are trying to give 1,000,000 to 1 odds. (Updated picture of Perkins. And an internal error caused the poll to have to come down and go back up. You be the judge!!1!)

Can this unbiased journalist get this SBU women's basketball player's number?

View Results

7. I have to miss senior night (day). I hate it so much and wish I could change it, but glory can be restored in Hartford. Just win two games in two days. That's all it takes. Then one more...

8. Hockey! (what’s that?) – ever seen in on TV. I didn’t think so! Anyways, Corey “send me nudies” Trivino is out of the season in hockey with a broken leg. The team split with Providence this past weekend, and I hear the Sasquatch thing worked right away on Saturday. Who knows what can/will/could happen the rest of the season. I don’t even want to take a guess.

9. Thoughts and prayers are with BU women’s hockey player Holly Lorms. Unfortunate circumstances like this should bring the school and athletic community together. Think about her as she makes a recovery from a terrible occurrence this past weekend. In brighter news, you can cheer the Ice Ladies (?) on Sunday versus BC in the Hockey East Quarterfinals at 3 p.m.

10. I’d like to apologize to the children of the world/at Agganis at the Bing game. Awful mood resulted in awful (to none) interactions with the youth. THE CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE. Like Tom Morrow, NEVER FORGET.

The end of February/beginning of March is arguably the best, and most intense, time of the year for BU sports. Time to shine athletes. All eyes are on you.

February 19, 2010

K-Mac = Perfect. Perfect = K-Mac DERRRR

I've taken no (zero) math courses at BU, but I know that much.

First off, happy birthday to our favorite ginger (the only one we actually like) Krystyn McIntyre. Somehow the days have flown by fast enough that the 2-time Hot Dog and Jesus Award winner celebrates her 21st year on this earth. Here’s hoping to at least 21 more!

Second, you can actually give K-Mac a birthday present. Wouldn’t you like to do that?

One of the greatest mysteries in life is how (not why) K-Mac was nominated as an America East fan favorite player. She leads the candidates in a number of stats (least minutes, least points, least assists, least rebounds, least turnovers!). Anyway, I shouldn’t need to tell you that a win for K-Mac in this contest is a win for America.

All you have to do is click this link. Then you just need to provide a name (real or fake), email address (real or fake) and then choose the little bubble next to K-Mac’s name. You can vote as many times as long as you provide a different email address each time. There is still time to vote, and if she makes it to the next round, you better believe we’ll be pushing to vote in masses. We have until Thursday at noon! VOTE DAMMIT!!

VOTE NOW! It’s your way of giving K-Mac a 21st birthday present/alcoholic drink.

SIDENOTE: K-Mac easily had more Facebook "happy birthdays" than I have ever seen on anyone's FB in this history of FB. Very deserving, but MORE DESERVING TO BE THE AEC FAN CHOICE.

What the hell, when did this happen?

Also, in case you don't know/forgot, K-Mac's theme song:

February 14, 2010


After a miserable two days earlier in the week the BU athletic community made up for it all on Friday and Saturday.

I literally predicted that there would be a total of five goals between Maine and BU over the course of two games this weekend. How wrong I was! My prediction proved futile by the second period of game one.

Friday was incredible. I say that because Agganis was so empty and for me at least, the empty hockey games are 10 times more fun than sold out crowds. Granted, I love that BU-BC atmosphere, but I think I prefer that Maine-BU, game one of back-to-back home games, following a Beanpot loss a lot more.

I had room to spread out, my goal celebrations weren't interfering with anyone, I could yell whatever I wanted, and the "ole" on penalty kills works for longer than 20 seconds.

Factor in seven BU goals and it became quite a night.

However, the highlight didn't happen on the ice. It came in the stands, to the dancing stylings of one Mr. Huntoon, also known as Brochure kid.

He had the crowd in the palm of his hands as he did whatever dance move that came to his head. He had camera time for at least 30 seconds in Agganis and received a wave of text messages from friends saying he was also on TV.

Of course, he was a shoe-in for the dance for an iPod, which wasn't much of a contest at all.

There's something about portly, bearded gentleman dancing that makes people incredibly happy inside.

The happiness continued into Saturday. BU women's hockey battled Northeastern in a game with A LOT of hits, which are of course illegal. BU ended up winning in a shootout, and I'm really appalled that men's Hockey East play doesn't implement the shootout. Someone wins and the crowd goes crazy for it. Lots of posts hit in the shootout, but it was BU who got the only puck past the goalie.

It was nice to see them win, considering they set an NCAA record in hockey for ties (11).

I was chosen (out of the seven students at the game) to participate in the intermission shoot off. I had to do the same thing I did freshman year.

This time I failed. Didn't hit it in three attempts, with the closest being my final shot. I was disappointed, but I was still given the prize, because BU is that loving and caring? Who knew!? $15 Itunes gift card - well worth it, hard earned.

After the game ended I went upstairs to watch the BU basketball team take on Hartford. This was the first time that the team played in Case since January 12. I came to the conclusion BU doesn't have any home court, or home court advantage. This is especially true when the attendance was recorded as 714. It seemed a lot more full than that at the Roof, but I guess that's the illusion of Case Gym. I'm sure having a hockey game later helped attendance, with people saying, "let's go see the basketball team, we have time before hockey."

The game was easily the worst I've seen the entire season. Awful shooting by both teams - 27% for BU and 32% for Hartford. Only two double digit scorers for BU, and not a whole lot that would make a casual fan come back.

Other than the final 24 seconds.

Chambers does things his own way. That much I've learned and I do like it. Down one with 24 ticks left on the clock Tyler Morris held the ball until there was about 10 seconds remaining. Ballsy move? You bet. Rather than trying to score quickly and giving themselves a chance to foul and get the ball back again in case of a miss, Chambers picked to go for glory.

He picked the right shooter - the only one who was scoring at all - Jake O'Brien. Tyler penetrated, dished it backwards to JOB, who nailed the three.

Then BU was saved by the officiating crew as Morgan Sabia got charged with a moving screen. Debatable call for sure, but like most calls in the America East that go BU's way, unjustly, I'll take it.

Los Strong converted one of two free throws, putting BU up three with 1.6 to go. Then the unsung hero of the game - the one who won't get any credit from anyone but this blog right here - Valdas Sirutis blocked the inbound, taking an entire second off of the clock. Game over - BU was two for two on the day.

The other thing Chambers did that makes me like his unusual style - the day after the Vermont loss for practice there wasn't any suicides or running. The team went bowling instead. How awesome is that!??!

Word came in that the women's team came back from a first half deficit to defeat Albany, so the very rare and illusive undefeated BU sports day was on the line at the men's hockey game.

And they didn't disappoint! Niether did my favorite BU alumni, Al. At the women's game I got a call from him offering me some club room tickets. I DON'T TURN DOWN FREE FOOD, and I was there with some other Loyal Crewers.

The loyal crew dancing to receiving food

We ate like kings to capacity and to the point where it was a struggle to move. The club room is amazing and unfortunately I didn't get to enjoy the glory of it until this year. One day, if I make enough money, I'm definitely buying season tickets there. It's totally worth the price.

The game was equally fun. A little more crowded than the previous night, but still fun. I guess Agganis felt bad about having BU miss the B.O.G.O. the night before (hold Maine to 2 goals or less - fail), so they basically gave the crowd a free one (if BU gets 20 shots - HA). On top of that BU won again.

Big hits in the game, intense play, and confidence on the ice earned BU 2 points and tied for fourth. BU could, might, maybe have home ice. Who would've thought that based on the 2009 portion of the season!?

On top of that in the final 23 seconds the crowd got to see a Colby Cohen fight and an Eric Gryba goal. I noticed a common celebration that Gryba and Vinny did this weekend:

Make your own judgements, but that's either throwing your diamonds in the sky or the international sign for a va-jay-jay. Either way, it's working.

What a day. I was exhausted by the end of it all, but one really can't complain when he/she saw nothing but victories.

The perfect day:

Men's hockey: 7-4
Women's hockey: 2-1
Women's basketball: 69-65
Men's basketball: 58-55
Men's hockey: 5-2

Until Wednesday - the biggest, bestest, and most amazing matchup of the basketball season.


February 11, 2010

This week sucks

There's a reason I've put off writing about what was the s-storm of Monday and Tuesday. What despicable days to be a BU sports fan.

Back-to-back one goal/point losses. To BC and Vermont of all teams. Ugh.

Luckily the SI swimsuit edition showed up in my mailbox on Wednesday. Six straight pages of Brooklyn Decker and Bar Rafaeli subdued the suicide watch that was placed upon me Tuesday night.

Andy Roddick's life is better than mine

I guess we'll start at the Garden on Monday.

This got off to a good start with a one goal lead after one period. Then all of the sudden the freshman defenseman decided to showcase their skills on the way to three straight BC goals.

For probably a little more than twelve straight hours Max Nicastro was embarrassed over and over and over again as the victim of the number one play on Sportscenter:

No doubt that Kreider deserves so much credit there. Nicastro didn't have a chance. Where are you Brian Strait??!? (He's in Wilkes-Barre)

Sean Escobedo deflected, or seemingly deflected a puck past Milan. After the game Milan said that didn't happen, but if you ask me that's what I saw.

3-1 at the end of two took any life out of the BU crowd. BC got another goal to start the third and I thought it was completely over. If it had gotten to 5-1 I'm sure half of the upper decks on the BU side in the Garden would've cleared out.

Somehow, down three goals, the Terriers fought through what seemed like inevitable defeat. They scored the 4-2 goal with 2:46 left, but got the third goal far too late in the game. Had it come earlier I think there was a chance Colby could've been a big game hero again in overtime.

Alas, no dice. As soon as that final horn blared I booked it right out of the Garden. Never have I watched a team other than BU celebrate a Beanpot championship, and I wasn't going to start after BU lost.

This was the first second Monday in February that I've seen BU lose. That T ride home was fortunately without any SuperFans and most of the discussion between my friends and I centered around the America East basketball tournament in Hartford. None of us wanted to think about how this guy:

Was enjoying a Beanpot Championship.

However, this team seems to be much improved from the 2009 half season version. They showed "desire, determination, and the will to win," which gives me reason to believe that BU could somehow sneak it's way into the tournament. I can dream, can't I?

Then Tuesday came, and let me tell you, I think I would've rather preferred a win against Vermont than the Beanpot.

Geez, where to begin. So much pain came from that game.

It probably started when I showed up at 6 pm and noticed that by 6:45 I could still count on two hands how many spectators were in the arena.

I know BU athletics has been literally doing all they can to get people out to games. UVM is usually a big one, especially at Agganis. The fact that 15 minutes before tip-off there weren't more than 500 people there was a problem.

Fortunately, I was somewhat distracted by the abysmal number of people in attendance by the rantings, ravings, stylings, and insight of the only America Easter writer in the world, Sam Perkins.

For an hour I conversed with Sam about the league, his taste in women (strictly black), how he came to get that taste in women, who will win RoY in the conference, Dennis Wolff's dark past, the league back when it was good, the America East message board, and Sam's future plans to walk onto the basketball team of whatever school he attends grad school at.

I was amused, enthralled, and deep into conversation while I got to watch UVM, and more specifically, Marqus Blakely warm up.

He didn't quite do that, but it was close.

There isn't anyone at this school (with the exception of Whitrock and the H&V guys) that I could carry an intelligent, informed, and interesting conversation with about America East basketball. It might be a stretch to carry on with anyone on the actual team other than Schulze about the conference.

Sam Perkins is one of the few who I can talk about the conference with and ever team in the conference, while giving my opinions, hearing his, and actually learning about the history of what was once a perennial threat in the NCAA tournament.

Then reality kind of struck, the national anthem was sung in front of maybe 600, and the game was five minutes from starting. It's never good with single digits remaining on the clock before the game begins to be able to hear a conversation across the arena. Not just a gym, but an arena.

The opening montage video started to role and as the crowd watched Coach Chambers walked over to me.

"Can we get some more -----ing people here?" He asked me. I hung my head immediately. I wanted to cry. Here is a coach at a new school, brought here to inject life into a program, and just hoping, nay, begging for support from anyone at the school.

I've thought a lot about what to say regarding this issue. After many rough drafts I've decided to hold off judgements of the BU student body attendance until after the season, much like I did last season with Dennis Wolff.

That said, I believe Whitrock said it best today in his Freep article. I'm glad he did, because the way I would've said it would resemble middle fingers to the student body. Here's Whitrock:

Agganis Arena is a facility worthy of a big-time basketball team. The players on the roster are talented and more talent is already in the pipeline. The head coach is passionate, respected by both his players and his peers, and has several players on the team playing the best basketball of their collegiate careers.

But when it comes to getting students to care, the Terriers can’t win. Win games against talented, well-known opponents, and students still don’t show up. Give away merchandise at the door game after game, and students still don’t show up. Switch to an exciting style of play, set a school record for the most made 3-point baskets in a game, and students still don’t show up.

Frustrating? From the perspective of someone who cares about this program and wants to see it succeed, frustrating doesn’t begin to cover it. It’s not just frustrating. It’s pathetic. It’s downright embarrassing.

This was the biggest game of the season for the team and there was less than 1,000 people in attendance. The only other Boston team playing was the Bruins. What were people's excuses this time?

To top off all the pain BU lost in the worst possible way. Up four with one minute to go, it was UVM up one when the clock expired. Corey Lowe dribbled the ball off of his foot and out of bounds. Game over. The BU team showed true emotion on the court during and after the game. Carlos was pissed. Holland was exhausted. Corey was crying. Chambers shook his head in disbelief about everything.

Never before have I felt as bad as I did than after that game. Even now writing about it I'm getting deeply upset. Then I went home, turned on the TV and watched an absolutely packed lower tier of students, dressed completely in white, going ape-s--- at the Michigan State game.

I could've gone to a school like that. A school where kids have pride for the community that they're a part of.

I love Boston University. I do. I love the athletic department. Over the last four years I've gotten more free stuff from the school than anyone else. It's too bad not many others have realized the glory of athletic events, and even more so, the glory of athlete parties.

In closing, I have solutions for the basketball and hockey team to gain attendance. They're not conventional, but racking my brain they're the only things that are absurd enough to make people want to come to a game:

1. Asian basketball player - it seems like there are more Asians at this school than any other race. This isn't accurate, but whenever I go play basketball at FitRec there's at least one court of strictly Asians.

So, why doesn't BU recruit a top tier Asian player. This will appeal to the large Asian, basketball fans at BU. Hell, I've been to a 76er-Rocket NBA game. Asians show up in BUNCHES to see one tall Asian play. Similar results must be inevitable if we get a Yi Jianlian type.

2. For hockey if attendance continues to drop - black hockey player. I've dreamed about it for four years. Getting a black hockey player is like finding that toy in the Cracker Jack boxes. I mean, BU had Mike Greir, arguably the best black player, not named Jarome Iginla, to ever play.

Let's bring in another one to at least create some interesting controversy.

3. Back to basketball - foreign-born player - either European or Puerto Rican - either one will have some pull in their given racial community. Similarly to the Asian basketball player, bringing in something that isn't normal always gives the school some attention.

That's all I got though.

Finally, there was some justice, kind of served today. Or at least a very interesting read. So, if you remember, before the AEC basketball season started the Binghamton Bearcats kicked five kids off the team for various infractions.

Today the investigation into the school and the handlings of the basketball team over the last couple of years was published, and my God, is it juicy.

Download it and give it a look-over when you get a chance. The level of blatant violations would make Al Skinner shudder.

February 2, 2010

The Beanpot is getting too predictable!

It’s another BU-BC final. Isn’t that getting boring? Not if you’re a BU or BC fan, but I digress.

I touched on last night’s game a little, but wanted to add more.

First off Colby Cohen is becoming the new Tom Morrow/my favorite player to cheer for. Somehow, he’s a deadly assassin with the puck on his stick. Who saw that coming?? That’s fine by me and even fun to just yell, “shoot it, shoot it, shoot it,” whenever he has it. Just like every Flyer fan I’ve ever encountered at games during a PP.

Anyways, he scored last night, and continues to dominate the year 2010. He’s the teams leading goal scorer. What the hell?

Then there’s Gryba. Found out last week he shaved his own head!! BEAST!!!!!1! The legend and lore of Gryba grows as his muscles do.

If you’re as big a Gryba fan as I am you can show your support with this year’s hockey shirt:

Hit up the Facebook page for the info.

Finally, the student section. It really is a lot of fun to be a BU fan or an NU fan (I’m sure, not necessarily for the hockey) when the two teams play. The spirited fun/yelling between the student sections is awesome, especially when there are literally three guards standing the entire game between the sections.

I saw very few, if any, fights or confrontations between BU and NU students last night. I have no idea who was louder down below, because you literally can’t hear any noise difference in the section. One commenter says that it was NU, and I’m can't say I disagree – BU’s fans have been steadily going down this season and for what I think was the first year ever, BU had to advertise that they had leftover Beanpot tickets. I mean, hell four guys showed up with Busch Lite’s in the BU section and drank!!

So there must have been a shortage of tix if they were there. For NU, winning the Beanpot for the first time in over 20 years would cause mass riots/looting/orgies all up and down Huntington, so of course they’re loud and really up for their game.

To me, and I hope most others, it’s all in good fun and it ends up being both funny and enjoyable. I guess it’s tough for me to hate NU because my school is the one coming off the most successful season in the history of college hockey and are playing for its 30th Beanpot title. For NU nothing has been accomplished since 1988. Not one title! I was literally pooping my pants and peeing myself the last time Northeastern won something, so it’s tough for me to care about a "Sasquatch, Sasquatch, Sasquatch, you suck" chant, or attempts to steal the Dog Pound's literature.

Iona brought it way harder! All they used was alcohol!!1!!

Last week, not at BU

Last week was a huge week off in home BU athletics. It’s nice when a week like this comes about because it gives me a chance to see athletic events at schools that a. aren’t mine b. I hate c. I can’t get to often.

I did just this last week. I have the fortunate, or unfortunate depending on how you look at it, to get to any Boston College basketball game. Seriously, that team and everything that surrounds it reminds me of the New York Mets. Conte Forum seems like it’s the equivalent to Citi Field, and the players seem to underperform more often than they get the job done.

Of course I can be so harsh on BC cause I don’t go there and I don’t care. They’re basketball team is essentially in the same position as BU – they have to win their conference to get in to the tournament. That’s not to say that BC will be in the NIT or CBI or something like that. I wish I could say the same for, but I can’t.

So when BC is playing in the Collegeinsider.com tournament and BU has been done for two weeks, just remember an eagle is just a big, strong bird that eats fish.

Anyways, I got to Conte Forum last Tuesday for the Eagles game against Clemson. Only because it seems like the Tigers were jetlagged, and without their point guard, BC won. Oh, they tried to pull off their patented second half collapse, but it wasn’t enough this time.

I am always fascinated when I go to unfamiliar basketball games the tradition/taunts/anything the student section does. BC just disappointed me:

And of course they just have to have a yellow and maroon man (front row)?

“Reggie’s Veggies.” I’m all for whoring oneself out for media exposure, but this is just shameful. Hot dog and Jesus doesn’t make sense and that’s on purpose. We like to f--- with people’s heads. Reggie’s veggies refers to Reggie Jackson, who doesn’t know how to wear a headband properly:

And I still don’t know the significance, other than it “veggies” rhymes with “Reggie.” But even then it’s not that cool. One of these d00ds led the “We Are?” “B-C,” which is just a blatant rip-off from, as far as I know, Penn State.

Regardless, these kids probably only go to basketball games. Actually, I know they only go to basketball games in costume, so I first off can’t relate to them, and don’t have any sympathy for them. Go to 50 plus games in that costume then I’ll allow you to possibly Facebook message me.

Another thing I noticed last Tuesday was the signs BC was giving out. With the proper shadowing it looks like it says “Eat Lemson.” That’s funny! Right?

Wednesday night I had an interesting experience. I WENT TO NORTHEASTERN. I should note that all these events I went to were by myself, sans Jesus.

So I’ve made some good relations with people on the AEC message board. One of which, with a guy by the name of NU Hoops Fan, the relationship was good enough to have him invite me to an NU basketball game.

I said sure, thinking I would get to sit back and enjoy a casual CAA game. However, as the date approached I was told that I should wear my hot dog costume and sit in the NU student section. They were expecting me and would greet me with open arms.

If you were me, would you be skeptical?

I was. I didn’t know if NU was trying to pull a fast one on me (haha, NU pulling a fast one) or if they genuinely wanted me to give their team some support.

Now, NU was riding an 11-game winning streak, and was easily the hottest team in their conference. Listen, when BU isn’t playing NU I have nothing against that school. In basketball I have no reason to have anything against them – they’re not even in the same conference. Furthermore, whenever I can make friends with legitimate basketball fans in Boston I try to. On top of all that, I know a lot more reasonable people who I would hang out with from Northeastern than I do from BC.

Okay, all that said, I weighed the options and decided I would allow myself to attend the NU-Drexel game, sport the costume, and sit in enemy territory.

I was told to meet the student leader of the N-Zone, as the student section calls themselves. His name is Darren, and he couldn’t be nicer. Other than the cheap shot (but not really) he took at me on his blog. I feel like he wanted to offend me, but is too nice of a guy to go all the way. I had more fun reading the one comment the post had. And BU-NU the new UNC-Duke? See, NU still thinks that BU's #1 rival is them! Saddening!

Anyways, Darren was real nice toe me. And very open to me standing next to him in the N-Zone. Now, on top the costume I brought with me my “UMass-Roxbury” sign with a slight altercation. I had a sheet to add to it that said, “Rox!” so the full sign would read, “UMass Roxbury Rox!” I thought this was a good way at showing that I’m not a true NU fan, but was there for support. I thought it would get some cheap laughs here and there and it would be wonderful! We’ll get back to that.

When NU changed up Matthews, I guess they changed where the students sit too. Kids were all around the edge of the court, and it really is an awesome set up. I was literally at half court and stepped onto the court multiple times. It creates a more hostile environment and with enough people, looks pretty good. It helps when the team is riding 11 wins.

Anyways, NU came out flat and played that way for basically the entirety of the game, leading to a loss. At halftime, after not really being talked to by anyone the entire first half, I went to the bathroom. Upon returning I was told I had to clear the area I was standing. There weren’t seats where I was, just the entrance way to and from the locker room. I obliged, and moved to the third row of the students where I sat down.

I left my stuff/bag where it was. As I was relaxing during the intermission I saw a student take my UMass Roxbury sign and throw it out. Okay, no big deal. That’s understandable. It was a simple fix too, I just took it out when no one was looking.

I then whipped out my computer to watch BU take on Maine since the game was on channelsurfing.net. As the second half was about to start an NU student from the front row got my attention with a simple, “hey, hot dog.” It was then, “you fucking suck, you’re a f---ing fa—ot. We’re going to kick your ass at the Beanpot Monday.”

All I could and did say was, “hey, come on! I’m here supporting you.” That support kind of stopped after this interaction. It was on to watch the BU game.

I wasn’t actually cheering for NU in the first half. Like I wasn’t doing any chants or cheers with the students. Like, I tried to bring myself to do it, but I legitimately couldn’t. I guess going to BU for four years will do that to a person.

Anyways, game over, NU losses, and I roll out. Done and done, right?

Later that night I sent a message to the guy who gave me the ticket, thanking him and apologizing for not bringing the Huskies more luck. Three days later I was put in my place with his response.

I had offended and caused a huge mess for NU Hoop Fan for bringing my “UMass Roxbury” sign. Who knew that sign would cause so much damage!

It turns out NUHF got me the ticket through coaches/administrators because he’s kind of a big shot. He was the one who hooked up me sitting with the students, so everyone was blaming him for my actions.

I didn’t want that to happen at all. Attack and blame me. I’m deserving and can take it. I’m not saying that NUHF can’t take it, but he doesn’t deserve it at all. He doesn’t control me, he was just trying to be nice, which he was.

Now, I apologized, which I’m good at doing at this point in my life, and have begun taking the necessary steps to give the apology to those who need it (administrators/coaches/Darren).

Unfortunately, nothing like a “hot dog, hot dog, hot dog you suck” chant like I hoped came from it at the Beanpot from the Husky fans, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Fortunately for me NUHF is forgiving enough to move on, as long as I provide him with a full meal on Thursday at Agganis. He’ll be the one (hopefully) with the Dennis Wolff Fan Club sign.

On Saturday I ventured to Chestnut Hill U. for the second time in the week for the BC-FSU game. Now, this is the game I wanted to see – a full on BC collapse. BU was ahead most of the game, but Al Skinner’s coaching combined with Reggie Jackson’s ability to turn the ball over at the most opportune times resulted in an FSU victory to a stunned and silent Conte Forum. I’m going on Saturday for Duke and expect similar results. Only this time Conte will be ass-packed – one of the two games this season that that will happen. The other being the other big-name ACC team in the conference (UNC).

Before I forget, FSU was GIGANTIC. I'd bet any amount of money that collectively, FSU has the biggest junk in teh NCAA. That's a fact.

One thing that did interest me on Saturday was the BC bathrooms. I think I'm like 10/10 in all my visits to Conte, no matter what time of day it is, in finding used/empty nips or other alcohol containers. This time it was something new:

Pocket shots. What on earth have I been missing out on in the last year and three months?

So that was last week. I did see part of the BU women’s game, but had to join the hot dog family in Newton. The women won, but didn’t do it in a fashion I’m so used to – home blowouts.

Tomorrow at 7 pm they’ll have another shot at home against Binghamton – they’re third to last game of the season ☹. Then on Thursday BU gives out camo-shirts for the game vs. UNH in Agganis.

I’m sure people will be doing the same thing they did for the jerseys – show up, take the shirt, then leave. If you ask why they do that they’ll say, “hey, what’s basketball.” I’m calling communism on that!

NU fans remain NU fans following Beanpot loss

In all four years I've gone to the Beanpot I've seen BU defeat NU. I was so not worried when NU tied the game last night, because I knew there was no way that BU would lose a game to NU, especially in front of more than 10,000 people. I know BU steps up for the big games (now 8-0-1 in crowds of 10,000 plus).

The last time Northeastern beat BU in the Beanpot? 1988. The last time the Huskies won the tournament.

So, no, I wasn't concerned at all when the score became tied in the third. I was more worried about having to stay for overtime.

Alas, BU won and the win feels great. The Beanpot really means nothing, but it reminds everyone that BU can show up for Monday games in February on a yearly basis.

NU is like the a step-brother that your dad beats. You want to care for them, but then you remember that they're your stepbrother so you have no real reason to defend them. Thus, you end up beating them with your father as an act of father-son bonding.

Watching Northeastern try and fail year after year is terribly rewarding. No matter how bad the weather is in Boston in February I at least have that to look forward to.

Hey, there's always next year. That sounds a lot like the BU basketball moto during Dennis Wolff's tenure!