January 13, 2010

Screw you too, China

At the turn of the New Year I said to myself and you that I wasn't going to slip and forget to post all up on here. Yes, Jesus is gone and I'm in Boston on my lonesome, but that doesn't excuse my lack of post in what was such a busy week in BU athletics

That being said, it took Mama Hot Dog a phone call to tell me to update my GD blog. DONE!

There's a wave of post I'm in the process of pumping out, but this post is to go over something very important.

I can't believe I didn't talk about this earlier - our good friend Al, the alumnus we've grown to know and love, does a lot of business in China. He told me upon returning from a trip, that our site, the very own Hot Dog and Jesus blog is blocked in China. A whole country of billions blocks us! That's so many site hits we're missing out on. I mean, think about all those Chinese men and women who are googling hot dog plus Jesus. Oh wait, no more Chinese Google...whatever, it's there loss! Massive success on our end!

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