January 22, 2010

My last Conte experience EVAR

Tonight marks my last visit to Conte for a BU-BC hockey game as a student.

I've seen some stuff go down there - fog, overtime wins, ties, near fights, fights, stolen dorm doors, a temporary banning from campus. Yep, there's been no shortage of drama in Newton.

However, I hope tonight is drama free. Knowing my luck I bet this game will end in a tie, and that will be my lasting memory of this rivalry at BC. I'd love it if BU could step up, win this big game, that starts off a huge hockey weekend, head over to my brother's dorm, ruin his existence in NCAA Basketball 2010 on the PS3, using a fully healthy BU team (with Matt Killen still on them) over BC, and then head back to the city.

That's what I want to happen, but I'm not sure if it can. When BU's not playing on a grandiose stage who knows whether they'll bring their "A" game? That's certainly the situation for tonight.

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