January 19, 2010

My Apprentice

I've found him. He came to me. I didn't even have to seek him out. It was truly meant to be. Ladies and gentlemen, meet your newest hot dog, Colin:

Before the start of the Merrimack hockey game this past Saturday I was doing my usual pregame chicken finger boat routine, taking in the scenes before I had to put the costume on. Suddenly I start hearing girls go, "ooooohhh," and "ahhhhhh." There was something very cute getting closer to me.

I looked over to the aisle to see a woman and her five-ish year old son, who was wearing his very own hot dog costume (made for children.) I knew immediately it was time for me to throw my costume on: picture time. The only down-part was that I couldn't find my headband!

I knew all eyes were on my new hot dog friend and me. This woman who brought her son over, Kate, didn't just come with hopes of getting a picture. She gave both Jesus and I a gift box with a hot dog and a Jesus action figure. Anyone who brings gifts is good enough for me!

Picture taking ensued. Oooo-ing and ahhh-ing continued and I really felt good. Kate told me that she offered her son his choice of jersey - Gilroy, Wilson, Lawerence for God sake, but he instead, wanted a hot dog costume. After the picture Kate and Colin thanked me, I thanked them, and they departed to a round of applause from the student section.

I couldn't pick out Colin during the game, until late in the second period. I found him by the glass on the camera side. I was hoping he would move in time for the dance contest because I knew if he got one he would win.

Thankfully, Colin wound up on the other side of the arena - opposite the cameras and in perfect place to be on camera. Just as I guessed, he got on, and he won. The crowd chanted "little-hot-dog," as he jumped up and down in celebration. Alumni Al called me to congratulate me. I finally felt the feelings of what it's like to have a child who has some success.

I can't wait until Colin gets into BU. It's a four year commitment to wear that costume, but Colin's got the right idea. It's the outfit that keeps on giving.

It was a pleasure meeting him and Kate, and I'm so happy they had such a wonderful evening in Agganis Arena.


Anonymous said...

The little Terrier Cocktail Frank will grow up to be a full-fledged Hot Dog. Congrats. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Lindsey@pickyeatings said...

There was no way little hot dog wasn't going to win the dance for an ipod contest. If there's one thing I've learned, no grownup will win against a kid.

Little Mike said...

Hot Dog and the cocktail weenie. I love it!!!!!! Story is deserving of some mention on Sportcenter.

Anonymous said...

That's child abuse. Might as well just hand him his lifetime's supply of food stamps now.