January 25, 2010

Do you want some coffee? Tylenol? The sweet, smooth voice of John Condakes?

The women's team beat Vermont - their biggest win of the season without a doubt. UVM was ranked heading into the game, and today we learned that BU has undone that.

Then BU either went out drinking too hard the remaining days of the week, or just were EXTREMELY hungover, because I witnessed back-to-back losses, live, for the first time since I've followed the team.

I know they're better than that. I know they're the third best team in the conference and I know they'll finish in third place at the end of the regular season.

But they need to pick it up. The rebounding needs to be better and the scoring needs to be more consistent. The women will get a chance up in Durham. The road has been tough for the BU women (not last season). If it proves to be too tough Thursday, they have Maine at home on Saturday.

I really hope these back-to-back losses don't have anything to do with the Loyal Crew's gift from Coach Kelly Greenberg - 6th man sweatshirts.

While they're perfect, feel so warm, and are bad-ass to the point that we look like athletes (not really), we can't wear them at games - they're just tainted with bad luck so far (0-2)!

Meanwhile, in men's basketball:

You better believe BU's next game is a marquee matchup. Maine is in first place in the conference. I did not think I would still be in college to say that, at any point in conference play.

However, if BU wins on Wednesday night they'll have the best win percentage in conference - first place. Of course, they have a game at hand on all of the other teams in the conference (thanks sh***y America East scheduling).

Maine. Maine? I couldn't even predict if BU can win that game. I mean, they should I think. Even on the road. But Maine has proven to be stiff competition, and riding five straight wins after their conference home opener against Vermont. This one won't be easy.

A win is a huge confidence boost and reassuring knowing that Tyler Morris is likely to be back for at least the conference tournament.

I thought once Tyler went down BU would just become the three-headed monster (Holland, Lowe, O'Brien). Instead it's a even more ferocious, but more delightful four-headed monster.

Los Strong has stepped up (as the league's best three-pointer shooter!) and showed he can put up a pretty good all-around stat line. He's getting rebounds, assists, minutes, and of course, lots of good three point shooting. On the court, Carlos has always been one of my favorite players to watch. I'm happy he's showing his abilities in his final chance at some hardware.

One thing about this Chambers coached BU team - they'll fight hard for 40 minutes. They'll dive for five times as many steals and balls on the floor than any Dennis Wolff coached team I personally saw.

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JohnnyC said...

I knew I shoulda bottled up some of my magic from last year...