January 28, 2010

A break. They can't catch one

Checking the game notes from last night's last second loss to Maine:

"Tunde Agboola sustained a shoulder injury in the second half and will be evaluated Thursday."

That's our 9th man right there!

Tyler's cast is off, but his hand still has weakness. Meanwhile, our 7th man, Brendan Sullivan, may be back for Saturday's game at Stony Brook.

/crosses fingers.


Anonymous said...

You don't deserve to catch a break, you lying sack of shit.

Anonymous said...

Is it bad that we're now getting excited for the return of a player who was on scholarship, didn't play for two years, walked back on the team, left the team again, and was taken back when we were hit by injuries?
Also, if you told me before the season that we'd be getting upset over an injury to Tunde Agboola, I'd say we were in a position like UMBC right now.
The fact that this team still has a chance to win this legaue is amazing.

The Hot Dog said...

Gotta love the America East/lying!