January 5, 2010

Back on that Grind

First off, everyone always said 0-6 or 0-9 when referring to the year, you know? So is it 0-10 now or just straight 10, because I feel kind of odd saying just 10. Whatever, that has nothing to do with anything, what I want to talk about is Terrier sports, because it's been too long.

BU men's basketball started conference play in a disappointing fashion. One reader/writer? on the America East message board put it, in my logic, perfectly:

One injury and this season becomes disastrous. With BJ gone things change, and the bench isn't one that can be relied upon. However, UMBC somehow managed to get to the conference final last season with basically 2.5 players.

It's a long season and I'm sure that soon enough this past game will be in the very back of our and the team's memories. The men travel to UNH and then to Hartford. UNH will be a test, but in my opinion BU matches up much better. Hartford, somehow has fallen to the bottom of the conference, with optimism among their faithful dwindling. A 6+ week injury to their starting point guard, Andre Torres and the transfer of their center (and my fifth round AEC fantasy pick) Genesis Maciel doesn't help their season.

People are starting to question Chambers for the rough? start and the one transfer. It's unfair to blame it on him, but if you do, consider this:

I rest my case.

Finally, the attendance on the game on the second was 547. The game on the 22nd of December, as Jesus said, just had him, but BU lists it as 397. At Dayton the attendance was 13,435. Can BU even get to that number in their home games this season? If they want to, we'll need more fans like this Georgia superfan:

Now on to hockey. Prior to the last game I'd say this "Boston University Text from Last Night" said it well:

But they won, and convincingly, but again, I was reminded of the 2007-08 season. BU had a bad first half then started out the year undefeated. For me the feelings the same - there's plenty of potential, I just don't know if BU can capitalize. They need to win a lot of games, by a lot of goals for even slight consideration for a postseason.

The women's basketball team put up a hell of an effort in Philadelphia over break. I got to see them take down South Carolina, then clearly not have quite enough energy to finish off the host St. Joseph's Hawks. BU is keeping it very close in most of their games, and as conference play starts (tonight) the ladies should feel confident. Unless they play UVM or Hartford - both are on a different level than any America East team has been in basketball for men or women in a while (except UVM last night, who put together a forgettable effort against the fourteenth ranked Nebraska Huskers). Either team has a decent shot at making the tournament as an at-large bid, and if you're going to see any two women's teams against BU it's those two.

But seriously, Lady Terriers, you can be anything you want - even a winner against UVM and Hartford. I've seen it before. YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT.

Truthfully, I'm just sitting on the Goterriers.com website, constantly refreshing, hoping for the women's lacrosse schedule. I neyd.


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