January 25, 2010

At least I got a cookie

Saturday evening started out with such promise.

First my best alumni friend presented me with literally hundreds of Cane's BOGO cards that I'm assuming were left over from the 5th anniversary of Agganis.

Then my favorite person who dresses up as a hot dog, other than myself, found me. Colin was back and in costume. This game he had the red head band AND American flag. Colin ventured to the intimidating confines of 118 and was searching for me. I was sitting more towards the center than usual, so I had to kind of seek him out and find him.

Once we met I gave him a high-five. He gave me a cookie. And what a cookie!

Colin and his mother just keep on one-upping themselves. Now I have to do something for them next game. But what will it be?

As you can see, the cookie is broken already. During the first intermission Coop from the Loyal Crew crushed it with his gigantic head while he was trying to take a nap. He was disciplined by Colin later.

And then hockey happened. I would've been much happier watching my apprentice in action all game. Colin was imitating all I was doing - my dance moves, my head band removal, anything I did. I had to try my best to keep it PC (that's tough for me), but I think it was a success.

What wasn't a success was the product on the ice. Head Coach Jack Parker already publicly ripped the team a new butthole in his postgame press conference. I can't imagine what practice might have been like today.

I'm no hockey expert, and I don't pretend to be one. I know what the penalties are, I can tell who has skill (Nick Bonino), and I can tell who is skating hard. I like to think that I'm personally gifted (BUIM men's floor hockey champ), but I know for a fact that there were two different teams on display for BU this weekend.

There was that team that showed up, as they had, for the big games in big venues like on Friday night. Then there was the team that plays at Agganis most nights and just doesn't compete at the same level.

I'm not going to pretend like I know the answer to this question. I guess, if you're going to be an optimist, it's a good thing, because the Beanpot is played on a big stage. The quarterfinals of Hockey East will most likely not be in Agganis, and then from there on out it's all grand stages.

However, it seems so much harder this year than in years past to actually get pumped up for anything that this hockey team does in Agganis. There is an absence of life reminiscent to that of a Dennis Wolf basketball production.

I don't know what can happen or what will happen, but something has to change. I'm hoping there is some adjustment for Friday night against UMass. Let's hope!

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