January 28, 2010

A break. They can't catch one

Checking the game notes from last night's last second loss to Maine:

"Tunde Agboola sustained a shoulder injury in the second half and will be evaluated Thursday."

That's our 9th man right there!

Tyler's cast is off, but his hand still has weakness. Meanwhile, our 7th man, Brendan Sullivan, may be back for Saturday's game at Stony Brook.

/crosses fingers.

January 25, 2010

Do you want some coffee? Tylenol? The sweet, smooth voice of John Condakes?

The women's team beat Vermont - their biggest win of the season without a doubt. UVM was ranked heading into the game, and today we learned that BU has undone that.

Then BU either went out drinking too hard the remaining days of the week, or just were EXTREMELY hungover, because I witnessed back-to-back losses, live, for the first time since I've followed the team.

I know they're better than that. I know they're the third best team in the conference and I know they'll finish in third place at the end of the regular season.

But they need to pick it up. The rebounding needs to be better and the scoring needs to be more consistent. The women will get a chance up in Durham. The road has been tough for the BU women (not last season). If it proves to be too tough Thursday, they have Maine at home on Saturday.

I really hope these back-to-back losses don't have anything to do with the Loyal Crew's gift from Coach Kelly Greenberg - 6th man sweatshirts.

While they're perfect, feel so warm, and are bad-ass to the point that we look like athletes (not really), we can't wear them at games - they're just tainted with bad luck so far (0-2)!

Meanwhile, in men's basketball:

You better believe BU's next game is a marquee matchup. Maine is in first place in the conference. I did not think I would still be in college to say that, at any point in conference play.

However, if BU wins on Wednesday night they'll have the best win percentage in conference - first place. Of course, they have a game at hand on all of the other teams in the conference (thanks sh***y America East scheduling).

Maine. Maine? I couldn't even predict if BU can win that game. I mean, they should I think. Even on the road. But Maine has proven to be stiff competition, and riding five straight wins after their conference home opener against Vermont. This one won't be easy.

A win is a huge confidence boost and reassuring knowing that Tyler Morris is likely to be back for at least the conference tournament.

I thought once Tyler went down BU would just become the three-headed monster (Holland, Lowe, O'Brien). Instead it's a even more ferocious, but more delightful four-headed monster.

Los Strong has stepped up (as the league's best three-pointer shooter!) and showed he can put up a pretty good all-around stat line. He's getting rebounds, assists, minutes, and of course, lots of good three point shooting. On the court, Carlos has always been one of my favorite players to watch. I'm happy he's showing his abilities in his final chance at some hardware.

One thing about this Chambers coached BU team - they'll fight hard for 40 minutes. They'll dive for five times as many steals and balls on the floor than any Dennis Wolff coached team I personally saw.

At least I got a cookie

Saturday evening started out with such promise.

First my best alumni friend presented me with literally hundreds of Cane's BOGO cards that I'm assuming were left over from the 5th anniversary of Agganis.

Then my favorite person who dresses up as a hot dog, other than myself, found me. Colin was back and in costume. This game he had the red head band AND American flag. Colin ventured to the intimidating confines of 118 and was searching for me. I was sitting more towards the center than usual, so I had to kind of seek him out and find him.

Once we met I gave him a high-five. He gave me a cookie. And what a cookie!

Colin and his mother just keep on one-upping themselves. Now I have to do something for them next game. But what will it be?

As you can see, the cookie is broken already. During the first intermission Coop from the Loyal Crew crushed it with his gigantic head while he was trying to take a nap. He was disciplined by Colin later.

And then hockey happened. I would've been much happier watching my apprentice in action all game. Colin was imitating all I was doing - my dance moves, my head band removal, anything I did. I had to try my best to keep it PC (that's tough for me), but I think it was a success.

What wasn't a success was the product on the ice. Head Coach Jack Parker already publicly ripped the team a new butthole in his postgame press conference. I can't imagine what practice might have been like today.

I'm no hockey expert, and I don't pretend to be one. I know what the penalties are, I can tell who has skill (Nick Bonino), and I can tell who is skating hard. I like to think that I'm personally gifted (BUIM men's floor hockey champ), but I know for a fact that there were two different teams on display for BU this weekend.

There was that team that showed up, as they had, for the big games in big venues like on Friday night. Then there was the team that plays at Agganis most nights and just doesn't compete at the same level.

I'm not going to pretend like I know the answer to this question. I guess, if you're going to be an optimist, it's a good thing, because the Beanpot is played on a big stage. The quarterfinals of Hockey East will most likely not be in Agganis, and then from there on out it's all grand stages.

However, it seems so much harder this year than in years past to actually get pumped up for anything that this hockey team does in Agganis. There is an absence of life reminiscent to that of a Dennis Wolf basketball production.

I don't know what can happen or what will happen, but something has to change. I'm hoping there is some adjustment for Friday night against UMass. Let's hope!

January 22, 2010

My last Conte experience EVAR

Tonight marks my last visit to Conte for a BU-BC hockey game as a student.

I've seen some stuff go down there - fog, overtime wins, ties, near fights, fights, stolen dorm doors, a temporary banning from campus. Yep, there's been no shortage of drama in Newton.

However, I hope tonight is drama free. Knowing my luck I bet this game will end in a tie, and that will be my lasting memory of this rivalry at BC. I'd love it if BU could step up, win this big game, that starts off a huge hockey weekend, head over to my brother's dorm, ruin his existence in NCAA Basketball 2010 on the PS3, using a fully healthy BU team (with Matt Killen still on them) over BC, and then head back to the city.

That's what I want to happen, but I'm not sure if it can. When BU's not playing on a grandiose stage who knows whether they'll bring their "A" game? That's certainly the situation for tonight.

January 19, 2010

That Alaska-Fairbanks bear is at it again


Alaska Nanooks 2010 Hockey Intro from Szymon Weglarski on Vimeo.

My Apprentice

I've found him. He came to me. I didn't even have to seek him out. It was truly meant to be. Ladies and gentlemen, meet your newest hot dog, Colin:

Before the start of the Merrimack hockey game this past Saturday I was doing my usual pregame chicken finger boat routine, taking in the scenes before I had to put the costume on. Suddenly I start hearing girls go, "ooooohhh," and "ahhhhhh." There was something very cute getting closer to me.

I looked over to the aisle to see a woman and her five-ish year old son, who was wearing his very own hot dog costume (made for children.) I knew immediately it was time for me to throw my costume on: picture time. The only down-part was that I couldn't find my headband!

I knew all eyes were on my new hot dog friend and me. This woman who brought her son over, Kate, didn't just come with hopes of getting a picture. She gave both Jesus and I a gift box with a hot dog and a Jesus action figure. Anyone who brings gifts is good enough for me!

Picture taking ensued. Oooo-ing and ahhh-ing continued and I really felt good. Kate told me that she offered her son his choice of jersey - Gilroy, Wilson, Lawerence for God sake, but he instead, wanted a hot dog costume. After the picture Kate and Colin thanked me, I thanked them, and they departed to a round of applause from the student section.

I couldn't pick out Colin during the game, until late in the second period. I found him by the glass on the camera side. I was hoping he would move in time for the dance contest because I knew if he got one he would win.

Thankfully, Colin wound up on the other side of the arena - opposite the cameras and in perfect place to be on camera. Just as I guessed, he got on, and he won. The crowd chanted "little-hot-dog," as he jumped up and down in celebration. Alumni Al called me to congratulate me. I finally felt the feelings of what it's like to have a child who has some success.

I can't wait until Colin gets into BU. It's a four year commitment to wear that costume, but Colin's got the right idea. It's the outfit that keeps on giving.

It was a pleasure meeting him and Kate, and I'm so happy they had such a wonderful evening in Agganis Arena.

Fenway, oh Fenway!

How wonderful Mike Lynch, Dean Elmore, and Jesus are for putting together a ground-breaking, moving, and historic event. Really, will this type of event ever have a chance of happening again? The answer is probably not. Not anytime soon, and I don't think in my lifetime (since the world ends in 2012).

But the event - unreal. My evening started at Tequila Rain, or as I like to call it, Tequila PAIN, cause it brings it. Tequila PAIN was the hot spot for BU faithful, students and alumni for pregame and game festivities. Each BU person received a drink voucher and guarantee for free food, all for the low-low price of $10.

I had no gripes about the event other than two things. I saw tons of people I've missed dearly (two, really). That was good. The bad came when first trying to get a drink only to be met at the bar with far too many people trying to get a drink from just TWO bartenders.

The part that PAIN really dropped the ball on was food. PAIN wasn't prepared. They brought out single, large plates of finger-food one at a time. It's not like it was out all night - the PAIN workers would bring them out at random times, to a line of probably 30+ people, just waiting for any morsel of food. Naturally, there was a mad scramble to get but one chicken finger. HORRIBLE. Somehow, I was fortunate enough to feed myself.

I wouldn't have completely minded if I didn't eat. The extra alcohol jacket really could've come in handy, because upon leaving PAIN, I realized how cold it really was. FRIGID.

As I walked into Fenway, flurries were falling, which made the entire experience even better. I walked around the park to Gate D and was part of the massive log-jam. Pretty much everyone had the same idea - drink until the last possible second to still make it into the game. It took probably three times as long to walk from Gate D, 30 feet to the proper section than it did to walk from PAIN to Gate D.

Anyways, once entering the open field area and seeing the decorations, the snow, the rink, I was blown away. Trying to take it all in while walking to the proper section was difficult. I found a spot where Jesus' ticketed seat was (we didn't buy them together, thus we weren't ticketed close to each other) difficult - wearing my liquor coat while walking, drooling, and watching everything was harder for me than first semester Spanish. AND I GOT A C+ IN SPANISH I.

Most of the BU students were above the Red Sox dugout. That's where the band was, so that's really all that mattered. I guess we timed it perfectly, because right as we got to the $15 seats (that cost like hundreds for Sox) the teams were walking to the ice and the American flag was being walked out.

Perfect time for me to stand on a seat:

After the anthem and watching the game for about five minutes Jesus and I decided that there's no way we could actually watch the game from the angle we had. We had a completely obstructed view. Fortunately, Jesus' mother had seats in the grandstand above us, so we got to join her and actually watch a goal get put in the back of the net.

We were kicked out and became partial refugees, going from friend to friend on the first baseline. At the end of the period we did some more walking around and found our lady friends who all happen to be WAGS of some of the hockey players. They were more than willing to accommodate our viewing problem and let us stand in their aisle with them in the first base grandstands.

For the remainder of the game we actually got to watch the contest. We saw the puck, hits, plays, everything without missing a beat. The snow stopped flurrying, but the temperatures stayed just as cold as it had been.

Fenway was absolutely packed, but by the third period most of the outfield grandstands lower rows had emptied due to the ridiculous sight lines.

Dear God

Regardless, BU entered the third period with the 3-1 lead. Myself, along with I believe, everyone in attendance knew that BU was going to let the lead slip away. Sure enough, that's what happened. It was tight-asshole for the entirety of the period, but extra hard during the final five minutes as the play was basically in the BU zone the entire time.

BU somehow held on, and secured what definitely was a huge win momentum-wise.

Now, onto the jerseys. At first I liked the BC jerseys a lot more, because of the coloring. I thought BU's were just the normal road jerseys, without filled in lettering. Oh boy, was I wrong.

As the game went on I started to realize what the BU jerseys were all about. AMAZING. Based off the Red Sox jerseys, and designed by Jack Parker, these jerseys are one hot commodity.

If anyone wants to donate to me I will pay you in old gameday tickets. I don't think anyone but the players will ever own one since Parker did say that in his postgame press conference.

It doesn't matter. The memory of the entire experience is way more valuable. Win or lose the whole event was going to inevitably be incredible. It certainly was, and I hope that one day, somehow, someway, BU and BC can do it again.

I'm the luckiest boy in the world

Dean Elmore was kind enough and/or crazy enough to have me into his home for dinner one night.

I like to think of myself as the luckiest boy in the world.

As Dean Elmore was talking the entire night I couldn't stop staring at his hand. There was something HUGE on his finger. There was a hole in me that instantly developed. I needed this rock of a ring on my finger in order for me to continue on with life.

Sure enough, because he's Dean Elmore, he delivered.

No one's better than Dean Elmore. Really, he should just run for president. Elmore/Battaglino 2012!

Finally Coach Jack Parker stopped me at tonight's men's basketball game, trying to see what type of reaction I would give upon him saying, "no Jesus!" It's clear that I'm not longer a stable person without Jesus. I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Heckling isn't as fun. Games lose some sort of meaning. I don't have a partner in crime. He was my Yang to his Ying. My peanut butter to his jelly. My finger to his nose. We were a duo and now...we're not. I plan on giving a "goodbye, Jesus" post at some point. I'm waiting for others to write in, but really, I need to let my emotions settle.

All said, none of the teams at BU have ever given up in my four years here, and I'm certainly going hard till the end. See you at any given game.

Easily the best game of the season

How could it not be?

BU blows out Albany in Agganis. In the process of that the Terriers knocked down 16, count 'em, 16 three-point field goals. My legs are tired from jumping up and down so much.

Every single player pretty much played some of their best basketball. Jeff Pelage finished with nine rebounds, and his hands looked softer than they ever have.

Photo of Jeff's hands after the game

Carlos Strong was unconscious from beyond the arc, finishing with 18 points, all three-pointers, all on just eight attempts. He was clearly feeling it the entire game.

I would look down while the Terriers were on defense, and before I looked up, Corey would have already stolen the ball. Then chances are him, John, or Corey would come back down and drill a three. Even Sully got into the action before he dislocated his shoulder!

And the three-pointers helped me thoroughly enjoy this game. If only BU could play Albany every game. To top it all off BU hit at least eight free throws to render the Raising Cane's BOGO challenge complete! There was a great spirit, a great energy in Agganis tonight.

Sure, plenty of people showed up to the game simply to get the free jersey give-a-way, and then left immediately. However, the team really treated those who stayed and showed what they're capable of. There were dunks. There were three-pointers. There was hard defense. It was Chambers style basketball and the entire building was getting into it.

Let's just hope there's no letdown as BU goes for three straight on the road. The toughest trip comes while going from UMBC to Maine. BU needs to keep their legs. Before we know it Tyler Morris will be back running point.

January 18, 2010

Revenge has never tasted so good

Wow, talk about some sweet, sweet revenge. UVM, reigning conference champions and newly Nationally ranked 24th in the nation, coming into BU, probably not really thinking about the last time these teams met.

The last time they met the junior duo of May Kostopousomeorother and Courtney Pilalonglastname ended the college careers of one of the best BU team of the decade. This year it was different. Four players from BU remained and played in this game, but it was the two new ones that really made the difference.

Chantell Alford - the new dominant force on the Terriers. She's a mixture of Amarachi Umez-Eronini, a smaller Jesyka Berks-Wiley, and Darrelle Revis. On defense, you on Alford's Island. She picks of more balls than the Dallas Cowboys secondary.

Chantell, with the help of the other fresh face to the Catamounts, Kaitlynn Moran, or Mo, outplayed the likes of the UVM Greek goddesses, if you want to call them that.

I guess BU let the Catawomen to win the first half of the first half. At the 10 minute mark it was 28-12. After that BU just spanked the **** out of Vermont. By halftime BU was winning, 39-37, and the momentum was fully on our side.

The dance team performed a new routine, featuring Bad Romance, which really got the crowd going. Somehow, the basketball team walked in right in time for their performance.

Then the team came back out and didn't lose at any point in the rest of the game. UVM got it tied 49-49, but there was always that feeling that BU had this game and had it in control.

A large part of that was the Greeks in big foul trouble. Kostopolous fouled out with five to go, UVM down six. At that point it was all BU's.

BU played outstanding and continues to own at home. Kelly Greenberg continues to show me wins and that's what makes her one of, if not my most favorite coach at this school. No doubt she bought everyone a drink at 973 last night. If only it was a Saturday night!

Quite a way to make a statement in the America East. There's no relief for the ladies as the other conference powerhouse, Harford, comes to BU on Thursday night.

January 14, 2010

Anything is possible (in this conference)

This is easily the weakest the America East basketball conference has been in a while. Meaning that this really was the perfect year for BU to experience more adversity than usual. Scott Brittain is most likely out for the year. BJ Bailey is a Mountain Hawk (Leigh) and Tyler Morris has a broken hand. However, you have to love Tyler's un-phased attitude. He has a better seat on the bench than most of the assistants do (right next to Chambers) and he's up and active the entire game. Furthermore, look how he broke the news on Facebook:

Truly respectable. 366 days - that just sucks.

Injuries suck, but for every single team to ever play a sport, they're part of the game. This team can do just fine in this conference when it gets historic performances from it's able players as they have in consecutive games.

First, against Hartford, Corey and John both put up 30+ points - the first time a duo has done that in Terrier basketball history. Then the next game against UMBC three, count 'em, three Terriers scored at least 20 points. You shouldn't even need to guess who they were (Corey, John, and Jake). Granted, this all was against the worst two teams in the conference, but really, any team could theoretically run-off three straight wins and all of the sudden be in the NCAA tournament.

Then tonight, for the first time in years, BU won in Binghamton in a single-digit game. Really, BU-BU play double-digit games in Binghamton, going one way or the other. This really hasn't happened since 2003. Let's get used to realizing that that was a long time ago! Beyond that the Terriers are undefeated on the road in conference play.

I like to think of myself as the self-proclaimed biggest America East basketball fan at this school. For whatever reason, this year more than any other, I've become completely obsessed with this conference. I don't know if it's because of the mediocrity, or because I've seen so many of the team's players for more than one season, but I can't get a big enough fix of stats, box scores, schedules, and general hypothesis about the America East. Through my hours of inspection I've decided there isn't a school that can be considered a "true" favorite at this point.

Sure, there are three teams, really at the top of the conference - BU, Stony Brook, and Vermont. Then there's UNH and Maine. Then the middle of the pack: Binghamton (somehow!) and the rest: Hartford, UMBC, and Albany. But really, there's no supreme team. Any team could really pull off a victory against any other, and that's why I think this conference is one of the most entertaining in the nation. It may collectively suck, but it's incredibly fun to watch.

Basically, anything is possible. Even BU, who are playing a walk-on who started the year not on the team 15 minutes a game, could be playing a number one or two seed in the first round of the NCAA tournament. I believe, still. But then again, I've been believing every single year. That makes me feel like Jar-Jar Binks.

January 13, 2010

Screw you too, China

At the turn of the New Year I said to myself and you that I wasn't going to slip and forget to post all up on here. Yes, Jesus is gone and I'm in Boston on my lonesome, but that doesn't excuse my lack of post in what was such a busy week in BU athletics

That being said, it took Mama Hot Dog a phone call to tell me to update my GD blog. DONE!

There's a wave of post I'm in the process of pumping out, but this post is to go over something very important.

I can't believe I didn't talk about this earlier - our good friend Al, the alumnus we've grown to know and love, does a lot of business in China. He told me upon returning from a trip, that our site, the very own Hot Dog and Jesus blog is blocked in China. A whole country of billions blocks us! That's so many site hits we're missing out on. I mean, think about all those Chinese men and women who are googling hot dog plus Jesus. Oh wait, no more Chinese Google...whatever, it's there loss! Massive success on our end!

January 5, 2010

): Tyler Morris :(

Broken hand.

That's word on the street.

: (

See: Comment.


UPDATE: It's the shooting hand and he'll be out at least one month.

Back on that Grind

First off, everyone always said 0-6 or 0-9 when referring to the year, you know? So is it 0-10 now or just straight 10, because I feel kind of odd saying just 10. Whatever, that has nothing to do with anything, what I want to talk about is Terrier sports, because it's been too long.

BU men's basketball started conference play in a disappointing fashion. One reader/writer? on the America East message board put it, in my logic, perfectly:

One injury and this season becomes disastrous. With BJ gone things change, and the bench isn't one that can be relied upon. However, UMBC somehow managed to get to the conference final last season with basically 2.5 players.

It's a long season and I'm sure that soon enough this past game will be in the very back of our and the team's memories. The men travel to UNH and then to Hartford. UNH will be a test, but in my opinion BU matches up much better. Hartford, somehow has fallen to the bottom of the conference, with optimism among their faithful dwindling. A 6+ week injury to their starting point guard, Andre Torres and the transfer of their center (and my fifth round AEC fantasy pick) Genesis Maciel doesn't help their season.

People are starting to question Chambers for the rough? start and the one transfer. It's unfair to blame it on him, but if you do, consider this:

I rest my case.

Finally, the attendance on the game on the second was 547. The game on the 22nd of December, as Jesus said, just had him, but BU lists it as 397. At Dayton the attendance was 13,435. Can BU even get to that number in their home games this season? If they want to, we'll need more fans like this Georgia superfan:

Now on to hockey. Prior to the last game I'd say this "Boston University Text from Last Night" said it well:

But they won, and convincingly, but again, I was reminded of the 2007-08 season. BU had a bad first half then started out the year undefeated. For me the feelings the same - there's plenty of potential, I just don't know if BU can capitalize. They need to win a lot of games, by a lot of goals for even slight consideration for a postseason.

The women's basketball team put up a hell of an effort in Philadelphia over break. I got to see them take down South Carolina, then clearly not have quite enough energy to finish off the host St. Joseph's Hawks. BU is keeping it very close in most of their games, and as conference play starts (tonight) the ladies should feel confident. Unless they play UVM or Hartford - both are on a different level than any America East team has been in basketball for men or women in a while (except UVM last night, who put together a forgettable effort against the fourteenth ranked Nebraska Huskers). Either team has a decent shot at making the tournament as an at-large bid, and if you're going to see any two women's teams against BU it's those two.

But seriously, Lady Terriers, you can be anything you want - even a winner against UVM and Hartford. I've seen it before. YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT.

Truthfully, I'm just sitting on the Goterriers.com website, constantly refreshing, hoping for the women's lacrosse schedule. I neyd.