September 11, 2010

Is it the end or just the beginning?

It's the end. Or actually, it's already ended. In May. Hell, it probably ended in December to be honest.

What I'm talking about is the duo of Hot Dog and Jesus. The pair of us fell apart to an extent when Jesus graduated early and for a semester it was more or less just "Hot Dog."

Then I graduated and Jesus graduated officially in May bringing an end to four years of student fandom.

Now I'll still follow BU athletics closely as I'm sure Jesus will, but our unmatched love of BU sports as students is no more. It becomes a little more difficult when neither of us are attending the school anymore.

It was an unbelievable ride. I never ever expected Hot Dog and Jesus to become what it became. We came into the school as two high school friends who enjoyed sports. We left best friends who carved oyers ut a niche for ourselves at a school of tens of thousands.

If we're remembered or we're forgotten in BU athletic history, it doesn't much matter to us. We had four unique years and I wouldn't have traded any of it for anything.

What now for us two?

Jesus is off to Italy to work and live for at least a year. I'm still in Boston and will be for at least the next year working for a local television station.

See kids, even dressing up ridiculously and spending thousands of dollars on sporting events for four years can somehow pay off and get you a job.

Will we post here anymore? I'm sure occasionally when we feel like talking about BU sports. I can't guarantee a number of posts or a certain frequency, but once basketball season starts you'll probably hear more from us, or at least me.

So, until next time, GO TERRIERS.

June 25, 2010

Hope is just a set-up for failure!!!!!!!

THE HOCKEY SCHEDULE. Is anyone else excited!? No? Oh.

How 'bout it. I'd certainly refer you immediately to Nov. 3rd's meeting with the Swedish U-20 team as the highlight of the year. Dave Warsofsky knows a little something about beating this team, which is great, because I think he's our only hope at winning...this entire year.

I hope we'll see this at least once?

So what if we lost any talent to the NHL. The loss of last year's captain and 1st round pick Kevin Shattenkirk was clearly nullified by the loss of MVP (most valuable product (of the system)) Colby Cohen. We good. We good.

Other highlights:
The season opens against The University Of Toronto Varsity Blues. The who? Really?

Silly Canadian public schools. They'll never learn. I kinda wish that clip went on for at least...11 minutes.

Hockey in Missouri? The IceBreaker resumes for BU with Holy Cross, Notre Dame, and a guaranteed game against Wisconsin, 2006 national champs.

Hockey in Hoffman Estates, IL on New Year's? The Shillelagh Tournament? What the hell?
'The tournament is named after the shillelagh, a wooden club typically made from blackthorn or oak with a large knob on the end that is associated with Ireland and Irish folklore.'

Cool. I'll pretend I care come January.


The season-ending series, a H/H against Northeastern, should provide a lovely way for BU to back into Home-Ice at the hockey east tournament, 2009 New York Jets style. YAYz!

I'm not bitter about last season. Who said anything about that?

June 7, 2010

Screenshots from the web

Here's a series of screenshots, BU athletic related, that I've accumulated through the last couple months. Here they are in all their shining glory:

First off, let's all congratulate men's basketball coach Pat Chambers on the birth of his second child on June 7, 2010! A busy life gets busier, but there's no doubt Chambers can handle it all. Now moving onto awful men's basketball coaches, Kevin Broadus everybody:

Seems like someone has been having fun with Broadus' wikipedia. The various times I've checked it out there's been some major, possibly fake alterations to it, namely at the bottom of the above screenshot:

Broadus is also the biggest joke of a coach that ever coached a game. There will be a parade through the state of New York when he finally disappears.

For whatever reason, I'm doubting that this is the work of his editors on his website, By the way, he's gone crazy and is suing lots of people, for I don't know what. Ghosts maybe?

Now some Facebook fanboy-work:

To be fair, I did too. Next:

Did no one learn anything from Brian McGuirk? Moving on, I found this gem of a photo from an early season women's basketball game, featuring Brochure kid's life goal being achieved by women's basketball coach Kelly Greenberg:

If you're in need of nostaligia here's a shot of the BU basketball fan contingency from the men's first round game against Hartford this past year. The game was a blowout and the last for the UHA head coach, and HD&J pal, Dan Leibovitz. He didn't get fired or anything, but decided to return closer to home and join the UPenn staff:

I play Streak for the Cash on ESPN because it seems like a possible way to make money. I also racked up one of the longest losing streaks in the month of May. And I believe I accomplished an L11 in just five days!:

Finally, this is one of the greatest hockey related pictures I've laid eyes on:


At least someone's employed

Not to say that HD&J aren't, but someone from the BU athletic community is already ballsdeep in basketball. That someone is Carlos Strong, playing down in Puerto Rico:

He looked damn STRONG in that jersey, if I may say so myself. He also put up some solid statistics for a bench player.

Los played his last game as a Terrier on March 24. He was in PR on March 28 to play for Atleticos De San German, appearing in 16 of the team's 29 regular season games. While he wasn't a starter, he was finding consistent time - 13.9 minutes per game.

Come playoff time he was seeing 12 minutes per game, including a 13 point performance in just 16 minutes. None of that was really enough against the Quebradillas Pirates who swept the series against San German, ending on May 29. Qubradillas seems to be the Lakers of the Puerto Rican basketball league - kicking ass and taking names, working their way to a 23-6 record and through the semifinals right now.

Regardless, Los played at a professional level and I'm sure won't be the last Terrier from this past year's team to do so. I'm no basketball scout, but I'm sure Carlos will play somewhere professionally next year. I think he can do better than a U.S. Commonwealth, but only time will tell.

May 7, 2010

Let's be serious

This team, these 13-15 players who were drinking less than 48 hours before the biggest game of the season, owe us the fans an apology, because seemingly we all cared a lot more than they did.

We were the ones investing money in the program, attending games and showing support in the darker times of the season. We stuck by and made a commitment to this group of guys and what were they doing? They were cheating us and (essentially) getting paid to do it.

There is definitely a sense of entitlement that the hockey players carry and by all means after winning a National Championship I can sympathize. But this kind of takes it to a different level. I mean, I am going to hold a real grudge as long as this group of players is donning the scarlet and white. Until an entire new set of players comes through it'll be hard to give the same support I gave once in my life. Hockey doesn't seem to have been the primary priority for players who were brought to this school to focus intently on one thing and one thing alone. Let's compare high school transcripts and we'll see if you could've made it without're here for hockey, start acting like you give a s&*t.

If I'm Parker I'm coming down harder than ever on this team. They lack discipline, and clearly they lack leadership from a captain, because whichever captain was drinking on St. Paddy's day wasn't leading by example. If I was the coach I'd be making these guys be at BC at 5 am running the steps in front of Conte, running inside the football stadium, running that big-ass set of stairs next to Conte for hours while holding up that 2010 banner that the Eagles got. Every morning. Screw just Saturday and Sundays, this team needs motivation and to understand why they are at Boston University.

I look back and think about the 2008-09 team, the golden example of team mentality. I think about the leaders, Gilroy and McCarthy, and realize there's not going to be captains like them in the foreseeable future. We were all blessed to watch them play. Unfortunately, this is the situation now and every day the reputation of the BU hockey team gets worse and worse as we find out more about what they were doing throughout the season.

Throw the book at them Parker. It's unbelievable. Players given so much take it all for granted. I feel cheated by them. I invested too much money in this program to get a return like this and there are many others who have put many more dollars in and have been for years.

We're all owed an apology.

April 29, 2010


Vinny Saponari and Corey Trivino present "Party Like A Puckstar"

The word is that they were suspended for a reason unrelated to these hot new beats, then they decided to show their skill to the world via Youtube and BarstoolSports.

I still think this is a more embarrassing college hockey performance:

April 20, 2010

We may have lost the Beanpot...

...but this guy just won in life.

This video is making the rounds among all the major sports blogs on the interweb, and it's an obligation to share it here, since it does involve two BU fans at the Beanpot.

No Beanpot this year, but far more student section hand jobs than the BC section I'm willing to bet.

If anyone has names of these two, now infamous fornicators, let us know.

April 13, 2010

Wait a minute, BC won? Who knew?

First and foremost, congrats to the Eagles. Three straight national championships in Boston builds this city and region's reputations to unmatched respect levels.

BC won their fourth national championship (BU has five), but really, other than college hockeyheads and BC students and alumni, did anyone really care?

I'm not trying to take away something from the Eagles accomplishment, but it's kind of programmed into my mind to do just that. Unfortunately, I must admit, there shouldn't be a question that BC is indeed the crown jewel of college hockey over the last decade. The championship this season only reinforces that, and the fact they trailed in only 55 seconds in the final 13 games shows how hot they were playing as they usually do in March and April.

That said, let's be realistic - this BC championship sucked compared to BU's in two ways:

1. Our Championship was much better. I'd argue that all our games in the season were much better, but in terms of the drama - ours can't be beat. The ending was unforgettable and made BU's 'ship so much more significant. It was a moment that reappeared on top sports countdowns of the year ad nausea, deceivingly so.

2. BU was the best team all season. BC was the best team for the last month. That's really all that matters when it comes to winning championships (Duke can agree), but BU's team last year will go down as one of the greatest the school has ever produced. I'm not as familiar of BC's history, but I don't think the same can be said of this year's champs.

BCs championships sandwich BU's lone victory of the decade. Years from now hockey fans won't remember a 12-1 margin of victory in the Frozen Four or a 4-1 demolition of Notre Dame in 2008. People will always remember the most absurdly unreal two minutes of hockey of the decade. It's important, as a BU fan, you remember that to deal with the very sigh-worthy reality of BC's championship.

This season sucked on multiple levels for Terrier fans, but look at the positives. We Terriers will always have last year, and 2008-09 still leaves me breathless and speechless, an entire year later, even after BC are the new champions.

But give it up for the Eagles. Or at least give it up for HDJ's favorite Superfan:

That's gotta put a smile on your face, no matter who you cheer for.


April 7, 2010

Uh-Oh, winless with K-Mac

K-Mac, your newest BU softball player, traveled with the team today to UMass. The team lost 3-0. K-Mac didn't get in, but there's always that chance.

Her page is especially interesting:

Basketball jersey and she got her number (22)! Gotta love it.

You have a chance to see the illustrious K-Mac tomorrow afternoon at 4 pm on the softball field against UConn.

Also, how bout those lax ladies? Suck on that 10-3 win, New Hampshire. We reign supreme!

April 6, 2010

K-Mac: What can't she do??

You heard it here first (or read it here, I guess), that K-Mac truly is a jack-of-all-trades. We already knew what she means to the basketball team and athletic community, but this, this my friends takes it well over the top:

K-Mac is a walk-on for women's basketball. She's now a walk-on for the softball team. I'm going to have to put some hours in, but I'm going to find out if she is indeed the first two-sport-walk-on athlete in the history of BU. Things were strange in the 50s so it's possible that someone has stepped in these territories before.

How did this happen you ask?

Well, despite being nasty and having April Setterlund on the roster, the softball team is hurting. They are injured in all sorts of ways, resulting in a limited (1 player) bench. This does not work in close softball games where you need every body you can get for subbing/running purposes. Most people at BU know of K-Mac's agility and speed (she is a ginger - unusually fast leg movements), so softball coach Shawn Rychcik sent the mandatory email to coach Kelly Greenberg, asking for permission to use the coveted K-Mac. I really think this was more the work of current (injured) softballer, Melanie Delgado who lobbied for both K-Mac and Kat Briggs to join the squad. Then right after meeting with coach Kat remembered she's having surgery in a week and a half. IF ONLY!!

Through luck or the graces of God coach Greenberg agreed and K-Mac worked out with the team today for the first time. Your ass better be at all the remaining softball games for that chance that K-Mac may get in and may steal a base. My god, a BU athlete with a 3-point field goal and a stolen base in a season, what's next Zach Cohen scoring an AHL goal??


Women's Lax to haunt your dreams

For the foreseeable future, or at least until Nick@Nite happens:

April 1, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Jack Parker fired!

In a bizarre move made my Superhuman Athletic Director Mike Lynch, Jack Parker has been fired from the men's hockey team. The AD named an immediate successor, the one, the only, JESUS:

Jesus held a small press gathering in his backyard in Pennsylvania, while doing shirtless sit-ups. He was not surprised to be hired and stressed a new dynamic, aggressive weight lifting program. "We might not skate the best, or pass the best, or even score a lot of goals. But gosh darn it, we'll be the HUGEST team out there," Jesus said. "Hockey is 90% intimidation, 5% goalie, 2% drinking abilities, and 2% natural skill, and 1% how well you can pick up chicks. We'll definitely lead the league in intimidation."

In another strange twist to the BU athletic department Jeff Pelage has announced that he'll be stepping off the basketball team to join the hockey team. When Jesus was asked about Pelage's claim he confirmed that Jeff Pelage would be his first line center and probable captain. Asked whether he had ever played ice hockey before, Jeff said that he played sometimes in the summer. It is confirmed that Pelage will not wear a helmet during games and will take any penalties 'the man' tries to enforce on him.

"I'm thrilled to have an African American hockey player on our team," Jesus said. "That'll put people in the seats from Agganis to Indonesia."

To top it all off Jesus immediately announced the team would compete in the Indonesian International Ice Hockey Iguanawana Open. The bi-monthly competition features 128 teams from around the world on an international rink. The team will play in the tournament that begins on August 15.

The grand finale of Jesus' press conference was his presentation of a BU football cookie basket from Cookies by Design.

March 31, 2010

UPDATE: John Holland: Out?

It's not April 1st, and according to Facebook:


Is this for real???????


UPDATE: Been hearing grumblings this was a (botched) April Fool's Day joke. SOMEONE GET JOHN A CALENDAR!


He got me good. Not cool to play April Fool's Day jokes on days that aren't April 1st though, Johnny. John's follow up this morning:

nobody has a problem when john wall says henot coming back, why is there a problem when john Holland says it. if i wanna leave it my decision. Its never to earlyto make money doing what you love, its also never to early to say APRIL FOOLS....LMAOOO this was epic....sooo funny. So many people got caught. Coaches, players, family....HA...I love it...this might be one of the funniest ones i've done so far. I love facebook.
Yeah, well I hate Facebook. Every since the effectiveness of the poke feature disappeared Facebook's nothing but lies.

March 29, 2010

More on Corey

The Freep's John Barone reports on what happened. Not very far off from what our emailer got back to me on yeseterday:

Story: Judgement call

God, this situation sucks. Anyone got a hot tub time machine??

March 28, 2010

The Corey Lowe Situation: Update to the Update

Nothing I've heard is finite or without some holes. And like I've said before there's no way we're going to find out exactly what happened. Another anonymous emailer tells HDJ (sic'd):

There was agent contact but "contact" is not a violation. Lowe and his "friends" were together when the agent came to them (uninvited) and watcheded NCAA games on television again NO violation (agent didn't buy him anything, give him money, ask him to sign anything or ask for a promise to sign in the future). That was Saturday after Lowe asked Chambers to sit out the rest of the tournament because of the injury. Someone who is close to Coach and the guys told him that the agent was talking to Lowe don't know if he mentioned the rest of the "friends" that were there but Chambers knew who the agent was there for. Since he was already pissed Lowe didn't want to play he probably felt like Lowe's injury wasn't too serious especially since he'd been playing with it all this time (speculation) and was planning the future with this agent. All untrue Lowe's intention was to support the team from the bench like Brittain has done ALL season.

Chambers took the word of this Traitor (the real traitor who has access to both the team and the head Coach)without talking to Lowe. A fact because when lowe went to meet with Chambers Monday before the game he went to his locker first and it was cleared out...again BEFORE talking with Chambers.

Who knows really. I'm as curious as any BU basketball fan is and I feel like it's my responsibility to this BU fan community to pass on what I know. Anything else I find out I'll continue to pass along.

And who could this traitor be??


March 25, 2010

The Corey Lowe Situation: Update

Sources have told me the following about what happened to Corey:

After the team got back from OSU Corey talked to an agent (to most likely represent him in Europe) and, from what I've been told, went to an NCAA tournament game with said agent. Meeting with any agent while still playing is illegal per NCAA guidelines and Corey then in all technicality couldn't play another game as an amateur - Chambers was left without a choice - if he let Corey play and somehow higher ups found out about any meeting then we're the newest Binghamton in the America East. Chambers had to let Corey go based on what happened.

I'm assuming Corey didn't actually know that he couldn't meet with an agent. This means at the end of the day Corey unknowingly made a mistake and Chambers was left without any options.

Hopefully further details are revealed soon, but this certainly makes sense in the grand scheme of things.

March 23, 2010

The Corey Lowe Situation

You won't find any information on what happened to Corey in any newspaper or anywhere on the internet for that matter. You actually probably won't ever know the truth about what did or did not happen to make Corey not appear in the game, let alone Case Gym in last night's CBI game.

I have to be honest with you, I do not know what happened. I have heard everything that is possible, but none I can take as truth.

I will share to you all I've heard, but before you read further you need to consider something:

The timing of all this could not have been any worse. Why? Because in the last three weeks anyone who has followed BU basketball has seen a Corey Lowe that you would've loved to have for four full years, playing the way he was playing. He was leaving unmatched effort out on the floor. He was coming off the bench? I can promise you that he was playing through some sort of injury and he did it without wincing. He was the most reliable player in the closing weeks of the season, and without a doubt, the most enjoyable player to watch down the stretch.

He was the face of BU basketball for the last four years. He is the greatest player to come through the school in a very long time and unfortunately he might be remembered for this confusing departure rather than for what he should be remembered as - the greatest 3-point shooter to wear a Terrier uniform.

Please consider that. Please remember that. Corey played four years here and he made more 3-pointers than I have in my life shooting around freely. His exit from the team is a mystery and that's what I believe it will be. We won't ever know to what extent or what exactly happened, so don't remember Corey for that. Remember him for the player he was, the shot he had, and the emotion he left on that court in his waning days as a Terrier.

Now, on to what I heard.

I found out Monday afternoon that Corey wasn't going to be playing and the first thing I heard was that he quit the team to focus on his professional ambitions.

Now, I heard from more and more people different versions of this, most including some mention of injury - Corey didn't want to get hurt in fear of jeopardizing any future career.

Then this evolved into "Corey has been hurt and didn't want to hurt himself further because of his future."

Here's what Chambers said in his post game press conference: "He [Corey] met with me after Oregon State and he wants to move on to the next chapter in his life and sometimes that happens and we love Corey. He'll always be part of this family."

So, I left the gym that night with an impression that Corey had quit.

Then I got an email today from someone saying that Corey was indeed hurt, wanted to sit the Morehead game out to heal, and hoped to sit on the end of the bench. This emailer says Chambers didn't want that and threw him off the team.

I thought about it all a little more deeply and none of any of this makes much sense. I don't think Chambers is one to turn his back on the player he apparently met with most this season and I don't think Corey would just turn his back on his teammates and friends and give up on a season regardless of what might be going on professionally.

But I repeat - I don't know what happened. I won't ever know for sure. The only two people who truly know are Corey and Coach. Until we get more concrete details, it will remain a mystery.

So, with all that in mind - remember Corey not for what may or may not have happened during the week of March 21, 2010. Remember him for the incredible career he had at BU. That's how I'll remember him and no matter what happened this week, it doesn't change how I feel about Corey as a person or a player. If you ask me, someday down the line #13 deserves to be hanging in Case Gym.

Finally, this shouldn't be a distraction or take away from where the Terriers are. In Virginia. To play in the Final Four of a postseason tournament. With or without the face of BU basketball, that's quite an accomplishment.

March 21, 2010

That was a week alright

Boy, oh boy was that a week. It didn't really start until Wednesday either! Some smiles but more heartbreak. Here's a review in case you were watching March Madness/not paying any attention to a school called Boston University:

Men's basketball

Their season actually isn't over. In fact, the Terriers are the only remaining team playing basketball from the America East conference. Conference champions Stony Brook hosted the Illini of Illinois in a bizarre twist of fate in an NIT game. The Seawolves (not a real animal) were the eight seed but ended up playing at home because Cirque De Soleil was at Assembly Hall in Illinois.

Vermont got showcased by Syracuse in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

And that leaves BU. BU absolutely dominated the Beavers of Oregon State in Oregon State on St. Paddy's Day. I won some money off knowing that BU was a better team than, in all honesty, the mediocre Beavers.

The effort is still there from BU, and as OSU head coach Craig Robinson said we looked hungry, and that's undeniable based on the complete team effort BU put up.

People throw around the term "jumping for joy" often. I've never really embraced that term because to me there hasn't been anything that has made me just get up and jump around.

That all changed on Wednesday night when the BU radio play by play guy, Doug Brown said as BU was in commanding control with little time left, that the Terriers would host the next round game.

On that I stood up and literally jumped up and down screaming "yes," by my lonesome. My downstairs neighbors despised me, but they could SUCK IT.

Even better, the game is going to be at the Roof - holy s! Morehead State is good. They're big and they're black and they beat Murray State this year. The Eagles handled Colorado State pretty easily behind 23 points and 15 rebounds from their center, Kenneth Faried. On the year the big guy is putting up 16 points and 13 boards a game. I hope Pelage and O'Brien are ready to get grinded up on pretty hard.

Win or lose on Monday, the Terriers won their first post season game in decades. 20 wins, a postseason win in Oregon of all states - that's nothing to be ashamed of as a team under a first year head coach. I don't care if it is the CBI - it's postseason ball and as a fan, I couldn't be happier.

Women's basketball

With both Vermont and Hartford making the big dance the BU women got the auto-bid to the WNIT. They drew Providence, one of the many teams to get ruined by UConn this season. That big game experience might have been enough, coupled with a huge height advantage, and the sprained ankle of Alex Young. BU didn't have enough as the Lady Friars(?) advanced with a six-point win.

Off the court there were, in my opinion, two interesting things that happened.

First, PC brought I think it was ten cheerleaders/dance teamers and the Friar. The Friar didn't move and the cheerleaders were, for lack of a better term, pugfugly. Anyone else find it strange that the PC women's basketball team would bring a spirit squad for a WNIT game? No? No biggie. The Friar was absolutely dominate the following night at the Garden during the mascot game.

The second occurrence that is worthy of mention is how my career stats in Case gym will look:

1 loose ball recovery, 0/1, 0/1 three-point FGs, one near technical foul.

It's always been a sick dream of mine to have the ball bounce out of bounds to me at Case gym, me then recover it and chuck it up at the closest basket, burying a swish to the surprise and applause of the hundred-so people in the gym, the officials counting the three, and then having a parade down Commonwealth Avenue in my honor for being the first fan to score a three-pointer in however long it's been since the last.

Well, that didn't totally go to plan, but I almost made it into the record books for something else.

Sure enough, with about five minutes to go in the half the ball bounced out of bounds and went right to me. It didn't even go too far to the point I would have to run and get it.

Well, with the ball in my hands there was no thinking. I caught, turned, squared and chucked up the 50-footer. Unfortunately the costume is truly detrimental to any arm mobility I have, resulting in the shot hitting the side of the backboard and nearly hitting the uncoordinated dance teamers (uncoordinated in the sense they can't catch).

The shorthaired female referee, who had actually joked around with us earlier in the game, got the ball back, turned to me and said the next time that I did that it would be a technical foul on BU.

Jokes on you, that opportunity wouldn't happen ever again for me! I wouldn't ever do it in a BU game in fear that either Pelage or Orlando Vandross would beat me without mercy while, in my own head at least, calling me a "troublemaker."

Anyway,s I guess I could've been t-ed up because of my antics, but let's be serious, every fan deserves at least one attempt on net from the stands.

That is a moment in BU athletics I won't ever forget.

Men's hockey

The final men's hockey game of the season is one that epitomized the team's year if you ask me.

The Terriers came out flat and got dominated in the first. Showed some signs of life, but overall still looked awful in the second. Then in the third they proceeded to give all of us some false hope, drawing within one goal before blowing a breakaway that within seconds leads to multiple goals for the opposition, having the season quickly end with little doubt of what will happen in the future.

Up and down with more downs, but if anything, I'm being greedy, selfish, and a little bratty based on what I got to experience last season with the team.

Someone on the USCHO message board who seems to be a source within or extremely close to the team said this:
Bonino supposed to play with the big club down the stretch.....

This team felt entitled.... from the way the freshmen treated people around campus , to the leadership playing to leave..... they had a good year, out and about in Boston, and it showed on the ice.... I my opinion.

The name on the back of the jersey seemed to be more important then the name on the front.... That is the difference between BU and BC this year, not talent or coaching....

We may have a few guys play in the show from this team, but they did not finish their careers here as they should have...

The fans put themselves behind these guys, with visions of a repeat, all americans, and even talk of another hobey during the pre-season, the guys did not do their part....

We can go back and forth all day on this team, but for the seniors and the early departures this year fell short and it did not have to be that way.
Damn, does that guy know what's going on.

Anyways, Bonino's gone, I'm guessing both Shatty and Colby are gone, and what's left is a question mark - how good or bad will the team be next year? I couldn't even say. I lean more towards not that great, based on what I saw this season from what will be the retuning players and based on what BC has in their freshman class. Regardless, it certainly was a different experience as a BU hockey fan this season than last. I am sure glad I wasn't a freshman this year though. I don't feel great about anyone returning minus Vinny, Warso, Kieran, and a hopefully, healthy Trivino.

And by the way, Brett Bennett gets some NCAA tournament action with Wisconsin - good for him!!!

Anyways, my biggest disappointment about being at the semifinal game against Maine - the student body is too removed from the legend of 2006, Shake That Bear (NSFW). No Shake That (Black) Bear chant worked in the slightest.

Women's Lacrosse

Then to top everything all off the lax team lost in double-overtime to Notre Dame. The Lax Dads were PISSED about the officiating, so I am too!! Rabble-rabble!

No one in attendance understood the azzbackwardz lax OT rules, which start as non-sudden death, but then turn into sudden death - you see I still don't get it, but regardless, OTs were more holding the ball than anything else.

Unfortunately, BU was on the wrong end of it. At least it was a sunny day.

Who cares about hockey, this is totally a basketball school!!!1! Which is why the Roof will be packed for that CBI game against Morehead State. Let's do this!

March 17, 2010

March 16, 2010

Hotletes: Now with 100% less lacrosse players

So two weeks ago the hotlete of the week crashed and burned because I got a phone call from the team saying to remove the voluptuous pictures of Xan. Much to my chagrin I did it.

I was lucky enough to run into the team during what I interpreted as a n eating contest at T Anthony's this evening.

I was all like, "hey what gives, you don't like being called hot?"

They were like, "it's not our fault HOT DOGGGGGGG."

The deal is that coach doesn't like any pictures of the team anywhere around the interwebs. I've been told I can use one image of each girl, but only from the site. So here you go:

Happy two weeks ago, last week, and beyond. The girls play at Harvard tomorrow at 4 then at home against Notre Dame at noon. GO BU hotness!