December 8, 2009

This past weekend was equal to kissing one's sister


1-1-1. In the worst type of way. I'm talking all men's sports right now, and it was difficult to get through.

It started out on Friday night, in what was a very winnable game against UVM. You should know what happened. BU fell behind, got back in it, and then failed to bury a couple open chances to get two points rather than one.

Then the following night after playing for two periods, the hockey team went to 973 Com. Ave a little too early and let BC handle the third period and two points. BU ended up with a single point in Hockey East play in what was without a doubt the biggest weekend of their young season.

At least the next afternoon BU men's basketball got their first win of the season in Agganis. BU did blow a 16-point lead, but managed to win by 10 against Bucknell. Corey Lowe was still battling injury, but went 22 minutes. The box score might tell you JOB played the entire game, but I remember seconds when he was seated on the bench.

No matter, the team won a game they were expected to win and can look foward to attempting to do the same thing on Saturday at Marist.

In a way, BU was 3-0 on Friday/Saturday/Sunday in something. In fact, they have a perfect record on the season in this particular feat. I'm talking BOGO's.


Buy One, Get One free promotions at Raising Cane's. For those of you who don't know what on earth I'm talking about, allow me to fill you in - Raising Cane's is the newest fast food joint on BU's campus that is sure to stay in busy for a good long time. They may only have four things on their menu, but that place is not going anywhere. RC is right where the old McDonals used to be. Cane's has some things working for them - right now it's still new, it's affordable, it's not a typical fast food place, in that you don't see many of them around the country, and finally, the MATCH school is right down the street.

Anyways, BU is undefeated in meeting the Buy One, Get One free challenges that Raising Cane's has for every Agganis game. This leads to massive "We want chicken," "We got chicken," and "Raising Cane's" chants. And don't forget about Pat Hazel going as crazy as the student section did when BU got 60 points and secured another Buy One, Get One free eating experience!

For me, what's happening is that at every hockey game the best part of the game is seeing this dude

and his dog (who I really think must be stoned based on the way and length of his blinking)


come on the jumbotron and tell me what BU has to do to get me some free chicken.


Don't fail me now, BU. GIVE ME CHICKEN OR GIVE ME DEATH. I'd settle for the Texas Toast too.


Anonymous said...

Raising Cane's has the "Box that Rocks"!

Anonymous said...

it's a curse. undefeated in getting free canes, but defeated in every other sense of the word (with hockey at least). Except the time we had to win to get free canes.

Fail Canes and your 4 menu items.

Anonymous said...

Honey and Vinegar Sports Blog said...

Dunno about Cane's man, a little over-priced for something as cheap as chicken fingers

Always nice to win something free though, gotta agree.

Keep up the great work with the blog guys