December 1, 2009

They're at the mercy of YOU!!!

So maybe think about helping them out, because they're grade directly corrolates with the attendance at Sunday's basketball game. Ain't that crazy???

Jo O’Connor’s CM 441 Media Relations class must get as many people to this game as possible. They're not only shaking in their high tops, but busting their collective asses to promote this thing.

For me, it's another game, for many, it's a make-or-break grade to determine their college careers! Whewww!

So, by obligation, I'm doing my part to help them out, and relaying the info, from the Facebook event:

The first 300 fans will receive free stainless steel water bottles, and we will also be giving away official BU basketball jerseys, rally towels, gift cards, an iPod and more!

**SENIORS**: There will be a special Senior Tailgate before the game! Tons of free food and giveaways from 12-1:45 at 973 Com Ave aka T's Pub! Come eat some food, win some free stuff and "drink 'em to sink 'em" with the rest of the class of 2010!

PLUS, for the first time ever, the Red Sox 2007 World Series trophy, the Celtics’ 2008 Larry O'Brien NBA Championship trophy and the BU NCAA Men's Hockey Championship trophy will appear together before the game as a fun photo-op, so bring your cameras!

There you have it. Hopefully my random pictures add to it all. Save these people and hook them up. One person, in this case, can make a difference.

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