December 24, 2009

Old vs. New Rhett: The ultimate showdown

I took a history course that covered American history between 1945-1968. In that time some stuff went down at BU, and so in the course there were sections of primary source documents from BU publications in that time. The biggest, best, and most important thing I learnd in the entire course is that at one point BU had it's own bowling alley in the GSU:


Anyways, in an unrelated FB finding I stumbled upon these EPIC old school BU photos:

This picture led me to question Rhett. When was he on his game? 1970s:


or this past decade:


Which version of Rhett is the best?


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Alumni Al said...

I remember the Rhett versions prior to his latest. At times, he did look a bit worn around the edges. Rumor has it that Disney agreed to clean and restore the older Rhett (which is unusual since they did not do work outside their own characters) - and the rumor further goes that they may have designed the new Rhett. The first rumor (clean and restore) seems pretty solid, but the design rumor could be more a bunch of alcohol induced bragging by those that be.