December 17, 2009

Hold Up! Deez Playing Cards?

Playing cards. Badass when I was like 10. At 22, I don't care as much, since nowadays, trading cards have no monetary value. Especially college hockey ones. That's not to say that I don't love them. I think the BU hockey team playing cards they gave away before the RPI loss were pretty awesome. However, it's hard not to notice some things, because well, some of these things are impossiblities. Ah, the power of photoshop:

Ryan Ruikka - never played a game - wearing Sean Sullivan's jersey.

Look for the "SC" patch - it's a dead give away for last years jersey. Especailly interesting when a fershman could not only get one of these, but play. Like Max Nicastro in this authentic Brian Strait jersey. Lucky guy.

Ben Rosen in a Steve Smolinsky.

And my personal favorite, your captain, Ryan Santana!

I think Chaisson is legit though:

I hear in some specialty packs this one was included. BADASS:

Band > Hockey Team.

1 comment:

candycanes99 said...

Ruikka does have a jersey, only worn during practices of course, so that most likely was his. However, the huge jersey Nicastro wears and the C on Santana's is awful. If anything, photoshop could have easily taken out the C and improved it.