December 17, 2009

Goodbye Jesus: Alumnus Al

Goodbye Jesus is a ongoing farewell to the one and only Boston University Jesus. If you would like to contribute some kind words about the J-man you can email us and be a special guest blogger!

Our first guest blogger is Jesus' favorite BU alum, our good friend, Al. I was lucky to meet Al at a pre-Beanpot rally last season. Jesus wasn't of drinking age and couldn't get in, so I had to deal with the free food, drink, and people who wanted to meet me. I'm real lucky Al recognized me out of costume, because we immediately got to talking and formed a friendship. Al is well, well connected in the Friends of BU Hockey community and he shares his kind thoughts about Jesus. I've taken our real names out (even though those are probably very easy to find). His piece is titled "Why is it so difficult to say goodbye to Jesus?"

The good news is that [Jesus] will be graduating BU this December. Even better news is that he has been offered a real job. But, the downside is that the job is not in the Boston area, and even more on the sad news side is: [Jesus] is Jesus.

That would be Jesus of Hot Dog and Jesus.

So, come the start of 2010, Hot Dog will be without his wing man. Most Boston University fans are totally unaware that Jesus is ascending from our ranks and will now be sitting at the right hand of some corporate person. And what is BU doing about this noting this significant event? Well, apparently nothing much.

I spoke to Dean of Students Ken Elmore the other day about this obvious oversight. He was quite sympathetic and said he would talk to Director of Athletics Mike Lynch. But, he notes, the whole “Jesus” thing makes some people a bit uncomfortable. Still, can’t a little something be done during the January 2 hockey game? We don’t need anything fancy like a last supper, a party that begins on Friday ends on Sunday (that is best left to playoffs which occur during Easter), or a procession with duck boats down Commonwealth Avenue. A simple THANK YOU JESUS on the Jumbotron with a highlight or two from their career would suffice nicely.

For those of you who think this unwarranted, may I remind you it was rumored that it was our own Jesus who at Boston College Conte Forum made the temperature rise, ice part, and fog appear. Some people claim it was Stevie Moses from New Hampshire who caused this miracle. But until UNH coach Dick Umile recruits some guy named Berger (thus, the team of Moses and Berger), I am sticking with BU’s sausage and saint.

Come on. These two guys did as much as anybody else to promote BU athletics. They make every effort to get fans to all BU sporting events. Every male and female athlete owe them a debt of gratitude. Taken from the fan perspective, Hot Dog and Jesus are THE legend current students will always remember as alumni. For alumni, HD&J’s school spirit reminds us of other great student fans like Tony Biscardi (give me a T) and Brian Zive (Sasquatch who yet still lives on). We come to the games and these folks add color. It’s great. And it encourages us to donate more (since money talks, maybe Elmore and Lynch will get this hint).

The BU big whigs need to get over their hang up. This isn’t like the M*A*S*H finale when Hawkeye could not get himself psychologically to say goodbye to BJ Honeycutt. BU fans want to say so long, good luck, and thank you to Jesus. Not the real Jesus, our special Jesus.

P.S. – If Boston College could have a team chaplain, goalie chaplain, defense chaplain, offense chaplain, and special teams chaplain, BU can have at least one Jesus.

If BU officially doesn’t say goodbye Jesus, I encourage every fan to make the effort to do so individually at the January 2, 4:00 pm hockey game.

Postscript – In an earlier blog, Hot Dog mentioned that his younger brother will be attending Boston College rather than BU. During the NCAA Championship tournament in Washington, I had the pleasure of having the Hot Dog family (mom, dad, and baby brother) join us during the first night games. True, I did call the younger sibling “cocktail weenie” the entire time. And, it was rumored that this was one of the deciding factors in the lad selecting the inferior of the two Boston schools of higher learning. But face it, it was four hours with me or four years with thousands calling him what I think would be an appropriate nickname. You can thank me when he graduates.

There you have it. Again, mail us what you want to say about Jesus. After Alumni Al's piece, you've got big shoes to fill.

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