December 23, 2009

Goodbye BJ, we barely knew you


So BJ Bailey wasn't at the Mount St. Mary's game yesterday, and according to Doug Brown, the play-by-play commentator for BU basketball broadcasts, BJ is "homesick" and leaving the team.

It's unfortunate that BJ is going, but I don't think it would be fair to criticize him or Coach Chambers for his decision.

Who do we criticize then? Obviously Dennis Wolff, that bastard!

Just kidding, it wouldn't be fair to criticize him either, so let's not do that. He's taken enough shrapnel to the face. BJ was a Wolff recruit, and that makes his number of recruits to leave the team climb higher and higher. I don't doubt that many of the cases weren't Wolff's fault, while some of them were, but one has to question whether these recruits were given everything they were told by Wolff on recruiting visits.

Regardless, it doesn't much matter. Chambers recruits start next year so we'll see if Boston University is just cursed for holding on to players. I sure hope not!

There's no doubt that BJ's absence during conference play will cut down the bench that was already very slim. Will this matter? As long as the starters are contributing as much as they did last game (77 of 86 points) this won't crush the Terriers. How likely is that during the season though? TIME WILL TELL.

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Anonymous said...

Nah, most of the recruits that left were Dennis Wolff's fault. He may be skinnier than Mark Mangino and Mike Leach, but he was a bigger d*ck than either of them.