December 27, 2009

Celebrities in Case Gym!!!

He changed his name. How could he do that to his loyal fan base? BU battled Mount St. Mary's last Tuesday, but I was in awe. Actor Robin Harris from house party took form in MSM's Shawn Atupem.

In 1990:

and now:

Clearly the fan favorite for the MSM fan section at the roof. But then again, if a movie star played for my team....I'd be all over that like tar and feathers on an 18th century Mormon. But that's just me.

I digress. BU looks strong before a tough @ Dayton matchup. The only thing stronger (and by stronger I mean that kind of 'roids strength where your heart just gives out after years of falsified power) -- BU's attendance. I love being reminded of hot summer nights at Landshark Stadium, where it's just me, the Florida Marlins, and opponent. Maybe a Hartford Whalers game in its prime, selling 30% capacity.

Coach Chambers acknowledged me in mid-game as the only student in the arena. After the game, the team came over to thank their fans. I It was possibly the only time that a team has thanked the student section and actually said "Thanks for coming, [insert name]."

I got the VIP treatment. And, Jesus, was it good.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading the blog, but, with love, I offer a correction.

As an "Old Skool" rap and hip hop fan and also a fan of the original "House Party" flick, I must send in this correction. You should be referring to Christopher Reid (Kid) -- the one rocking the Larry Blackmon, Cameo-style, high-top fade -- instead of Robin Harris. The late Robin Harris played Kid's father in the movie -- he did not style a high-top fade in the flick. I know about high-top fades because back in the day I sported one, too.

All the best and peace,

Kenn Elmore

Tall-boy said...

dean elmore.... PIIIIIIIIIC please