November 18, 2009

These aren't the droids you're looking for

And when I say droids I mean BU men's basketball team.

My prediction that BU would beat GW was obviously incorrect. But then again, this wasn't the BU team on the court that I was expecting to see.

What did I expect? I thought it would be run and gun. I thought that rather than waiting for GW to set up a press BU would just inbound and go. That didn't happen and the pace of the game was no doubt slowed to the rate that George Washington wanted it at.

Unfortunately, BU now has to head to Puerto Rico to play some very elite teams, while sitting on an 0-2 record.

I think the worst part about last night is that the casual fan who was intrigued by Chambers ra-ra speech at Terrier Tip-Off is left confused after that game. Everyone's expecting a high-paced, uptempo, exciting brand of basketball. Instead we saw a performance that was all too frequent under the Wolff era. Slow, defense-minded, dying by the three. That type of basketball won't bring people back to games, and unfortunately, that's an uphill battle the Terriers are going to have to deal with this year. The attendance won't be any higher than it was last night (2,149).

It's obvious what BU needs: 1. Scott Brittain back because Jake O'Brien is not a true center. Jeff Pelage still has some areas to work on and Valdas, as hard as he works in there, can't handle all the big men all by himself. 2. More scoring than just John and Corey. This was a problem last year too. 3. Shoot better. The turnovers are gonna happen because that's what comes with a fast-paced offense. Shooting must improve for BU to be in any game this season. 4. Inbounding - this has been a concern for the last two games. On both ends of the floor there was an issue getting the ball in play.

Can't look back - gotta move forward and onto PR the team goes. The BU Hoops guys will be there, so follow them for game-by-game updates.

Meanwhile, the women's team gets their home season started tonight. I can't wait to get myself back in Case Gym - A REAL BASKETBALL ARENA. I'm also pumped to watch Kelly Greenberg. Did you know that I've seen more wins than losses while watching her team? I can't say the same for the men!

Hot Dog's prediction for tonight's women's game: BU 58 URI 50


Matt said...


Anonymous said...

Your writing is really impressive . In particular, your post about the Iona fans was really well written. And not to mention very revealing of the Iona underbelly and hilarious.

Nice writing dude. Keep it up.

Oscar said...

So, HD, do the Terriers have the beef to win the AE? Albany and Vermont have beasts, and lots of them, even if their back courts can't hold a candle to BU.
Can overall superior skill compensate for a lack of rebounding and shot blocking?

The Hot Dog said...

I sure hope so, but without Scott Brittain this team is in trouble.

I have faith that Chambers will be able to pull it together come conference play. However, regardless of how good/bad the team does all that matters is three (or four) games in the beginning of March. These seniors will be ready come then. I have faith.

Vermont is definitely going to beat BU at least once this season. I just think with the press they've used against BU in the past, and the ongoing issues the Terriers have had, Vermont's going to win at least one. BU should sweep Albany.