November 17, 2009

A must win

Already in the second game of the season for the men's basketball team, I feel like it's a must win. BU didn't get off to the proper start in Iona, and now, with GW coming to Boston in a couple hours, BU must win. Why? Because if they don't get a win in the first game at home I don't think they will for at least the next 3 - all in Puerto Rico, all against very strong teams.

GW is coming off a real down year, meaning they have no where to go but up. BU has had problems with GW no matter how bad they are and how good BU is, in the past. Obviously, this year needs to be different.

They need to win this game, and I'm sure Chambers knows. This isn't your defense-first team that we saw last year, so the game tonight will be more fast-paced and high-scoring than last years.

Check out NESN to see how they do. I think they can pull one out. They need to if people are going to keep going to games. I don't want this to be the biggest home crowd BU plays in front of this year.

Hot Dog's prediction: BU 76 GW 67


Anonymous said...

It was a must win game and after tonight's performance Coach Chambers will have to fight BU students fan apathy for the rest of the season.

Anonymous said...

This was BU's chance to get a basketball student section going and I think this loss, lost most of the fans.