November 5, 2009


Two nights ago I attended the Jon Jonsson concert at BU, held exclusively for BU students. I was, what felt like, one of two non-athletes who wasn't a hot girl. The other was Jesus.

Jon's fanbase, yes hot girls, but all the athletes from all sports - Jon's show was downright amazing.

He did a ton of his originals, but also did some covers which included:

1. Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night - Black Eyed Peas
2. Yellow - Coldplay
3. I Want You Back - Jackson Five (FREAKIN' AMAZING)
4. Halo - Beyonce

"Halo" was completely sporadic, but somehow the entire band busted out into perfect harmony. What prefaced it was him talking about Halo, the video game. Nonetheless, AWESOME.

During the entire show I was blown away by just who Jon is. He is an amazing human being and I couldn't figure out the exact reason why. He leaves so unselfishly and I really believe the only thing that makes him happy is making other people happy. All Jon did was make me smile and he did it in everyway - his witty, hilarious banter between songs, his sellmanship of the show sponser - PUR water, his overall attitude on stage.

Jon is amazing and I definitely miss him at the school. It's impossible not to like him as a person. I can understand if you don't feel his music, but give him a shot. Jon deserves the best in life, which is why I'm writing yet another suck-off piece about him. He earned it though.

I miss you, Jon.

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