November 16, 2009

Iona: They will remain ignorant despite whatever you think of them

In response to my last post about Iona, two comments made their way into the comments section. Here they are:

Anonymous said...

waaaa... That whole article sounds "homo-ish". Its a game, you wore a hotdog costume...and said in your video "I live for the attention" now you CRY?? LOL

GREAT CROWD...I hope its like this at every game!! You are just upset that your team got their ass kicked.

November 16, 2009 6:47 PM


Anonymous said...

So you dress up as a hotdog to a basketball game and expect not to be heckled or from your article for the home crowd to even chant "Defense" over your group of 15 people. And then you whine to security like a faggot.

November 16, 2009 8:51 PM

Hmm, interesting. Let me check the site history to see who visited the site at 6:47 pm and 8:51 pm. Oh! Surprise, surprise, these two visitors accessed the site from New Rochelle, NY.


Also, not surprising - both were using Internet Explorer/PCs - a tell-tale sign of a bro with a raging hard-on for trying to demoralize others.

These people just prove my point. They are unreasonable and without a sense of morality. The game has been over for days, yet they still feel the need to attempt to heckle me. And at what cause? Cool, you can call me a faggot on the internet. It's shameful and embarrassing for the school.

Clearly they are not smart enough to realize anonymous comments aren't actually anonymous.

STAY CLASSY, IONA. (That's sarcasm)

But hey, why should I complain when they're driving up my website's traffic: since when do people give a damn about Iona basketball?


Anonymous said...

Hot dog costumes demand attention.
You shouldve taken the attention well.
You didn't.
You cried to the security guard.
Get over it.
Your 3 hour trip was a waste.
So what if us iona students say gay?
We're not from ultra PC New England.
New York is rude.
You guys are bitches.
Too bad.

Anonymous said...

I'm a student at Iona, and I have to agree with you. The students' actions were ridiculous, and Campus Security's inaction was just as terrible. However, the specific group that you're discussing at that game was solely comprised of unintelligent prick ZKX (an entirely illegitimate fraternity) 'brothers' who have a cumulative GPA of 0.2 and an equally low level of self worth. These fine young scholars act in an identically ridiculous fashion regardless of the venue, and truly represent the lowest caliber of Iona students, if not humans. For some students here, college is the 13th grade. Unfortunately, their parents' coffers are substantial enough to keep them here, but no one truly minds, because these gentlemen pay for our scholarships. Just as with any school, we have our assholes. You were just fortunate enough to meet them all at once. Nevertheless, these thirty guys don't effectively represent the student body here. Yes Iona has these people, but we have intelligent, moral, normal-functioning students as well.

The Hot Dog said...

Well put 1:41 AM and I wholeheartedly agree and sympathize with you.

Anonymous said...

lso, not surprising - both were using Internet Explorer/PCs - a tell-tale sign of a bro with a raging hard-on for trying to demoralize others.

My only question is what is the point of adding internet explorer/PCs. What, are you some sort of Apple elite? What the hell is the difference is they used a mac or a pc?

The Hot Dog said...

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, the Ionafans have lost comment privileges because of their reckless butchering of the English language.

I'm happy to close the Iona chapter of my book, since I've finished writing it. While I'd like to thank the Iona fans for providing material I couldn't even make up, I must disallow their first amendment rights (go look it up, Ionafans) on anything Iona related, since these people will not sleep, eat, or do homework until they make their point. Did they even have one? No matter, these people can go back to using the internet for what it was made for: porn.