November 15, 2009

Iona: A classless society

Ed. Note: Written immediately after the game.

I know it doesn’t seem right that the post about the game isn’t actually about the start of the Chambers era – the biggest issue of the game, for me, was the absurdity of actions that were taking place in the stands above me.

Where to begin? I don’t know where to begin, really, because I’m just dumfounded that in our society, in the year 2009, the behavior by the students of Iona College is allowed to continue for the duration of an entire basketball game.

I’ll try to summarize as best I can, but let’s put it this way – the Iona student section is the equivalent to Vietnam.

BU got 16 students together to travel 3 hours to New Rochelle, NY. We arrived 15 minutes prior to tip-off and found an open section. We were amped for the game and it seemed like there wasn’t going to be any student presence on Iona’s part.

Shortly after we arrived, three BU alumni joined our group – I don’t think they were expecting to be part of the shitshow that the game in the stand became.

As the game started Iona students started to file in. Drunk. Upon looking up and seeing us some would yell something along the lines of, “Boston’s gay!”

A student section started to form at midcourt for Iona – BU fans were on one end of the court, across from the BU bench. I would say five minutes into the contest there was suddenly a group of about 20 drunken Iona student fans were behind us, and immediately yelling obscenities.

One student went as far as squeezing his way into our group of fans, the entire time screaming as loud as he could.

This only picked up as more and more drunk Iona fans showed up. How do I know they were drunk? They collective stench of the whiskey from their breathes in addition to the stench of hair product.

I’ve never seen such disrespect and utter classlessness from a group of fans ever. And remember I’ve been to UMass, Northeastern, BC and many other big name schools who consider Boston University a "rival." These fans were there simply to heckle us, because we were there supporting BU.

These people weren’t focused on the game. They were focused on me. I know wearing a hot dog makes me a target. I know that. I’m aware. However, never have I gone to an away venue and gone over to the student section looking for a fight. Tonight, the Iona fans came to me and looked for a reaction. They persisted the entire game and it only got worse as the battle on the court wore on.

What did I hear? Let’s see…every single curse you could imagine. I was called a "faggot" more than I ever have. People were speaking of sexual acts they’ve performed on different family members. They constantly questioned why I dress as a hot dog, why I’m here, why I cheer. They simply didn’t understand the significance of supporting a team, rather than heckling the other fans.

Now, Jesus wasn’t here, but Brochure kid was. He wears red pinstriped overalls, and for whatever reason, Iona fan logic decided he was Waldo of Where’s The question they presented? Of course, “where’s Waldo?” The real question is, where are Waldo's blue jeans?? Not on Brochure kid, that's for sure. They called is overalls suspenders. They called him gay for wearing them. They called him a faggot. They didn’t let up at all.

My strategy was to ignore. If I acknowledge that I hear anything they say it’s a victory for them. In the second half it got to the point of unbearableness. After every Iona basket an Iona student would literally scream right into my ear and yell, “is that good?” They constantly chanted things about me and just said over and over again I suck. They told me my favorite movie is Pluto Nash. How that’s supposed to be an insult, I don’t know, but they are wrong – my favorite movie is Boogie Nights. They said that “Waldo’s” favorite band was Dixie Chicks. Also wrong, he likes Weezer.

That was juvenile, but what was worse was how security handled it all. I went down on two separate occasions to talk to security and try to have them understand the extent of the heckling. I’m fine if people are focused with things going on the court – I don’t even care if they are heckling people. However, when the fans are more adamant about yelling at other fans that’s when it becomes a problem.

After every cheer we would do, it would get drowned out by yelling or jumping up and down on the stand. We would do our variation of the defense chant – it was copied by the Iona fans – and then called gay.

Security said they were aware and could hear everything that was going on. They suggested I move down a row. I told them that wouldn’t do anything, because it wouldn’t. Of course as I went down to talk to security they chanted “snitch” and “taddle tale.” Security would come up and say not to single targets out. They would abide to that for 30 seconds and then go right back into their cursing and hurling homophobic remarks our way.

At halftime two Iona clowns decided to try to sit in the front of our fan section. Security came over and told them to move – this resulted in the Iona clowns yelling at security and getting in their face. Was anyone kicked out? Of course not – this behavior was not only tolerated, but it was pushed on further when they didn’t make an example out of anyone. They let it all continue.

On the way out of the gym I overheard security talking to someone, saying that this is the way it is at every game, but usually the fans don’t sit right behind anyone who is supporting the other team.

At the end of the game a student walked by and went to shake my hand, saying, “thanks for being a good sport.” Are you kidding me? "Get the hell out of here, you jerkoff." That's what the alumni said. I didn't even need to respond. However, I did anyway.

Why would I give this guy the time of day after one of them, during the game, tapped me on the shoulder, and yelled as loud as he could, right in my face upon turning to look at him, “YOU SUCK.” Class, class, class.

As I talked to security for the second time in a game a husband, wife, and their daughter walked by and interrupted. The woman said that the students were absolutely obnoxious and were trying their best to get a reaction out of us. She then added Go BU and said that the students were reflecting terribly on the school. They were. Because of these 30 plus individuals who were at this game, my opinion of the school, along with many other people in attendance, have dropped. I see Iona as the scum of the earth. I will never, ever go back to this school. I will try to let people know to never go. It’s an absolute embarrassment what happened in that gym tonight. I’m just glad at the end of the day I’m returning to Boston University, where rules are enforced and people have some sense of morality. I don’t doubt that one day, probably right at graduation for the senior Gaels, karma will kick the crap out of them. And they don’t deserve anything better.

And these poor alumni who had to sit and endure the heckling. God bless them. They didn’t move and just sat there, absorbing the complete debauchery of the Iona fans. How someone wasn’t punched out by someone is beyond me.

I wish I could help you understand what it was like to be there, what it was like to be me. Like I said I know I’m a target, but never in a gym that’s not mine, do I go looking for a conflict. These Iona fans brought it to us and we had nowhere to go. We were held captive to the limited vocabulary of the Iona fan – mostly cursing, homophobic remarks, and the word “suck.”

Also, this was the worst possible year to come to Iona because of how every person from New Rochelle thinks they are from the city and go off about the Yankees. These people also think that all people who go to Boston University are Boston Red Sox fans. This only added gasoline to the fire. And these people can’t be reasoned with – they wore flannel shirts, hats all the way to the side, and like I mentioned, copious amounts of alcohol. On top of that all, none of them were wearing a single piece of Iona gear. They WERE NOT fans.

Save yourself a trip and some sense of self-worth – don’t go to Iona. Ever. I know I won’t be returning. I’ll be writing a letter to the school because I care about the future of fans who want to go watch a game. If you do go, don’t be cheap - buy a seat so you don’t have to sit in the bleachers with the clowns of New Rochelle.

In closing, I won't be back to Iona to see their basketball team, or their mascot who has an uncanny resemblance to Hugh Jackman.



Anonymous said...

waaaa... That whole article sounds "homo-ish". Its a game, you wore a hotdog costume...and said in your video "I live for the attention" now you CRY?? LOL

GREAT CROWD...I hope its like this at every game!! You are just upset that your team got their ass kicked.

Anonymous said...

So you dress up as a hotdog to a basketball game and expect not to be heckled or from your article for the home crowd to even chant "Defense" over your group of 15 people. And then you whine to security like a faggot.

The Hot Dog said...

It looks as if the Iona students have learned how to use computers.

And not surprisingly their anonymous comments are exactly like every single thing they yelled on Friday.

Stay class, you clowns.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but how can you honestly bash a group of college kids for drinking at/before a basketball game? Welcome to society bud. Also, how are you going to sit there and honestly believe that you are not going to get a reaction from a home crowd when you decide to appear in a hot dog outfit. That's practically calling them out. I could bet a hundred bucks if you werent a giant hot dog and just wanted to watch a game you would have had a different experience. Plus how do you not expect them to be said it yourself, Iona is a tiny school, nothing comparable to your "huge rival schools," howeever they were cheering for their team as they beat your "big school."

I don't know what you were expecting going into a NEW YORK school to support a BOSTON team wearing a hot dog outfit....high fives and chest bumps?

If you don't want attention, try just wearing a sweatshirt next time. Because i dont hear a single thing in your blog about the other 13 people getting anything terrible....just the genius in the hot dog outfit and the smartypants in the bright red overalls

Anonymous said...

I wont be anonymous I ill tell you I was the kid in the Maroon shirt telling you to eat shit and I stand by my comments. Listen clown if you come to Iona expect retaliation to your hotdog costume. Like the other comment said you live for the attention or else you wouldn't wear that ridiculous suit. After the game when we commended you for being a good sport you acted like a bitch, live with the life decisions you make my friend. You wanna be a champion your obviously at the wrong school. Iona for life, I am a true Gael I shit on hotdogs.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Iona sounds like a bunch of retarded 12 year olds. They're just sad that nobody's ever heard of their school.

Anonymous said...

If you were a hot dog and a moron, would you eat yourself? I know you would. Your article is biased. You made up things we said.We didnt call you a homo/faggot as many times as you made it seem. Only half as much as you made it seem. In fact with every chant directed at you and your confused friend we were trying to teach you a lesson. In order to be accepted in a normal society don't dress like a hot dog/moron. How were you able to smell whiskey so well? Perhaps we reminded you of your horrible childhood where your dad would come home and drunkenly beat you relentlessly for reasons that seemed unacceptable to you? Ex.missing remote, spilt milk, or that your favorite movie IS in FACT Pluto Nash. Im upset you had such a horrible experience at Iona. Especially when you were so excited to show all of Iona the nice hotdog costume your foreign lover Gustov bought you. Was that like the time your aunt told you she was bringing you to the movies but actually used you as an excuse to pick up heroin from her dealer/lover Dean Cain? You never did get to see Homeward Bound 2 did you? Maybe our mascot does look like Hugh Jackman...but Terriers? In the dog world thats one step up from a Malti-Poo. All in good fun. Go Terriers!

RT said...

I'd like to comment on this story as an a former Iona student. I'm still an undergraduate but I transferred recently to a school in NYC.

I'd like to first comment on this quote: "...because of how every person from New Rochelle thinks they are from the city and go off about the Yankees", I definitely agree with this and I definitely feel your pain. I was born and raised in the city and know at least 60% of the Iona student body, at the drop of a hat, are NOT from the city, or at least haven't lived there long enough to feel connected.

Also I left the school for many more important reasons but there's one I always experience when I have to go back: you always get that sense of insularity and being sheltered, "a pressure cooker for douchebaggery" if you will. Picture going to a town you are not familiar with and feeling this overwhelming sense of xenophobia around you. I also saw a few familiar faces in that crowd behind you that I've seen occasionally from time to time and already have somewhat of a explanation behind that but I won't go into that here. In my opinion, a significant sample of the student population I've met over there either have or give the impression that they have this unearned sense of self-importance, some to the degree of having a narcissistic personality disorder.

However, I'm going to assume that you are mature enough to see that there are two sides to every coin and that not everyone at Iona is a form of a failed abortion. There are people at Iona that I have kept in contact with and will most likely keep for the rest of my life. Those people are the only reason I now and will ever go back.

Also, security is a fucking joke. You could drive up the main road with an ICBM attached to the roof of your car, wave to the security guard, and do your worst, not to mention the other 10+ easy ways you can get in.

I'm sorry that your experience was shitty to say the least and even though I too am a proud New Yorker (Go Yankees) and beyond the "rivalry" bullshit true NYers take pride in the respect that other fans have for their teams regardless. Thanks for the space for my spiel and I'll leave you with this.

BOTTOM LINE: Don't let these retards cloud your judgment of the rest of the college...and life.

Anonymous said...

The guy who dressed up as a hotdog is a pussy. I am in the background of one of your videos so I was one of the students telling you you were a "fagget". And just so you know from now on at any future games you may attend dressed as a douchebag, you will hear shit about it so maybe you need to reevaluate what you are doing with your pathetic life. And as for the kid who transferred, your a fucking loser like that the douchey hotdog kid is, which is why you left the school. Just because you two rejects dont like Iona doesnt make the school or the people here "clowns". Theres a reason people leave schools and whether you want to admit it or not, its because your a loser and had no friends. So in conclusion, hotdog man, your an ignorant retard that needs to stay away from our school because we are to good for you; and as for the kid who transferred, you decided to do us all a favor and just stay away. GO GAELSSSS!!!!! FUCKKKK DOUCHEY HOTDOG KIDS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"...because of how every person from New Rochelle thinks they are from the city and go off about the Yankees"

Uh you know the Yankees are from the Bronx not the city right..? And the Bronx is just south of New Rochelle... You're dumb.

Anonymous said...

I Love You Hotdog Man...I love you and wish to tenderly embrace your warm bun and spicy mustard...are you a grilled dog or a "dirty water" dog...i hope a dirty water dog i love that type of stuff. Anyway come back to new rochelle anytime. and for your little pudgy friend in overalls you can long as your shirtless and wearing a g-string underneath.

Anonymous said...

I was one of the Boston University Alumni in attendance. I was actually offended by your costume. A hot dog? Innocent animals are slaughtered to make hot dogs and you paraded around mocking their death like the ignorant hot dog you are.(I was part of the vegan club on campus, we had 12 members and all smelt like shit)I also think your chubby friend was thinking of eating you the entire game. Iona fans supported their team properly and were enthused to see their team win. I am embarrassed at what BU seems to have become. You trash Iona for having no class, yet your friend dresses up like Jesus. That is more disrespectful than anything Iona could have said. Don't bring up lack of class you hot dog wearing doodie head.

The Hot Dog said...

LOL, please keep it coming, Ionafans.

By obligation (big word, watch out Ionafans) I do have to address one comment:

"You wanna be a champion your obviously at the wrong school. Iona for life, I am a true Gael I shit on hotdogs." - 7:52 PM, Anonymous (naturally)

Boston University: 2009 Men's Hockey National Champions (not to mention 1995, 1978, 1972, and 1971)

Mmmmm, tastes goooooood.

Anonymous said...

you say how you wouldn't react so we wouldn't get what we want, yet this whole blog is one big whiny, bitching reaction... everything we wanted and more... thank you brown penis in a bun and chubby jesus.

Anonymous said...

Hey...I go to Iona...and yes, those guys are assholes. I mean, honestly, I do appreciate the enthusiasm that people show for their team, but the relentless douchebaggery is quite uncalled for. However, living with drunk guidos is just something that I've come to terms with at Iona. And these types of assholes? Well, they're not singular to Iona...people like this exist everywhere, not just New Rochelle. It is unfair of you to judge the entire student population of a college based on 30 drunkards.

In defense of the fans (as limited as it may be), you did dress up like a hot dog. And yeah, you're going to get a rise out of people when you dress ridiculously and draw attention to yourself. What did you expect? You say you just like to watch a game, and never go looking for a conflict. Well, then don't be ridiculous. I'm sure Iona isn't the only school that would ridicule you for dressing like a clown.

I mean, I have tact. I have manners. I am respectful, and I'm sure I wouldn't have called you a "faggot". But seriously, grow a pair. You dressed in a manner to draw attention to yourself and instigate a crowd, and you got what you wanted. And don't judge a college based on a few people. By your method, I would judge BU as being comprised of individuals who take full joy in wearing ridiculous hot dog work?

8===D~~O= said...

Yea Iona is pretty much a cesspool of douchebaggery. Just a bunch of guido fags who pay more attention to their cuticles than they do anything else. Natural selection will eventually take care of people like them.

Anonymous said...

I gotta say, after reading all of these, I think this is hilarious. I wish I could've been there to see Iona act like fools. Lemme guess, most of them are from Jersey or Staten Island (let's face it, Iona is where the Idiots of NY have to go when Albany and Stoneonta are considered their reach schools.) Forget about Stony Brook, that's like getting into Harvard for them.

...because of how every person from New Rochelle thinks they are from the city and go off about the Yankees"

Uh you know the Yankees are from the Bronx not the city right..? And the Bronx is just south of New Rochelle... You're dumb.

--So I'm guessing what you're saying is that Yankees fans are only from the Bronx then? God the only thing good to come out of New Roc City was Kevin Shattenkirk. And thank god he left for Boston. New Rochelle really? You're not even from a borough how can you all act like you're so cool? You might as well be part of connecticut because that's how much you don't matter.

I think you guys have bigger problems then a kid dressing up in a hot dog suit- Like the fact that your costumes as guidos are 10x more scary. Wait...Not a costume? No shit. People actually dress like douchebags on a daily basis? You gotta be shitting me. New Yorkers? No fucking way.

How's that new fucking haircut treating you now tool?

I bet all of you are looking forward to that. In fact, I can see some of the people from hotdog's video in that clip.


god, i am so fucking glad I left STRONG ISLAND for boston. get outta the grasp of a bunch of dumbasses who can't get into real college.

ahaha bet the next comment will be something about how the GPA requirements to get into iona is not as "easy" as I make it out to be. Right. My SAT math score alone could've gotten me into Iona.

Suck it.

Anonymous said...

first of all they are the new york yankees not the new york city yankees you dumb fuck...second you say iona isnt a good school please be aware that BU is perhaps the 7th best school in boston so go fuck urselves u BC harvard northeastern stonehill bentley emerson rejects btw 2 of these i as an iona student got into...ur video said i love this shit i live for this then u cry to security like a bitch and the first thing u do wen u get home is write a blog about how mean we are to u...u r such a pussy and please stop hiding behind ur costumes u and the suspender faggot r deffinitely gay together and r in boston so u will be accepted....fuck BU fuck boston and fuck hotdog wearing pussys

Anonymous said...

Lol to the comment about how BU students are rejects...that character needs to look at the statistics and realize how shitty Iona is compared to BU.

Also, to the cock-gobbler that said BU has a pussy mascot: a Gael is a drunken Irish guy...good luck with that. I guess the students try to live in the image of their mascot; next step is to abuse a bunch of your family members.

One last thing to all Iona tools: Yes, I will have fries with that.

Go BC.

Anonymous said...

Look at all the BU students/alumni acting as if their school is way more academically fit than Iona's. Newsflash, you don't go to Harvard and you're probably the 5th best school in the small city of Boston as it is. You're attempting to compare apples to oranges here.. Maybe if you attended one of the more superior universities within Boston, ie. Harvard or BC you could act as if you were that much better than us. However, when it comes down to it, you're not.. You go to Boston University, not Notre Dame so stop acting like your 1550 SAT score landed you with a full ride at BU. And to the previous comment, "one last thing to all Iona tools: Yes, I will have fries with that" That's just comical. If you weren't as ignorant as you appear to be then you would realize that we have extremely notable alumni- Robert Greifeld (current president/CEO of NASDAQ), Randy Falco (Chairman/CEO of AOL), Catherine Kinney (Current president and co-chief op. officer of NYSE) etc. etc. When it comes down to it, the hot dog kid came to a rival school's basketball game dressed as a hot dog and took the abuse for his actions. You claim you love it, yet you compose a 'blog' immediately after the game complaining. Isn't that a bit hypocritical? You poke fun at college kids for being drunk at a college basketball game? Are you serious? I could certainly agree that at least 85% of every other college basketball game has intoxicated fans in their prescense. In conclusion, stop your moaning, if you're going to wear a hotdog costume around, man up. Hugh Jackman is the man, just like our mascot. I'm out. Godspeed.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

What I find particularly compelling about the blog author's post is his misuse of the word "classless" and the phrase "classless society" while smugly inferring that he is superior in some way by virtue of his Boston University education.

Perhaps, the author's time would be better spent earning that smug superiority, as he has shown that he does not have the stomach to endure a little heckling from some enthusiastic Iona fans.

Is your costume some self fulfilling prophesy? You whining weenie!

Anonymous said...

there was a campus wide epidemic after your boner-riffic performance as hot dog man ...

no one boned after that night of stoic drinking for fear that one day their child would also be the result of fetal alcohol syndrome and one day go to an opposing team's school dressed as a ... hot dog.

The Hot Dog said...

"there was a campus wide epidemic after your boner-riffic performance as hot dog man ...

no one boned after that night of stoic drinking for fear that one day their child would also be the result of fetal alcohol syndrome and one day go to an opposing team's school dressed as a ... hot dog."

Heard you the first time, Alyssa.

The Hot Dog said...

Wow, what words from Ionafans.

Because of the massive amount of retardation spewing from the computers of those in New Rochelle, NY I must close the comments here.

I thank you for your words of wisdom, or I should say lack thereof. No doubt it was not insightful at all, but rather revealing about the student body of Iona College and how they choose to represent themselves and the school they attend. However, I must say I was entertained for minutes on this Hump day.

I wish you Ionafans nothing but the worst in the future, and judging by your extreme misunderstanding of the English language and choice of vocabulary I have no doubt that your futures are clouded with indecision and failure.