November 25, 2009

A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

This goes for everyone, except if you were heckling me in Iona. If you were, you can suck it.

BU just wrapped up their 137th contest with Northeastern, putting a hold on BU sports until Friday when women's hockey travels to Princeton. Then, of course, the big salami - Madison Square Garden on Saturday. Win or lose, it's about the experience in New York.

Wait, did I mention BU beat NU for the second year in a row!!! It was a ridiculous up-and-down game to listen to, and I found out Bob Ryan was in attendance (he saw another overtime game hey-oo).

This is a huge win for BU, and they're 1-0 in Case. 0-1 in Agganis. It's clear where this team should be playing.

Anyways, the year is almost half way over and for BU sports it's been a bumpy ride. Men's basketball and hockey didn't start they way that I think all Terrier faithful would hope or want. Men's soccer ended their season almost a month ago in what became a less than satisfying year. BU women's soccer dominated conference play (for yet another year), but then suffered a devastating overtime loss in the NCAA tournament. Field hockey won the conference, but then lost by a goal in the play-in game to Stanford, which begs the question - was BU even in the national tournament?

All in all, I shouldn't be expecting such success. I mean, almost eight months ago I was jizzing tears in the Verizon Center in DC in what was the happiest moment in my life. Don't get me wrong, I'm satisfied with what happened, but like everyone, I hope for more. And the more I want really comes with basketball. It's such a long season, so there is an immense amount of hope, but what really kills me is the lack of support for what should be the most supported team on campus.

I organized a bus for Iona. 74 people were confirmed as attending on Facebook. 17 went. Sigh. What could I do but shrug my shoulders? This is BU, this is the support of BU basketball, this is the way it is.

I hope things change when everyone returns to campus. I hope people have massive epiphanies and decide to become basketball fans. Let's be real, unless you went to high school in Massachusetts, changes were you were a much bigger high school basketball supporter than hockey. Unfortunately, when you sign on to BU that suddenly changes. Why can't we just support all the teams, rather than just on Friday and Saturday nights at Agganis??? Not that that's a bad thing.

Regardless, I wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Do you really think all of the men's bball games should be played at Case?

Comparing the team's record @ Case vs. Agganis is like comparing apples and oranges. Clearly, the stiffest competition (which the Terriers are much more likely to lose against) are scheduled @ Agganis.
That factor alone renders the comparison useless.

I enjoy the blog! Keep up the good work!!

The Hot Dog said...

I completely agree with you, and there's no doubt that if the basketball program wants to reach its full potential they'll need to play in Agganis.

However, this senior class has an absolutely abysmal record in the Greek.

And this season, IMHO Northeastern is a whole lot better than GW. No one can blame a loss on the location, and certainly the opponents seem to be better in quality when at Agganis, but this senior class will easily forget about their Agganis careers.