November 26, 2009

I'm Thankful For...

I've been blessed with a great family, friends, and university. It's time I let everyone know what I'm thankful for in the BU sports community. There are many things, but here are some highlights:

- 5 (You should know the significance)
- Patrick Chambers
- BU basketball senior leadership
- John Holland's bunnies
- Kelly Greenberg's fiery passion
- Chris Parks
- "China Grove" performed by the BU band
- Hot girl/creepy dad
- Legzz
- BU women's lax dads, and the team too, I guess
- Jon Jonsson's musical genius
- A huge America East basketball following
- K-Mac
- John Battaglino and Alan Fioravanti for letting me do whatever I want
- The Track and Field team
- BU women's softball and their incredible hotness
- Shawn Taylor's school of intimidation
- Mike Lynch. Even if he does scare the crap out of me
- Alan Weinberger for enforcing rules
- Having the best black dean in the nation
- Attending Boston University. It may not have been my very first choice when I was applying to schools years ago, but boy, am I glad I ended up there. I'm so thankful I go to BU and have been able to meet such amazing people, see such amazing teams, and live such amazing moments as a Terrier. I hope you are too.

Happy Thanksgiving, again.

November 25, 2009

A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

This goes for everyone, except if you were heckling me in Iona. If you were, you can suck it.

BU just wrapped up their 137th contest with Northeastern, putting a hold on BU sports until Friday when women's hockey travels to Princeton. Then, of course, the big salami - Madison Square Garden on Saturday. Win or lose, it's about the experience in New York.

Wait, did I mention BU beat NU for the second year in a row!!! It was a ridiculous up-and-down game to listen to, and I found out Bob Ryan was in attendance (he saw another overtime game hey-oo).

This is a huge win for BU, and they're 1-0 in Case. 0-1 in Agganis. It's clear where this team should be playing.

Anyways, the year is almost half way over and for BU sports it's been a bumpy ride. Men's basketball and hockey didn't start they way that I think all Terrier faithful would hope or want. Men's soccer ended their season almost a month ago in what became a less than satisfying year. BU women's soccer dominated conference play (for yet another year), but then suffered a devastating overtime loss in the NCAA tournament. Field hockey won the conference, but then lost by a goal in the play-in game to Stanford, which begs the question - was BU even in the national tournament?

All in all, I shouldn't be expecting such success. I mean, almost eight months ago I was jizzing tears in the Verizon Center in DC in what was the happiest moment in my life. Don't get me wrong, I'm satisfied with what happened, but like everyone, I hope for more. And the more I want really comes with basketball. It's such a long season, so there is an immense amount of hope, but what really kills me is the lack of support for what should be the most supported team on campus.

I organized a bus for Iona. 74 people were confirmed as attending on Facebook. 17 went. Sigh. What could I do but shrug my shoulders? This is BU, this is the support of BU basketball, this is the way it is.

I hope things change when everyone returns to campus. I hope people have massive epiphanies and decide to become basketball fans. Let's be real, unless you went to high school in Massachusetts, changes were you were a much bigger high school basketball supporter than hockey. Unfortunately, when you sign on to BU that suddenly changes. Why can't we just support all the teams, rather than just on Friday and Saturday nights at Agganis??? Not that that's a bad thing.

Regardless, I wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving.

November 20, 2009


Today is my birthday.

Today BU basketball won and BU hockey lost.

Yeah, that happened.

November 18, 2009

These aren't the droids you're looking for

And when I say droids I mean BU men's basketball team.

My prediction that BU would beat GW was obviously incorrect. But then again, this wasn't the BU team on the court that I was expecting to see.

What did I expect? I thought it would be run and gun. I thought that rather than waiting for GW to set up a press BU would just inbound and go. That didn't happen and the pace of the game was no doubt slowed to the rate that George Washington wanted it at.

Unfortunately, BU now has to head to Puerto Rico to play some very elite teams, while sitting on an 0-2 record.

I think the worst part about last night is that the casual fan who was intrigued by Chambers ra-ra speech at Terrier Tip-Off is left confused after that game. Everyone's expecting a high-paced, uptempo, exciting brand of basketball. Instead we saw a performance that was all too frequent under the Wolff era. Slow, defense-minded, dying by the three. That type of basketball won't bring people back to games, and unfortunately, that's an uphill battle the Terriers are going to have to deal with this year. The attendance won't be any higher than it was last night (2,149).

It's obvious what BU needs: 1. Scott Brittain back because Jake O'Brien is not a true center. Jeff Pelage still has some areas to work on and Valdas, as hard as he works in there, can't handle all the big men all by himself. 2. More scoring than just John and Corey. This was a problem last year too. 3. Shoot better. The turnovers are gonna happen because that's what comes with a fast-paced offense. Shooting must improve for BU to be in any game this season. 4. Inbounding - this has been a concern for the last two games. On both ends of the floor there was an issue getting the ball in play.

Can't look back - gotta move forward and onto PR the team goes. The BU Hoops guys will be there, so follow them for game-by-game updates.

Meanwhile, the women's team gets their home season started tonight. I can't wait to get myself back in Case Gym - A REAL BASKETBALL ARENA. I'm also pumped to watch Kelly Greenberg. Did you know that I've seen more wins than losses while watching her team? I can't say the same for the men!

Hot Dog's prediction for tonight's women's game: BU 58 URI 50

November 17, 2009

A must win

Already in the second game of the season for the men's basketball team, I feel like it's a must win. BU didn't get off to the proper start in Iona, and now, with GW coming to Boston in a couple hours, BU must win. Why? Because if they don't get a win in the first game at home I don't think they will for at least the next 3 - all in Puerto Rico, all against very strong teams.

GW is coming off a real down year, meaning they have no where to go but up. BU has had problems with GW no matter how bad they are and how good BU is, in the past. Obviously, this year needs to be different.

They need to win this game, and I'm sure Chambers knows. This isn't your defense-first team that we saw last year, so the game tonight will be more fast-paced and high-scoring than last years.

Check out NESN to see how they do. I think they can pull one out. They need to if people are going to keep going to games. I don't want this to be the biggest home crowd BU plays in front of this year.

Hot Dog's prediction: BU 76 GW 67

November 16, 2009

Iona: They will remain ignorant despite whatever you think of them

In response to my last post about Iona, two comments made their way into the comments section. Here they are:

Anonymous said...

waaaa... That whole article sounds "homo-ish". Its a game, you wore a hotdog costume...and said in your video "I live for the attention" now you CRY?? LOL

GREAT CROWD...I hope its like this at every game!! You are just upset that your team got their ass kicked.

November 16, 2009 6:47 PM


Anonymous said...

So you dress up as a hotdog to a basketball game and expect not to be heckled or from your article for the home crowd to even chant "Defense" over your group of 15 people. And then you whine to security like a faggot.

November 16, 2009 8:51 PM

Hmm, interesting. Let me check the site history to see who visited the site at 6:47 pm and 8:51 pm. Oh! Surprise, surprise, these two visitors accessed the site from New Rochelle, NY.


Also, not surprising - both were using Internet Explorer/PCs - a tell-tale sign of a bro with a raging hard-on for trying to demoralize others.

These people just prove my point. They are unreasonable and without a sense of morality. The game has been over for days, yet they still feel the need to attempt to heckle me. And at what cause? Cool, you can call me a faggot on the internet. It's shameful and embarrassing for the school.

Clearly they are not smart enough to realize anonymous comments aren't actually anonymous.

STAY CLASSY, IONA. (That's sarcasm)

But hey, why should I complain when they're driving up my website's traffic: since when do people give a damn about Iona basketball?

A weekend salvaged? Not really

There is no doubt that Friday sucked in all regards for BU sports. It seemed to get increasingly worse as the day went on.

First, the women's basketball team dropped a game that wasn't too close in Kentucky. I didn't expect a win, but still a loss hurts regardless of who it's against.

The women's soccer team then was eliminated from the NCAA tournament after a UConn scored in the second overtime. That's a tough way to end a season and some girls soccer careers.

Then the Patrick Chambers era got off on the wrong foot with a road lass in New Rochelle. I don't know what was worse - what was going on on the court or what was happening in the stands.

And to add to everything else, the men's hockey team got doubled up by Merrimack. MERRIMACK!

Things got slightly better the following day as both hockey teams won games in Agganis Arena. First, the women beat PC 5-3, then the men's team recovered somewhat to take down the Warriors of MC.

Bonino was back and in true form with a great assist to ChrisCo. Zach Cohen is looking studly, but there are some major areas of concern on that team. Luckily, hockey is one long season, and the points that the Terriers have missed out on so far in Hockey East play are definitely recoverable. A home-home set with UNH this weekend would be a great place to steal some points.

On Sunday BU's sports teams reverted back to mediocrity and Friday form. First women's hockey lost 6-2 in Providence in what was the season series finale. Anyone else surprised that the series matchup is done so early in the season? I'm sure the players don't care, but I find it a bit surprising.

Later the women's hoops team lost, from what I understand, a heartbreaker in UMass. BU had a 3-point lead as time was expiring. Unfortunately, Aly Hinton fould a Minutewoman as she put up a three, sending her to the line and allowingthe game to head to overtime, where BU was defeated.

So, BU finishes the weekend 2-6. There's definitely been more successful Friday through Sunday campaigns. But this is the nature of sports - you can't win 'em all. I'm just hoping the luck changes this week as both the men's and women's basketball teams hold their home openers.

Men's basketball tomorrow night against George Washington, and the women's team on Wednesday, hosting Rhode Island. 2-0 perhaps?

November 15, 2009

Iona: A classless society

Ed. Note: Written immediately after the game.

I know it doesn’t seem right that the post about the game isn’t actually about the start of the Chambers era – the biggest issue of the game, for me, was the absurdity of actions that were taking place in the stands above me.

Where to begin? I don’t know where to begin, really, because I’m just dumfounded that in our society, in the year 2009, the behavior by the students of Iona College is allowed to continue for the duration of an entire basketball game.

I’ll try to summarize as best I can, but let’s put it this way – the Iona student section is the equivalent to Vietnam.

BU got 16 students together to travel 3 hours to New Rochelle, NY. We arrived 15 minutes prior to tip-off and found an open section. We were amped for the game and it seemed like there wasn’t going to be any student presence on Iona’s part.

Shortly after we arrived, three BU alumni joined our group – I don’t think they were expecting to be part of the shitshow that the game in the stand became.

As the game started Iona students started to file in. Drunk. Upon looking up and seeing us some would yell something along the lines of, “Boston’s gay!”

A student section started to form at midcourt for Iona – BU fans were on one end of the court, across from the BU bench. I would say five minutes into the contest there was suddenly a group of about 20 drunken Iona student fans were behind us, and immediately yelling obscenities.

One student went as far as squeezing his way into our group of fans, the entire time screaming as loud as he could.

This only picked up as more and more drunk Iona fans showed up. How do I know they were drunk? They collective stench of the whiskey from their breathes in addition to the stench of hair product.

I’ve never seen such disrespect and utter classlessness from a group of fans ever. And remember I’ve been to UMass, Northeastern, BC and many other big name schools who consider Boston University a "rival." These fans were there simply to heckle us, because we were there supporting BU.

These people weren’t focused on the game. They were focused on me. I know wearing a hot dog makes me a target. I know that. I’m aware. However, never have I gone to an away venue and gone over to the student section looking for a fight. Tonight, the Iona fans came to me and looked for a reaction. They persisted the entire game and it only got worse as the battle on the court wore on.

What did I hear? Let’s see…every single curse you could imagine. I was called a "faggot" more than I ever have. People were speaking of sexual acts they’ve performed on different family members. They constantly questioned why I dress as a hot dog, why I’m here, why I cheer. They simply didn’t understand the significance of supporting a team, rather than heckling the other fans.

Now, Jesus wasn’t here, but Brochure kid was. He wears red pinstriped overalls, and for whatever reason, Iona fan logic decided he was Waldo of Where’s The question they presented? Of course, “where’s Waldo?” The real question is, where are Waldo's blue jeans?? Not on Brochure kid, that's for sure. They called is overalls suspenders. They called him gay for wearing them. They called him a faggot. They didn’t let up at all.

My strategy was to ignore. If I acknowledge that I hear anything they say it’s a victory for them. In the second half it got to the point of unbearableness. After every Iona basket an Iona student would literally scream right into my ear and yell, “is that good?” They constantly chanted things about me and just said over and over again I suck. They told me my favorite movie is Pluto Nash. How that’s supposed to be an insult, I don’t know, but they are wrong – my favorite movie is Boogie Nights. They said that “Waldo’s” favorite band was Dixie Chicks. Also wrong, he likes Weezer.

That was juvenile, but what was worse was how security handled it all. I went down on two separate occasions to talk to security and try to have them understand the extent of the heckling. I’m fine if people are focused with things going on the court – I don’t even care if they are heckling people. However, when the fans are more adamant about yelling at other fans that’s when it becomes a problem.

After every cheer we would do, it would get drowned out by yelling or jumping up and down on the stand. We would do our variation of the defense chant – it was copied by the Iona fans – and then called gay.

Security said they were aware and could hear everything that was going on. They suggested I move down a row. I told them that wouldn’t do anything, because it wouldn’t. Of course as I went down to talk to security they chanted “snitch” and “taddle tale.” Security would come up and say not to single targets out. They would abide to that for 30 seconds and then go right back into their cursing and hurling homophobic remarks our way.

At halftime two Iona clowns decided to try to sit in the front of our fan section. Security came over and told them to move – this resulted in the Iona clowns yelling at security and getting in their face. Was anyone kicked out? Of course not – this behavior was not only tolerated, but it was pushed on further when they didn’t make an example out of anyone. They let it all continue.

On the way out of the gym I overheard security talking to someone, saying that this is the way it is at every game, but usually the fans don’t sit right behind anyone who is supporting the other team.

At the end of the game a student walked by and went to shake my hand, saying, “thanks for being a good sport.” Are you kidding me? "Get the hell out of here, you jerkoff." That's what the alumni said. I didn't even need to respond. However, I did anyway.

Why would I give this guy the time of day after one of them, during the game, tapped me on the shoulder, and yelled as loud as he could, right in my face upon turning to look at him, “YOU SUCK.” Class, class, class.

As I talked to security for the second time in a game a husband, wife, and their daughter walked by and interrupted. The woman said that the students were absolutely obnoxious and were trying their best to get a reaction out of us. She then added Go BU and said that the students were reflecting terribly on the school. They were. Because of these 30 plus individuals who were at this game, my opinion of the school, along with many other people in attendance, have dropped. I see Iona as the scum of the earth. I will never, ever go back to this school. I will try to let people know to never go. It’s an absolute embarrassment what happened in that gym tonight. I’m just glad at the end of the day I’m returning to Boston University, where rules are enforced and people have some sense of morality. I don’t doubt that one day, probably right at graduation for the senior Gaels, karma will kick the crap out of them. And they don’t deserve anything better.

And these poor alumni who had to sit and endure the heckling. God bless them. They didn’t move and just sat there, absorbing the complete debauchery of the Iona fans. How someone wasn’t punched out by someone is beyond me.

I wish I could help you understand what it was like to be there, what it was like to be me. Like I said I know I’m a target, but never in a gym that’s not mine, do I go looking for a conflict. These Iona fans brought it to us and we had nowhere to go. We were held captive to the limited vocabulary of the Iona fan – mostly cursing, homophobic remarks, and the word “suck.”

Also, this was the worst possible year to come to Iona because of how every person from New Rochelle thinks they are from the city and go off about the Yankees. These people also think that all people who go to Boston University are Boston Red Sox fans. This only added gasoline to the fire. And these people can’t be reasoned with – they wore flannel shirts, hats all the way to the side, and like I mentioned, copious amounts of alcohol. On top of that all, none of them were wearing a single piece of Iona gear. They WERE NOT fans.

Save yourself a trip and some sense of self-worth – don’t go to Iona. Ever. I know I won’t be returning. I’ll be writing a letter to the school because I care about the future of fans who want to go watch a game. If you do go, don’t be cheap - buy a seat so you don’t have to sit in the bleachers with the clowns of New Rochelle.

In closing, I won't be back to Iona to see their basketball team, or their mascot who has an uncanny resemblance to Hugh Jackman.


November 13, 2009

Women's Hockey: IN AGGANIS

So there are plenty of events in BU sports this weekend: BU opens up it's basketball season in minutes as the women's team plays at Kentucky. The men's team plays Iona later tonight. The women's soccer team plays an NCAA tournament game at BC against UConn this afternoon, and the men's hockey team has a home and home with Merrimack.

Beyond all these events, which happen today/tomorrow, the women's hockey team play a big game in Agganis against Providence. In addition to hockey, this is what else is lined up:

* Appearance by the BU Band
* Foam Paw Giveaway
* On-Ice Contest for a FREE Semester of Class Books (provided by Barnes & Noble)
* Chuck-A-Puck Contest to benefit the United Way

Jesus is out of town this weekend, and believe it or not, I'll be watching sports in costume without him. I often enjoy watching a game alone. It lets me collect my thoughts and just enjoy the game. That being said, if you see me at Agganis tomorrow afternoon, I'll be thinking, so let me enjoy the game. Or come talk, either way, I'LL BE THERE.

November 11, 2009

Dean Elmore OWNS

First off, our Dean is far more badass than your dean ever will be.

Second, whatever is in that case (it's hundreds of dollars) is being given away on Tuesday at the men's home opener. I'm just sayin'.


(Via Coach Chambers blog)

Terrier basketball starts Friday. Who the hell isn't pumped?

November 10, 2009

An NCAA tournament game, already?

Today at 1 p.m. (I know that's in a few hours) the women's field hockey team gets a taste of NCAA tournament action. At Jack Barry Field, Stanford will come and hopefully lose in the NCAA play-in game.

This win would be big for the program after a very successful year. Let's be serious though - any America East championship is a successful year, end of story. It's nice that both the field hockey team and the women's soccer team won AE titles on the same night - I'm smelling another Commissioner's Cup.

The first (or all) 1oo students will get free admittance. If you can, go show some support!

November 5, 2009


I've only ever idolized two people. One, obviously, Jon Jonsson. Two, White Goodman, THE greatest dodgeball in the movie Dodgeball.


That's perfection right thur.

Anyways, you, and I all have the opportunity to be like White for a couple of minutes/hours. The Women's lax team is having their annual tournament, and I hear this year they aren't even pocketing the registration fees. Here's what you neyd to know:

BU Womens Lacrosse Dodgeball Tournament
Date: Sunday, November 22, 2009
Time: 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Location: Boston University's Track & Tennis Center (TTC)
Street: 100 Ashford Street
City/Town: Allston, MA

WHY? To support the Susan G. Komen Foundation
ALL proceeds benefit breast cancer research.

Here's the deal. You need to grab 9 of your friends and come out to play some dodgeball! There will be 10 people per team. Registration is $10 per player, or $100 per team. Remember- ALL proceeds go to breast cancer research, so you will be helping out a great cause... while enjoying a fun-filled day of some dodgeball !

You can find registration forms HERE

Registration closes on Friday, November 20th.
-Mail in your registration form & money to:
Katie Linnertz
285 Babcock Street
Boston, MA 02215
-OR hand-deliver it there (the BU Women's Lacrosse Office)
-OR you can just give your form & money to ANY BU Women's
Lacrosse player!

Questions? email Katie Linnertz.

OH!!! And there will be PRIZES!!!!! For the following:

-FIRST place!
-SECOND place!
-THIRD place!

What are you waiting for? Get a team together and sign up NOW! Come out to support a great cause... It's going to be SUCH a fun day!! See you on November 22nd!

That's all from the women's lax rep, Traci Landy. She's easily freaked out by Raptor Jesus, but cut her some credit...she WAS the child actor in The Lost World: Jurassic Park II who was attacked by that cluster of compsognathus.


Regardless, don't even think about trying to win best team uniform. Shirtless Jesus+Hot Dog team has that on lockdown.


Two nights ago I attended the Jon Jonsson concert at BU, held exclusively for BU students. I was, what felt like, one of two non-athletes who wasn't a hot girl. The other was Jesus.

Jon's fanbase, yes hot girls, but all the athletes from all sports - Jon's show was downright amazing.

He did a ton of his originals, but also did some covers which included:

1. Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night - Black Eyed Peas
2. Yellow - Coldplay
3. I Want You Back - Jackson Five (FREAKIN' AMAZING)
4. Halo - Beyonce

"Halo" was completely sporadic, but somehow the entire band busted out into perfect harmony. What prefaced it was him talking about Halo, the video game. Nonetheless, AWESOME.

During the entire show I was blown away by just who Jon is. He is an amazing human being and I couldn't figure out the exact reason why. He leaves so unselfishly and I really believe the only thing that makes him happy is making other people happy. All Jon did was make me smile and he did it in everyway - his witty, hilarious banter between songs, his sellmanship of the show sponser - PUR water, his overall attitude on stage.

Jon is amazing and I definitely miss him at the school. It's impossible not to like him as a person. I can understand if you don't feel his music, but give him a shot. Jon deserves the best in life, which is why I'm writing yet another suck-off piece about him. He earned it though.

I miss you, Jon.

First Chance at an AE Title

You heard right. BU is already competing for a league title. On Saturday at 1 pm come on out to Nickerson Field for some hot girl on girl action - women's soccer vs. Binghamton. One win and BU is in the National Tournament.

One loss could possibly spell the end of the playing days of many beautiful, nice, young women. The more support, the better they'll play, I promise that. The first 100 fans will get in free. Hope to see you there.

Oh, and they're going for an unheard of three-peat!!! Sexyyyyy.

November 1, 2009


A D.C. spotting during Halloween: IMPOSTERS

Photo Credit: A.G.

Apparently we left our mark at our nation's capital last April for the Frozen Four. I know the hallway of the 3rd floor of the D.C. Hyatt has my mark. But I digress. Either these two guys saw the greatest college hockey game ever, or they're just as brilliant as the Hot Dog and I were 4 years ago...

And what's the deal with oven mitts? Did they completely dissolve oven gloves?