October 14, 2009


More and more is coming out about the trio that Coach Chambers just landed - Dominic Morris, Travis Robinson, and H.J. Gaskins.

All from Philly.

All play together.

All consider each other brothers.

I keep thinking about what Chambers' office was like when the call came in from the three of them saying they're coming to BU. It's like the reverse of a nightmare with all the same excitement. Morris is supposed to be the crown jewel of the three, as he was getting looks from Siena, Providence, Penn State, among others.

THIS IS HUGE FOR THE PROGRAM. HUGE. Already, it's becoming clear that DW's recruiting abilities won't be lost. Chambers' is plucking from a very talented basketball area in Philadelphia, just like another AE coach (he coaches at Hartford.) He is cleaning up I tell ya and it's all about that ATTITUDE.

As JoMo at America Least puts it:

I tell you what folks, Chambers is putting some serious fear into me at a UAlbany fan. This guy is building a winner, and I am not talking about one of these one year wonder type winners. I think BU fans in the next five years are going to be asking themselves, "how the hell do we hold on to this guy?"

A team is being built that will reside at the top of the conference for years to come.

I don't need to remind you, this is the opposite of Binghamton and I've never been prouder.

And in case you haven't heard, Coach Broadus isn't a coach anymore! Well, kind of. He's taking a paid leave of absence. How come he's not full on fired? This way is cheaper for the school. I have to admit I'm a little upset. I was really, really looking forward to trying my hardest to make a grown, black man cry on February 17, 2010.

Basketball season starts on October 23, for me at least - Terrier Tip-Off. People, really, be more excited about basketball than any other sport this year.


Anonymous said...

Be excited about basketball. That is a good thing.
But not more than hockey, which competes at the very highest level.
Good luck to Coach Chambers, and may a lot of attention go his team's way!

Philly Hoops said...

Some nice pickups for you. Morris is an excellent pickup, Robinson is nice. Gaskins is terrible though. He's not a D1 player. His dad is the AAU coach of all three.