October 26, 2009


Coach Chambers quickly showed that he is in no way, shape, or form anyway like Dennis Wolff.

My new favorite coach of all time entered Case Gym. He went right to the scorers table, stood up on it, and threw t-shirts to the crowd. He screamed, he chanted, he yelled. He even stripped his jacket off.

It was kind of like that ^^. He got people genuinely excited about basketball, and that's something I really have never seen before at BU. There was a buzz when Chambers was done speaking. Everyone was curious as to what this season is going to be like, because BU hasn't had a coach this pumped for basketball in 15 years.

On top of that the men's team busted off a sicknasty dance to a Michael Jackson medly with the BUDT (who flashed a lot more exposed skin than usual). I was watching closely - hands down, Tunde has the illest moves on the team. If all else fails in his life he could potentially lead Status Quo. Status Quo, by the way, didn't leave the court for at least 10 minutes. 10!!!!! I used up most of the airhorn I had brought trying to get them off. We needed keyboard cat to play them off.

And the giveaways!! I got so much free stuff. YOU CAN"T BEAT FREE STUFF ON A FRIDAY NIGHT.

I had fun last night. BDCP makes me love him more and more every day, and that's not possible without the band, who were really bumping and grinding with each other before the whole event started.

But boy, Coach Chambers makes me really, really anxious for the first men's basketball game at Iona in just 20 days! This video made me come inches of purchasing a round-trip flight to PR!

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