October 22, 2009

Thank You Raptor Jesus, Basketball Is Back

Tomorrow night the season "officially" begins at The Roof at 9 pm sharp. Men's and women's basketball will hold their annual Terrier Tip-Off. For the men it means the introduction of a new coaching regime. For the women it means the introduction of many, many new players.

I'm thoroughly excited - more excited for Tip-Off than the game loss against Michigan in hockey the following evening.

What's even better is that our friends from Status Quo will be on hand! Watch out, dance team!


Anonymous said...

Ya can't be more excited about a "Dog & Pony Show" hoop skills exhibition than a matchup between two of the premier hockey programs in the nation in an intersectional battle. Ya just can't be!!!

Anonymous said...

It's frippin Hockey...I watched the game vs Notre Dame on ESPNU...boring to say the least. In person hockey is a GREAT event: but it is still frippin Hockey!

Anonymous said...

you guys are hilarious.

the game / loss comment i couldn't agree more.