October 19, 2009


This is a picture from my phone. At 3:51 AM, Saturday morning after helping set up the Agganis basketball court. After witnessing a bunch of hicks drink themselves silly at the Zach Brown Band concert, Agganis switched over to the basketball court for a one-day practice at Agganis. It took 5 hours to set up. It was taken down 12 hours later. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME COACH? I haven't been this angry since we were underrepresented in the BU girls lax pumpkin carving contest last year:


But in every view from a sane perspective, this is just one of the many acts of ABSURD dedication that you will see Chambers instituting as new BU coach. Did Wolff ever hold an Agganis practice when it didn't revolve around an Agganis game? Not once since Agganis has been built. With all the historically awful statistics the team has put up in that building, the extra minutes they spend practicing there might have unbelievable effects, and Chambers will be the first one to give it a go.

This man means business. And the only thing stopping him? One word: Plastics.

And what's the deal with deviled eggs?

Are there jesused eggs too?

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