October 30, 2009

BU vs. BC - Women's Hockey!

BC sucks. Their women's hockey team is alright, but as a community, they are not good.

So, on Monday, BU gets a chance to get the season series (which BC leads 3-0) a little closer. BU hosts the BC women's ice hockey team on Monday, November 2, at 7 p.m. Good thing is the World Series doesn't start until 7:57 that night!

Come on out to Walter Brown Arena - it's long-sleeve t-shirt give away. Right in time for fall, and right before they run out and pass out the short-sleeves. See you there!!!!


Joe Grav said...

Were you there? Pwnd

The Hot Dog said...

Yes, but not in costume. And not for all of it since the Phillies were on that night - it was 0-0 when I rolled out.