September 29, 2009

What the Off?

Two things have made me say, "what the off?" recently.

1. The banner raising.

Come on, BU. COME ON!

I really thought Agganis was better than this, but they aren't. The freaking aren't! I know there are monetary motives and reasons I won't ever be able to understand, but having the National Championship banner raising ceremony on October 10th, before an EXHIBITION GAME AGAINST A BUNCH OF 18 YEAR OLDS doesn't work for me and most of the scarlet and white faithful!

BU put out the greatest team that's ever played at BU and to pay them back we're going to honor them before an exhibition game?

This isn't right because A) exhibition games don't matter B) people are being forced to go to Agganis on a Saturday night for a game that doesn't matter.

I think everyone was pumped, ready, and happy that the banners were going up in the official home opener against Notre Dame as it was first stated in various Agganis emails. It doesn't get more marquee than that, plus the mind-f that you do to Notre Dame, who got bumped first round in the tournament last year.

Nope, Agganis would rather try to rake in more money at an exhibition game than honor a team that deserves more respect for this.

And everyone always tells me Jack Parker has final say on all decisions in Agganis/the hockey team, but something is telling me this wasn't entirely backed by him. All I have to say is, what the off?

EDIT: Word is Paker is superstitious about the date, October 20th. So there ya go. See the comments for someone owning me/putting me in place in regards to that.

2. Miami (OH) is #1 in the USA Today poll, but BU gets more first place votes?

This didn't make me go, "what the off?" as much, but still, come on. COME ON.

BU got 12 first place votes, Denver got 13, and Miami received 4. However, with all the other votes factoring in Miami is ranked #1, Denver 2, BU 3.

Preseason rankings don't mean anything. Especially in hockey. Last year I think BU was ranked #9 in preseason. I believe Miami was ranked eighth.

So according to that logic, 8/9 in the final, North Dakota and Princetown will play in the NCAA championship. You heard it here first.

At least BU is ranked ten ahead of BC, but still, what the off?

Oh snap, preseason hockey starts Saturday. See you next week, when I HAVE TO BE THERE to see a banner raising.


Anonymous said...

haven't you heard the rumors that parker single handedly changed the date because of travis roy connections? it's just all too similar to the day of travis roy's accident. it was the last time we won the national championship, it was the day we raised the banner, it was on october 20th, it was against another ND team (north dakota). i don't know about you, but all that scares me, and i've only read about travis's accident. imagine what that would do to parker, who's probably been affected more by that accident than anything else in his career. parker does make the final decision, and money had nothing to do with this one. i do like the idea of raising the banners at a home opener, but not this home opener. it's just a date that's too loaded with tragic memories.

The Hot Dog said...

Yeah, I just found something saying that. I've known he is super superstitious and changed the date.

I understand now, however, I'd still like it if it wasn't during an exhibition game.

I'll deal.

candycanes99 said...

They're not even 18! They're UNDER 18! I know, it's terrible. I'd rather they do it at the Michigan game honestly, but it's almost spilled milk at this point.

Anonymous said...

Another good thing about this is that they can make the ceremony longer because it is an exhibition game. If they did this before a regular season game, they can't push back the start time.

Andy Sharon said...

Who made them the greatest team ever to play at BU? YOU??? When asked point blank Jackie Parker refused to say this was the best team he had ever coached and for good reason. There were many incredible hockey teams over the last 40 years. Hard to pick one as the best.

The Hot Dog said...

I know, I know it's hard to say, and you can't really even call any team, any sport, ever the best team ever.

I usually say, "one of the best teams," but I've decided to drop the "one of" parts and go with best team. They were the best team I've ever seen, and to win as many games, trophies, and the style they had in doing so makes me, personally, think they were the best.

Just my opinion, as everyone is entitled to. Will we ever know for sure this was the best team? No. We won't ever know if they were the second best team. They were one of the best, and like I've said, for me, they were the best I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

I was against the banner raising before the exhibition game, and still think it is a little lame despite the public reasons. But how about this as a potential positive ... as a recruiting tool, as the US Jr. Nationals will get to see it, and may help a few more decide that BU is the place to be!